The month-long feud between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy comes to a head at 'AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two'

AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two brings AEW’s two-week Fyter Fest event to a close this Wednesday on TNT.

Fyter Fest: Night One was a success for All Elite Wrestling. But can they score again with AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two?

The first week featured a stacked card, with three championships decided. Night Two only features the AEW Tag Team Championship up for grabs.

But it does have the long-anticipated grudge match between ‘Le Champion’ Chris Jericho and ‘Freshly-Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy.

The card for AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two doesn’t have the same PPV feel to it on paper. But AEW isn’t one for letting its fans down.

Let’s run through the card and our predictions for AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two.

(Note: There are already spoilers for the show out there. But I haven’t read them.)

'AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two' will see the Dark Order try to drag Colt Cabana further toward the dark side
Image courtesy of AEW

SCU Vs. The Dark Order

One of the best long-running stories in AEW is the Dark Order’s slow seduction of Colt Cabana into their ranks.

The Exalted One, Mr. Brodie Lee, finally secured a win for Cabana in tag action on AEW: Dynamite a few weeks back. Now he looks to keep his new disciple on the winning track against SoCal Uncensored.

SCU tends to be AEW’s most reliable team. They’re usually not involved in big matches unless they’re going to go somewhere.

Smart money is for Colt Cabana to get another “tainted” win after some chicanery from Mr. Brodie. Personally, I think this would be a good jumping-off point for a Scorpio Sky singles run.

Scorpio vs. Colt Cabana, anyone? AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two is as good a place as any to start building to that.

Winners – The Dark Order

Nyla Rose will be in action at 'AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two'
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Nyla Rose Vs. ?

AEW has been pretty tight-lipped about who Nyla Rose will face at AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two.

Given how Rose has been booked in the past, particularly when coming back from a fairly long absence, she’ll probably be putting the boot to some jobber or other.

Whoever it is, hopefully it’s the start of some more consistent booking with the Native Beast.

To date, her AEW run has been hamstrung with lots of false starts. That includes her not-so-great run as the AEW Women’s Champion.

Odds are, Nyla Rose picks up a win. And it honestly doesn’t really matter against who.

Winner – Nyla Rose

Can 'The Bad Boy' Joey Janela survive 'The Murderhawk Monster' Lance Archer at 'AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two?'
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Lance Archer (W/ Jake Roberts) Vs. Joey Janela (W/ Sonny Kiss)

The odd-couple pairing of Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss has been some legit entertaining stuff for AEW.

But after losing his bid to become the first TNT Champion at Double Or Nothing, the Murderhawk Monster needs to get back on track.

Still, that doesn’t mean he has to squash Janela. Archer is now well-established as a force to be reckoned with. He cut a path of destruction through the TNT Championship tournament, picking up a big win over Dustin Rhodes on the way.

The Bad Boy should definitely come up the loser to Archer in this match. Indeed, he should barely survive the thing, and start to recapture his status as the plucky underdog in AEW.

I’m guessing he’ll have a glimmer of hope at AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two. And that Jake Roberts will snuff that glimmer out, allowing Archer to pick up a big win.

Winner – Lance Archer

FTR and the Young Bucks team up to face Butcher & Blade and the Lucha Bros at 'AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two'
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FTR And The Young Bucks Vs. Butcher & Blade And Lucha Bros.

The way AEW has booked this 8-man tag has been nothing short of excellent.

So far, AEW has done a great job of playing off the real-life rivalry between the Bucks and FTR. And they’ve also done a great job of not jumping the gun.

AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two should put us on the road to seeing the Bucks vs. FTR. But it should only be the first stop on a long trip. Butcher & Blade have been used perfectly in this feud, and the late addition of the returning Lucha Bros. adds an element of surprise to the match.

But if we’re going to use this to build to FTR vs. Young Bucks, that means the bad guys have to pick up the win. Probably off of some kind of miscommunication between FTR and Jim Cornette’s Favorite Tag Team.

Butcher & Blade and the Luchas pick up the W here.

Winners – Butcher & Blade And Lucha Bros.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page & Kenny Omega (C) Vs. Private Party (W/ Matt Hardy)

Jon Moxley was originally set to defend the AEW Championship against Brian Cage at AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two. Moxley’s self-imposed quarantine pushed that match to the July 15 AEW: Dynamite.

In its place, though, we’re getting an AEW Tag Team Championship match. Private Party picked up a win over Santana & Ortiz at Fyter Fest: Night One, effectively giving them this shot for Night Two.

Considering I picked VERY wrong last week, it seems unlikely that Page and Omega will drop the straps here. It should be a decent match, and a good opportunity to find out whether or not there’s real mileage in Private Party.

No title change here. And as much as I love Page and Omega as a team, we’re about due to see them drop the titles.

Winners (And STILL Champions) – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page & Kenny Omega

Chris Jericho battles Orange Cassidy in the main event of 'AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two.'
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Orange Cassidy Vs. Chris Jericho

Okay. So if you’d told me a year ago that Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho would headline a PPV-level show?

I’d have probably said, “Yeah, I can see that.”

But I didn’t imagine it would be this good. Based on conventional wrestling wisdom, there’s no reason this feud should be this good.

Cassidy has been a constant thorn in Jericho’s side since the AEW: Dynamite after Double Or Nothing. And Cassidy has done it by doing what he does best. Nothing.

His sheer inaction frustrates Jericho to comical levels every week. But it’s been more than a comedy feud. Their brawl to close out Dynamite a couple weeks back was excellent. And Revolution showed us that Cassidy is the real deal when he actually tries.

Chris Jericho is certain to win this match. But even in defeat, this is going to be Orange Cassidy’s coming out party.

Winner – Chris Jericho

The Breakdown

AEW needs a big win with this show. They’ve taken losses to NXT two weeks in a row.

And, at least on paper, the only PPV-level match for AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two is Jericho vs. Cassidy.

The matches and the stories will have to be pitch-perfect. But it’s like we said earlier.

AEW doesn’t disappoint often.

AEW Fyter Fest: Night Two airs this Wednesday night at 8 PM/ET on TNT.

Feature image provided by AEW.