'AEW All Out 2020' saw a huge night of action

AEW All Out 2020 capped off a huge summer for AEW.

The young company made considerable strides since the May Double Or Nothing PPV. They defined wrestling in a post-coronavirus era. And they made some legit new main event stars while they were at it.

Orange Cassidy became a legit main event attraction. FTR became the stars they should’ve been with WWE. And MJF took one more step toward becoming one of his generation’s defining stars.

The Paradigm Shift may be banned in the AEW World Championship match. But it isn’t hyperbole to say that AEW All Out 2020 changed the course of AEW all over again.

Dr. Britt Baker faced Big Swole in a Tooth and Nail match at 'AEW All Out 2020'

Tooth And Nail Match: Dr. Britt Baker Vs. Big Swole

Swole arrives at Baker’s practice in a limo and with a referee to kick off AEW All Out 2020.

Rebel tries to run interference at the reception desk, but Swole destroys her. They enter one of the rooms to see blood surrounding a dentist’s chair. Baker appears behind her. I’m getting MITB vibes.

Dr. Baker sneaks up behind Swole and beats her over the head with her framed diploma. She puts Swole down in a chair, but Swole smacks her in the head with a tray. Rebel tries to spray something in her face, and Baker escapes to the alley behind the practice. Swole gives chase and puts her in the Roll Model and wheels her into the wall before smashing her head into the ATV.

Rebel comes back out and dumps Swole in the back of a truck. They fight to the top, and Swole hits a DDT on Baker before tossing Rebel into a dumpster.

Back inside, Swole goes after Baker’s nose. She goes for a brainbuster on the office floor, but Baker reverses and hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. The good doctor drags Swole across the floor by her hair. Swole kicks herself free, and they slug it out in the hallway. Baker hits a superkick, landing Swole in another dental chair.

The doctor grabs a drill, but Swole dodges. Baker gets the drill caught in the chair. Rebel brings Baker a syringe full of Novocaine, but Swole reverses and plunges it into Baker’s leg. AEW All Out 2020 is some weird, trippy stuff, man. Swole grabs another diploma, hands it to Rebel, and punches her through it.

With Baker’s leg asleep, Swole takes over and hooks up the gas. And Baker’s knocked out, giving Swole the win.

That was weird, wild and goofy. But it was short, as these cinematic bouts should be. Nothing great, but a good way to kick off AEW All Out 2020. Baker’s reaction to finding out she lost after waking up is priceless.

Winner:  Big Swole

Match Rating:  ** 1/2

Young Bucks took on Jurassic Express at 'AEW All Out 2020'

Young Bucks Vs. Jurassic Express (W/ Marko Stunt)

AEW All Out 2020 rolls on with Bucks vs. Dinosaurs. The cosmic ballet goes on.

Jungle Boy and Nick start out by trading arm drags. Then they trade pinning attempts for one counts and end up in a stalemate. Nice sequence. Jungle Boy offers a handshake, but Nick shakes his head.

Matt tags in and offers Jungle Boy a free shot. He takes it and tags in Luchasaurus. They double team Matt, and Jungle Boy hits a running SSP. Luchasaurus hits the big boot, and Matt goes sailing out of the ring. Matt bullies Marko Stunt on the outside, but Luchasaurus drags him up to the apron. Then Matt counters with a jawbreaker on the rope. Back inside, Luchasaurus puts him down with a powerbomb and a big kick.

Nick and Jungle Boy are bag in. Nick comes off the top, but Luchasaurus catches him in a chokeslam attempt. He fights out only to eat a Luchasaurus superkick. Jungle Boy gets a two-count out of it. Luchasaurus punishes Nick in the corner for a bit before Matt tags in. Then Matt gets chucked in the corner, but he fights out and hits a standing dropkick.

In comes Nick, and they double team Luchasaurus in the corner into a running bulldog-dropkick combo for a one-count. Matt tags in and they try to double-team, but Luchasaurus powerbombs them into each other. Jungle Boy sneaks in a tag, and he takes out both Bucks. He goes for a jumping DDT, but Matt counters with the Northern Lights, suplexing Jungle Boy over the top. But Jungle Boy hangs onto Matt’s neck.

On the outside, Matt continues the Northern Lights train, suplexing Jungle Boy over the barricade and onto the concrete. Matt heads back into the ring, and Jungle Boy barely beats the count at nine. Nick tags back in and cinches in a rear chinlock. Jungle Boy fights out of it and rushes to tag Luchasaurus, but Nick keeps him on his back and tags in Matt.

A running knee gets two for Matt. He punishes Jungle Boy in the corner and catapults him into Nick’s foot. Nick tags in, and they keep Jungle Boy in the corner. Matt tags in and they try to double-team Jungle Boy. But Jungle Boy breaks free and leaps for the hot tag, but Nick superkicks Luchasaurus off the apron just in time.

Marko runs over and drags Matt off the apron. But back inside, Jungle Boy takes Nick out and finally makes the hot tag. Luchasaurus cleans house.

He sets the Bucks up for a double chokeslam, but the Bucks chop him down. But Luchasaurus does the Undertaker sit-up. They go for a double superkick, but Luchasaurus dodges and hits a couple of his own. He chokeslams both guys before hitting the standing moonsault on Matt for a two-count.

Matt mounts a mini comeback with a bunch of forearms, but Luchasaurus headbutts him. He bounces off the ropes, but Nick trips him off. Jungle Boy springboards off Luchasaurus’s back and hits a plancha on the outside. Luchasaurus hits a moonsault off the apron onto the Bucks on the outside. This AEW All Out 2020 match is nuts.

Luchasaurus throws Matt back inside and tags in Jungle Boy. Nick tags himself in and powerbombs Jungle Boy onto the apron and hits a pullover Destroyer on Luchasaurus on the ring. The big man tumbles out of the ring. Matt kicks Marko’s crutch away and superkicks him. EVIL MATT.

He props Jungle Boy on his shoulders, and Matt runs on the apron and nails a superkick. Back inside, Matt tags in and they prop Jungle Boy on the second rope, and Nick hits a senton for two. Nick comes back in and they go for the BTE trigger. Jungle Boy dodges but gets set up for a Meltzer Driver, but Luchasaurus chokeslams Nick off the ropes, and the Express hits the Extinction Level Event for two. I’m exhausted just watching this match.

Luchasaurus hits a plancha over the top onto Nick. Jungle Boy heads to the top and dives at Matt only to eat a superkick for two. They hit Superkick Party, but Jungle Boy kicks out again. This is awesome.

They hit the BTE Trigger for real this time and pick up the win. Wow, that was a fun match. But can Jungle Boy have, you know, a win? Some time this millennium?

Winners:  Young Bucks

Match Rating:  *** 3/4

The Casino Battle Royale determined a new challenger to the AEW Championship at 'AEW All Out 2020'

Casino Battle Royale – Winner Earns AEW World Championship Match

I’m typically not fond of the Casino title-shot matches AEW has done. Here’s hoping AEW All Out 2020 breaks the trend.

First Group: Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, The Blade, Rey Fenix

Hey, the Blade brought back the gimp mask. Kingston’s crew have an early advantage for the first three minutes. Hager and the Blade double-team Daniels while Fenix and Trent fight in the other corner. Blade hits a fisherman’s neckbreaker on Daniels in the middle of the ring.

The double-team continues, with Hager beating down Daniels. But Daniels fights free and battles Blade in the corner. Fenix and Trent continue their stalemate, and Fenix hits a flying armdrag. Trent counters with a swinging DDT off the top. Trent almost gets eliminated, but Trent clutches the bottom rope as Blade and Fenix try to force him out.

Second Group: Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana & Ortiz

Kazarian runs in to help Daniels, and Taylor runs to back up Trent. Santana and Ortiz go after Taylor on the outside immediately. Hobbs eliminates the Blade, and Hager tosses Daniels. Santana and Ortiz finally get into the ring, and they go after Trent. Hager goes after Kazarian but can’t get him over the top.

Third Group: Billy (Not Gunn), Penta El Cero, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, Darby Allin

Billy goes right after Hager and hits the Fame-Asser, and Penta runs over to help Fenix fight off Hobbs. Darby runs out with the skateboard and hits Cage with it.

Chuck Taylor gets eliminated, and it’s all-out madness. Santana and Ortiz go back after Trent while Cage goes after Hobbs. HOSS FIGHT, BAH GAWD! The Inner Circle breaks off from Trent to triple-team Kazarian. Starks keeps Darby on the ground in the corner.

Fourth Group: Shawn Spears, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Sonny Kiss, Lance Archer

Hey, I remember Shawn Spears. Nice to see him alive and at AEW All Out 2020. He camps out on the stage and lets everyone kill each other inside. Spears joins the commentary team, because he’s a genius heel. Kingston and the Butcher run out and put the boots to Kazarian. Sonny Kiss goes right after Hager, but Santana and Ortiz have Hager’s back.

And then there’s Lance Archer, who just freakin’ murders everybody. And Sonny Kiss eliminates Hager! That was cool. But Cage immediately tosses Sonny, so naturally Hager murders her. Santana rushes at Trent, but Trent dodges and tosses him over the top. He tries to do the same to Ortiz, but Archer picks him up and tosses him over the top. Ortiz celebrates, and Archer punches him off the apron.

The Joker: Matt Sydal

Sydal makes a big splash at AEW All Out 2020 by immediately botching a top rope spot and crashing onto the mat. Well, thanks for trying. Penta gets tossed by Hobbs. Then Kazarian goes sailing over the top, and Cage hits a neckbreaker on Hobbs. Kingston runs in but gets a German suplex from Cage. Archer and Cage go at it, and Cage takes him down. He swings at Darby but collides with Starks instead. Darby hits a stunner on Cage and tosses Starks.

Cage slugs Darby followed by a brainbuster. Starks drags Darby under the rope and beats on him on the outside. Ricky pulls a bodybag out from under the ring and tosses it to Cage. Cage empties thumbtacks into the body bag, and Cage stuffs Darby inside. And then chucks him out of the ring onto the stage. Yeesh.

Spears goes after Sydal, and they fight onto the apron. Sydal gets a double stomp on Spears and eliminates him. Sigh. Sydal goes after Hobbs but gets a spinebuster on the tacks. But Hobbs turns around to see Archer waiting for him. They slug it out, but Archer hits a shoulder tackle. Now it’s Cage and Archer slugging at each other.

Cage goes for a tiaras on Archer, but Hobbs slips to the apron and drags Cage onto the apron. And Archer dropkicks both guys off the apron to eliminate them.

Now it’s Butcher, Sydal, Kingston, and Archer. Kingston and Butcher double team Archer, so Archer pastes him in the mouth. But Butcher takes him down. Butcher goes after Sydal, but Sydal manages to eliminates him. Archer picks up Sydal for a powerbomb, but he escapes and DDT’s Kingston on the way down.

Archer hits the Blackout on Sydal and chokeslams him onto the apron, and Kingston eliminates him. Now it’s Kingston and Archer fighting on the apron. Jake sneaks up with Damien in the bag. Butcher tries to pull Archer off the apron, but he won’t fall. Jake keeps waving the snake at Archer, and Archer chokeslams him off the top rope onto the floor to win.

Jim Ross kinda poo-poos the moment by calling him Lance Hart. Still. This was really good. No dead space, and it told a story way better than any recent Royal Rumble. Awesome match for AEW All Out 2020.

Winner:  Lance Archer

Match Rating:  *** 1/4

Matt Hardy faced Sammy Guevara in a Broken Rules match at 'AEW All Out 2020'

Broken Rules Match – Matt Hardy Vs. Sammy Guevara (If Hardy Loses, He Must Leave AEW)

This is basically a Last Man Standing match. They start at the Jaguars’ practice field, and Sammy drives at Hardy in an ATV.

He tries to hit Hardy, and they fight onto the concession tables. Hardy hits a DDT on the table. They slug it out, and Hardy props Sammy onto a lift. The scissor lift goes up, and Hardy goes for the side effect, but Guevara spears him off the lift through a table below. That escalated quickly at AEW All Out 2020. And Hardy hits his head BAD on the concrete.

Hardy gets to his feet at the count of eight. Sammy drags him through the concourse, and Aubrey Edwards flashes the dreaded “X” sign. Which means, “Stop it for real, somebody’s hurt.”

Matt is up and moving around, but he immediately starts shouting, “Delete!” I hope this isn’t an angle. Aaaaaand, it’s an angle. Not cool.

They fight onto the stage at ringside. Sammy climbs up a scaffold, and Hardy follows. They fight on the way up, and Sammy just kinda falls off the scaffold through the stage. Aubrey counts the 10, and Hardy wins the match. Okay, I’m confused, and this is gonna require some follow-up. Did they think Matt was hurt, and it turns out he wasn’t? So they restarted?

If so, it’s irresponsible to start it up again. And if it’s not the case, you flash the “X” when somebody’s life is in danger. Either way, this was a bust at AEW All Out 2020.

When a match is considered bad enough it needs to stop? It needs to stop. Maybe the doctor got it wrong; if that’s the case, you try again Wednesday on AEW: Dynamite.

AEW has some stuff to answer for here.

Winner:  Matt Hardy

Match Rating:  DUD

NWA Women's Champion challenged Hikaru Shida for her AEW Women's Championship at 'AEW All Out 2020'

AEW Women’s Championship – Hikaru Shida (C) Vs. Thunder Rosa

And now our first championship match at AEW All Out 2020. I’m still reeling from that last one.

Both women stare each other down to start. Shida goes for a triangle scissor to start, but Rosa counters and goes for an ankle lock. Shida gets to the ropes to break.

Rosa goes for a reverse waist lock into a full nelson. But Shida reverses into a chinlock only for Thunder Rosa to reverse into a standing armbar. Shida escapes, and Rosa flips through an armdrag. The champ whips Rosa into the corner, but she escapes and clubs Shida in the face.

Shida hits a step-up hurricanrana, but the challenger rolls through. Another staredown. This feels like a big fight at AEW All Out 2020. Thunder Rosa hits a kick to the gut followed by a Superman (Supergirl?) punch. She stomps Ye Olde Mudhole on Shida in the corner and snapmares the champ out of the corner. Shida spears her challenger into the corner, but Thunder Rosa holds the advantage.

Rosa whips her into the opposite corner and nails a couple knees to the back followed by a neckbreaker. It gets two for the challenger. But Shida comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Shida drags Thunder Rose onto the apron and hits her drive-by knee. The champion sets up a chair and goes for her launching pad, but Rosa turns the page on her and hits the high knee off the chair.

The challenger puts Shida in a crucifix, using the ring post for leverage. With Shida hanging over the apron, Rosa hits a running kick to the head. Back inside, she goes for a cover, but Shida kicks out at two. She slams Shida back-first into either corner before hitting a backbreaker. Shida kicks out at two again.

Rosa drags her back to her feet and hits an uppercut. She whips the champ into the ropes, but Shida comes back and cinches in a sleeper into a body-scissor. Rosa turns it into a pinfall and gets a two-count. The challenger reverses into a hanging pendulum and stars smacking Shida’s head into the bottom turnbuckle.

She drags Shida to the center and hits a legdrop across the back of Shida’s head. But Shida counters with a submission attempt. The champion is still down, though, and Rosa maintains the advantage. She hoists Shida for a powerbomb, but Shida escapes and catches a roundhouse attempt. Shida goes for the Stretch Muffler, but Rosa fights free. Only to walk into Shida’s jumping knee.

Both women are down. Shida hits a suplex for two. She hits another running knee, but Thunder Rosa kicks out at two. The champion goes for the Falcon Arrow, but Thunder Rosa counters and gets a two-count.

Rosa hits a running leaping clothesline in the corner into a swinging knee into Shida’s neck. Another running dropkick sends Shida out of the ring and onto the stage. She teases a Death Valley Driver on the stage, but Shida gets free. Shida lifts Rosa, but the challenger perches herself on the top turnbuckle. Rosa gets in position for the driver again and hits it on the apron. Yeesh.

She rolls Shida inside but only gets a two-count. Thunder Rosa goes for an armbar, but Shida gets a foot on the rope. The challenger kicks her while she’s down. Rosa goes up top, but Shida chases her up and hits a superplex. Shida hits the Meteora over the ropes, sending Thunder Rosa’s head onto the floor of the stage. Ouch.

Both women make it back inside, and Shida hits a knee to the challenger’s face, but Thunder Rosa immediately hits a release German suplex. Shida counters with an enziguri followed by the Falcon Arrow. Rosa kicks out at one. Shida goes for it again, but Rosa rolls through for a two-count. The champion finally locks in the stretch muffler. Rosa makes it to the ropes.

She hits a backstabber on Shida, but it only gets two. They go back to fighting to a stalemate. Shida hits another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two before hitting the Tomashi for the pin. That was swift, crisp, and competitive. They made vastly different styles work together, and I thought numerous times we were gonna have a new champion at AEW All Out 2020.

Winner (And STILL Champion):  Hikaru Shida

Match Rating:  **** 1/4

The Dark Order went up against the Natural Nightmares, Matt Cardona, and Scorpio Sky at 'AEW All Out 2020'

Dark Order Vs. Natural Nightmares (W/ Nightmare Sisters), Scorpio Sky, And Matt Cardona

I kinda feel like Scorpio Sky vs. Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship would be an awesome bout.

The babyfaces charge the Order before the bell. Brodie and Dustin start out. They slug it out for a bit before Evil Uno tags in. Dustin brings in QT, and QT stomps Uno in the corner. He brings Uno to the babyface corner, and Scorpio tags in. He hits a Russian legsweep for a one-count. Cardona tags himself in, and he hits a swinging neckbreaker for one.

QT comes back in, and they double-team Uno. Uno sneaks under the ropes and Cardona, like an idiot, chases him back to the heels’ corner. Grayson tags in and beats QT in the corner. Cabana tags in, and Brodie tells the rest of the Order to let him go at it. Brodie tags in and whips QT into the corner before slamming him.

Grayson is in, and he mounts and pounds QT. That sounds bad. AEW All Out 2020 isn’t that kinda show. More frequent tags for the heels, as Uno comes back in. Uno breaks out some tape, but Dustin breaks it up. But the distraction allows the Order to beat down QT. Grayson comes back in again. QT tries to fight his way back up and hits a backbreaker. Grayson tags in Uno, who prevents QT from amking the tag, biting QT’s fingers. Gross.

Now Cabana comes back in, but QT avoids a double-team and tags in Cardona. Cardona cleans house and hits a missile dropkick into a Stinger splash. Grayson runs in and gets backdropped for his trouble. Cardona hits the Reboot, but Brodie saves Cabana. Brodie takes the time to taunt Brandi outside. Then Cardona hits a facebuster, but Grayson and Uno split the ropes and Cardona crashes to the floor.

Brodie tosses him back inside and demands that Cabana finish him. But he only gets a one-count. Cabana cinches in a headlock, but Cardona fights back with a jawbreaker only to get put down by a clothesline. Grayson is in again, and he knees Cardona in the face. He tosses Cardona onto the apron and hits a senton. It only gets two. He goes for another cover and gets another two-count.

Cardona gets isolated in the heels’ corner, and Brodie tags himself in. He chops Cardona down in the corner before going after Dustin. Uno tags in, and Cardona tries to fight off a double-team only to get a brainbuster from Grayson. It gets a two-count. Uno goes for a suplex, but Cardona counters with a falling neckbreaker.

Both guys are down. Dustin and Grayson tag in, and Dustin cleans house. He hits the atomic drop into a running bulldog. Grayson rolls out of the ring, and Uno runs in to eat a powerslam. Cabana runs in, and Dustin hits a destroyer. But Brodie puts him down with a superkick. Dustin falls into his corner, and Scorpio tags himself in.

We get a staredown, but EVIL Anna Jay runs in only to get kicked in the face by Brandi. Brodie goes for a powerslam, but Scorpio hits the tiaras. Scorpio targets Brodie on the outside, but Grayson runs interference only to eat the TKO for two. Apparently Grayson tagged in at some point. Uno breaks up the pin.

Cardona tags in again, as does Uno. He hits radio silence on Grayson before hitting it on Uno. He wastes time posing, and Uno sneaks out of the ring. Cardona hits a tope con hilo on everybody. Back inside, he goes for radio silence on Brodie and gets powerbomed. Now Cabana is in, and QT makes a blind tag. And QT hits a running rana and calls for the Diamond Cutter, but Uno breaks it up. Cabana hits a frog splash, but QT kicks out.

Brodie tags in and throws QT at Dustin, who tags in. The Exalted One goes for a powerbomb, but Dustin escapes only to eat a giant clothesline. Brodie tags Cabana in and demands a pin. Cabana goes up top and goes for a moonsault. He misses, and Dustin rolls him up for the win.

After the match, the babyfaces celebrate on the AEW All Out 2020 stage. In the ring, though, Brodie berates Cabana and leaves with everyone but Uno. Fun match, and a good pallet cleanser before we get to the big stuff.

Winners:  Natural Nightmare, Scorpio Sky, and Matt Cardona

Match Rating:  *** 1/4

FTR challenged Kenny Omega and 'Hangman' Adam Page for the AEW Tag Team Championships at 'AEW All Out 2020'

AEW Tag Team Championship Match – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page & Kenny Omega Vs. FTR (W/ Tully Blanchard)

This is the AEW All Out 2020 match I’ve been waiting for. It’s a chance to peel the onion of Page and Omega just a little further.

Omega and Wheeler start out. But Page wants the tag. Omega asks if his head is in the right place. Page assures him it is, and we get Hangman and Wheeler.

They lock up, and Wheeler has Page tied up in the corner. Wheeler offers a mock handshake and gets punched in the face for his trouble. Page goes crazy with the fists, and Harwood comes in to break it up. Omega tries to calm him down and almost gets decked by Page. They try to talk it out and get jumped by FTR. The champs hit stereo big boots.

Now Omega tags in, and they deal Wheeler some chops. Page calls for the high five, and Omega obliges. The Hangman tags himself in, and the isolate Wheeler. A suplex from Page gets a one-count. Page throws Wheeler back into the corner, and Omega tags in. Page has Wheeler in a chinlock, and Omega comes over the ropes with an ax-handle.

A chop-fest leads Wheeler back to the champs’ corner, and Page tags back in. They whip Wheeler and hit a double-stomp into a boot from Page followed by a leg lace from Omega. Page hits the standing SSP for two. But Wheeler fights back and hits a back suplex. Harwood tags in and goes for a running elbow drop, but Page dodges.

Page lifts Harwood, and Wheeler tags himself back in. Wheeler throws the Hangman into the bottom turnbuckle and hits a running dropkick. Harwood tags in again, and they stretch Page on the ring post. Omega runs over to make the save. Back inside, Harwood knees Page in the gut. He hits a legdrop for a one-count. He wishbones Page and stomps him in the gut before dropping a headbutt.

Hangman tries to fight his way back up, but Harwood kicks him in the jaw before tagging Wheeler in. Harwood throws Page into Wheeler’s waiting feet. Now FTR has Page isolated in the corner. Harwood tags back in, and they hit a tandem gutbuster for two. The challenger has Page cinched in a horizontal waistlock before dropping an elbow. Page tries to fight his way to his corner, but Harwood lays in an abdominal stretch. He grabs Wheeler’s hand for leverage.

Wheeler tries to cinch the stretch, but the ref didn’t see the stretch. Meanwhile, Hangman gets a roll-up on Harwood, but the referree doesn’t see it. Harwood kicks out at two. Page rolls to the outside for a breather, but Harwood stomps him into the barricade with the ref’s back turned.

Harwood makes the tag and continues beating Page on the outside. He tries to toss Page back in, but Page rolls out and hits him in the face before rolling back in to tag in Omega.

Omega takes Harwood out, but Wheeler cuts him off only to get taken down by a discus hammer for two. Harwood tries to make the save on the cover, but Omega dodges and Wheeler eats the elbow. Omega hits a moonsault for two. Kenny goes for the snapdragons, but Wheeler fights him off. Harwood runs in and Omega hits a rana, but Wheeler comes off the top rope. Omega gets a leaping counter. Both FTR guys are on the floor, and Omega hits the Terminator Tope.

Kenny goes up top and hits a missile dropkick on Wheeler for two. He tries to lift Wheeler with a gutwrench, but Wheeler pushes him toward his corner, and Harwood tags in. He immediately hits a powerbomb, and Wheeler hits a German suplex. Harwood goes for the cover, but Page reaches in to break up the pin.

Now Wheeler makes the tag, and they whip Omega into the ropes, but Omega hits an enziguri to Harwood and a knee to Wheeler’s face. Page gets the tag and clotheslines FTR in the corner. Omega follows with a back elbow into an assisted German suplex on Harwood. That’s followed by a pop-up powerbomb, and omega hits the V-Trigger. Page goes for the cover, but Wheeler kicks out at two.

Omega tags in, and they set Wheeler up for the Last Call, but Harwood holds onto Omega, and Wheeler knocks Page off the apron. Wheeler props Omega on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex, but Omega pushes him off. Harwood crotches Omega from behind and tags in. He chops at Omega on the turnbuckle and goes for the superplex, but Page rushes in to hold onto Omega.

Wheeler pulls him off, and Omega pushes Harwood off. Harwood rushes up to the rope, and Wheeler tags himself in on the Harwood superplex. Wheeler goes for the cover, but it only gets two. Both Omega and Wheeler are down. Wheeler pulls Omega up, and they go for Good Night Express. But Page breaks it up only for Harwood to hit a brainbuster. Page clotheslines Harwood only to eat a tornado DDT.

Omega hits the snap reverse rana into Tiger Driver 98 for two. He hits the V-Trigger and sets up for the One-Winged Angel, but Wheeler pushes him off. Harwood tags in, and Omega goes for it again. But he goes knee-first into the turnbuckle. Harwood hits a dragonscrew on the ropes into an inverted Figure Four. Omega makes it to the ropes, but Harwood stays after the knee.

Kenny tries to reverse into a cross-armbreaker, but Harwood counters. He hits a legdrop on Omega’s knee. Wheeler tags in, and they double-team Omega’s injured knee. Omega limps to the floor to get a breather. Page comes over to check on him, but the referee sends him back to the corner. Omega tries to sneak into the ring, but FTR catches him, and Harwood rams Omega’s knee into the ring post.

Omega leaps toward his corner, but Harwood catches him. Kenny hits a snapdragon, and Omega makes it to the corner, but FTR keeps dragging him away from Page. Harwood goes for the inverted Figure Four again but has to stop to knock Page off the apron. Omega manages to take Harwood down. But now both guys are down.

Harwood drags Omega up and goes for a splash in the corner. But Omega ducks, and Harwood goes head first into the post. Wheeler tags in, but Page gets the hot tag. And he cleans house. Wheeler comes off the top, but Page catches with a fallaway slam before hitting a tope on Harwood on the outside. FTR is down on the outside, and Page climbs to the top and hits a moonsault to take out both guys.

Everybody is down now. Inside, the Hangman goes for the pin on Wheeler but only gets two. Wheeler fights up and slugs at Page. He goes for a swinging DDT, but Harwood makes a blind tag on the way down. Page runs into a clothesline from Harwood, but it only gets two. Wheeler tags in, and they hit a double headbutt on Page, but Omega breaks up the count.

Harwood and Omega trade kicks and chops on the apron. Both guys go for a suplex, but Wheeler comes over the top and they hit a tandem bulldog. Omega crashes to the floor. Wheeler goes for a splash on Page in the ring, but Page dodges. They go for the electric chair bulldog on Page on the inside, as Harwood makes the tag on the way down. It only gets two.

Now Wheeler is the legal man. Page backdrops Harwood over the top while Omega crotches Wheeler on the turnbuckle. The Hangman hits a super blockbuster, but it only gets two. That was awesome. Page and Omega signal for the Last Call, but Wheeler and Omega ducks. They set up again, but Omega knees Page in the face. Wheeler hits a chop block on Omega.

Harwood tags in, and they hit the spike piledriver, but Page kicks out! I thought that was it at AEW All Out 2020. Wheeler tags in, and they hit the spike piledriver again. This time it sticks, and we’ve got new tag team champions!

Absolutely nothing wrong with this match. Psychologically-sound, constant action, and every move had a purpose. And made sense. Perfect tag team match.

After the match, Omega teases braining Page. But he just leaves him laying instead. Backstage, he demands the Bucks leave with him then and there, but the Bucks won’t get in the car. I’m crazy, but the Elite should be broken up.

Winners (And NEW Champions):  FTR

Match Rating:  *****

Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho battled in a Mimosa Mayhem Match at 'AEW All Out 2020'

Mimosa Mayhem Match – Chris Jericho Vs. Orange Cassidy

To recap the rules for this AEW All Out 2020 match. Victory comes by pinfall, submission, or dumping your opponent in a vat of mimosas. If this was WWE, I’d roll my eyes and swear. But the characters in this feud are both grounded and wacky. Makes it easier to take seriously.

And now the rubber match of the most unexpected feud of 2020.

Orange teases the hands in the pockets, but he charges Jericho. But he walks right into a Codebreaker for two. Jericho hits a backdrop suplex and lays the punches to Cassidy.

Le Champion maintains control and tries to catapult Cassidy into the vat. But Cassidy blocks it. Jericho rolls to the outside and tries to force him into the vat. He picks up a table and chucks it at Cassidy’s face. Then he picks up the tray that was holding the bubbly and cracks it over Cassidy’s head. Cassidy hits a splash onto Jericho and onto the concrete below.

Jericho gets to his feet, and Cassidy punches him in the face before sending him into the barricade. He comes up favoring his elbow. Jericho bashes a chair across Cassidy’s back. They slug it out over one of the vats. Jericho walks a hilarious tightrope along the narrow portion of the vat. Goofy and funny, but also relevant considering the stipulation. Vince, Bruce? This stuff isn’t hard.

Le Champion tries to powerbomb Cassidy into the vat, but Cassidy fights it off. So Jericho has to settle for powerbombing him through the table. Jericho forces Cassidy’s face into the vat, but you have to be submerged. Cassidy fights free. Jericho grabs his trusty aluminum bat. He goes to swing at Cassidy but eats a superkick instead.

Cassidy picks up the bubbly bucket and brains Jericho with it. Both guys are back inside. They slug it out. Cassidy rushes Jericho but gets backdropped over the top. Orange teeters and almost falls into the vat, but he catches himself. Back inside, Cassidy hits the Michinoku Driver. Jericho kicks out at two.

A slugfest ensues, and Cassidy hits Stundog Millionaire. He goes for a swinging DDT, but Jericho reverses into the Walls. Cassidy makes the ropes, but there’s no rope breaks in the match. He crawls toward the vat and grabs a glass and fills it with mimosa and throws it in Jericho’s face. Cassidy gets an inside cradle, but Jericho kicks out at two. He hits the Orange Punch, but Jericho kicks out. Cassidy throws Jericho over the top, and a leg goes into the vat.

Jericho pulls himself up on the ropes. Cassidy climbs to the second rope, but Jericho gets control. Orange fights his way to freedom. Cassidy goes for a superplex, but Jericho throws him back into the center of the ring. But Cassidy kips up and hits a huricanrana followed by a running punt kick and a spinning DDT for two. Both guys are down.

Cassidy goes up top again and goes for a missile dropkick, but Jericho hits another Codebreaker for two. He argues with Aubrey and lays in a couple punches on Cassidy. Le Champion pulls Cassidy up and goes to lawn-dart him over the top and into the vat. But Cassidy hooks his legs around the ropes to block. Jericho sets him up for a Razor’s Edge into the vat, but Cassidy slips free. He hits the Orange Punch, but Jericho hangs onto the turnbuckle.

But a second Orange Punch sends Jericho into the vat to give Cassidy the win in the rubber match.

Probably the weakest of the three matches, but it was by no means bad at AEW All Out 2020. But not only was it the weakest of the three, the win seemed to pack the least impact.

Still, Orange Cassidy’s a made man at this point.

Winner:  Orange Cassidy

Match Rating:  ***

'AEW All Out' saw Jon Moxley put the AEW World Championship on the line against MJF

AEW World Championship Match – Jon Moxley (C) Vs. MJF (W/ Wardlow)

The Paradigm Shift is banned at AEW All Out 2020. What are the consequences of that? Nobody knows.

Takedowns to the mat to start, with MJF getting the early advantage with a side headlock into a pin attempt. It only gets one. Moxley fights his way to his feet and whips MJF into the ropes only to take another side headlock takedown into another one-count.

The champ gets a scoop slam, but MJF dodges. He gets an armdrag takeover into another side headlock. Nice contrast of styles. They lock up until the referee breaks it up. MJF goes for a sucker punch, but Moxley chops him in half. The challenger slips to the outside for a breather. Moxley follows, and MJF slips back into the ring to stall.

Mox makes his way back inside, only for MJF to dodge. MJF slips to the outside, and Moxley follows, but MJF evades again. Back inside, Moxley instinctively goes for the Paradigm Shift but stops himself. MJF sneaks outside, but Moxley hits a tope driving MJF into the barricade. The champion crotches MJF on the barricade before clotheslining him back to the floor.

Wardlow and Moxley stare each other down before Mox returns his attention to MJF. He slams his challenger into the barricade again. Moxley trires to break MJF’s fingers, and MJF starts screaming for the ref. Mox tosses MJF back inside and goes for a schoolboy roll-up but only gets one. MJF goes after Moxley’s shoulder to set up the Fujiwara. He goes for a Crossroads, but Moxley reverses into a sleeper. MJF propels himself off the ropes into a pin attempt for two.

Now MJF has Moxley in an armbreaker, but Moxley breaks free and lays in the punches. Mox drapes MJF over the top rope and onto the apron. The champion pulls MJF up and teases a suplex, but an approaching Wardlow makes him think twice. MJF uses the distraction to slam Moxley’s arm onto the apron.

Wardlow throws Moxley back inside, and MJF goes after the arm. He goes for a pin, but Moxley kicks out. MJF cinches in another armbreaker, but the champ fights his way to his feet. He starts slugging at MJF, but the challenger hits an armdrag takeover for two. Tony just pointed out that MJF hasn’t wrestled in 45 days.

MJF continues to have his way with Moxley, but the champ gets back to his feet. An eye-rake gives Moxley some separation, but MJF whips Moxley into the corner for a two-count. The announcers bring up Moxley’s history of arm troubles, including his MRSA scare last year. Smart. MJF hits a shoulder block, sending Moxley to the floor and shoulder-first into the barricade.

The challenger follows to the outside, and Moxley piefaces him into the apron before catapulting him into the ring post. Moxley rolls inside to give his arm a rest. He starts ramming his shoulder into the bottom turnbuckle to set the shoulder, and MJF is bleeding like crazy. Like, 80s Flair-level bleeding.

MJF begs off, and Moxley clotheslines him in the corner. The challenger counters with a whip but eats Moxley’s boot. Mox goes for the Paradigm Shift again but stops himself and hits a fisherman’s suplex for two. Moxley pulls MJF to his feet and sets him up for a piledriver, but the arm gives out. MJF rolls to the outside for a breather.

He tries to return to the ring, but Moxley pulls him back out and hits a spinning Rock Bottom onto the floor. Moxley throws him back inside. MJF begs off again. He goes for an armlock, but Moxley reverses into a piledriver for two. MJF is laying in a heap, and Moxley bites at the bleeding forehead. Gross. WE’RE IN A PANDEMIC, JON!

Moxley props MJF on the turnbuckle and teases a superplex, but MJF bites at his hand. He climbs to the middle rope and double-stomps on Moxley’s arm. A slugfest ensues, won mostly by Moxley and his elbows. MJF gains the upper hand and kicks a kneeling Moxley in the face. He comes off the ropes, but Moxley hits a release German suplex into a clothesline for two.

Both guys are down, and the referee starts counting. Moxley is first to his feet. He dares MJF to get up, but MJF spits blood in his face. WE’RE IN A PANDEMIC, MAX!

Moxley gets mad and goes for the Paradigm Shift again but stops. MJF counters with the Fujiwara. Tony says using the Paradigm Shift would’ve cost Mox the title.


Moxley crawls for the ropes, but MJF drags him back. The champion finally makes the ropes to break the hold. Moxley pulls himself up by the ropes, but MJF gets to his feet first. Mox goes for a stranglehold, but MJF counters with a jawbreaker. The challenger hits the heat-seeker DDT, but it only gets two. MJF throws a hissy fit.

MJF props Moxley over the second rope and sets up for another heat-seeker. But Moxley picks him up and hits an air-raid crash for two. Both guys are on their knees, jawing at each other face-to-face. They slug it out to the point they’re trading headbutts. Both guys pull each other to their feet. Moxley comes off the ropes, but MJF pulls the referee in front of him and thumbs Moxley in the eye. A backslide gets two for MJF.

Moxley goes for another sleeper, but MJF counters with a mulekick. He rolls Moxley up and gets two. The challenger hits Crossroads, but it only gets two. Wardlow throws the Dynamite Dozen ring in, but the referee sees it. While his back is turned, Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift.

Super weak finish. Why even build the feud around it? Still, an awesome main event at AEW All Out 2020. That finish is the only thing keeping it from being perfect.

Winner (And STILL Champion):  Jon Moxley

Match Rating:  **** 3/4

The Breakdown

AEW All Out 2020 was a fitting end to AEW’s summer.

It was, from a booking standpoint, one of All Elite Wrestling’s weaker PPVs, though. The finish of the main event was hackneyed and kind of invalidated the match that came before it. And the Mimosa Mayhem Match, while clever, just didn’t provide that finality to the feud I was hoping for.

Still, lots of threads to carry forward. With Lance Archer waiting in the wings to challenge Moxley, and the Elite seemingly broken apart, the stories of AEW could go in any given direction.

All images courtesy of All Elite Wrestling.

'AEW All Out 2020'


In-Ring Action






Entertainment Value



  • FTR winning the tag titles
  • Cassidy takes the rubber match
  • Best. Women's. AEW. Match. EVER.
  • A Casino Battle Royale I didn't dislike.


  • Grossly irresponsible finish to the Hardy/Guevara match.
  • Hack finish for the main event.