batwoman trailer is here

The CW network dropped a new, full length trailer for the new DC Comics-based series, Batwoman. The show is expected to replace the outgoing Arrow, which is ending after eight seasons, on The CW schedule this fall.

Batwoman stars Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) as Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin (their mothers are sisters), who decides to pick up the mantle of the Bat after Bruce Wayne mysteriously leaves Gotham. The trailer hints at the direction the series is taking, with Kate’s father, Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), playing a major role in her development.

Going by the trailer, Kate Kane slips into the cape and cowl to battle an enemy army that has taken her love, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy), captive. Kate Kane is also the first gay lead superhero to feature on a DC Comics-based TV show.

The trailer introduces many other elements that will define the character as she grows from military-trained bystander to masked vigilante. Batman’s influence will be felt in the series, as it is shown throughout the trailer.

Kate Kane Checks out the Batsuit

One aspect to note in this trailer is that Batwoman will start out in a modified version of Batman’s gear, almost making her a Batgirl. Her flowing crimson hair and Bat sigil are still to come, but are hinted at the the end of clip. It will be fun to watch the character evolve, and Ruby Rose is the perfect person to play this role.

Batwoman/Kate Kane made her debut last year in The CW’s DC cross-over event, Elseworlds, where Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) found themselves in switched roles, all due to the manipulations of the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett). The two heroes sought answers in Gotham and found Batwoman as an ally. Now, she is getting her own show just in time for this year’s cross-over event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, which will presumably end Oliver Queen’s time on The CW and kickstart Batwoman’s reign.

Batwoman will air on Sundays this fall on The CW. We will continue to cover the developments of the┬áseries as they break, but until then, enjoy this new trailer and stay tuned for more information on this and other “Arrowverse” DC shows in the future.

Image courtesy of DC Comics.