Cody and Taz have words for each other on 'AEW: Dynamite'

AEW: Dynamite is marching toward December 2.

Next week’s edition of Dynamite is poised to be one of the young promotion’s biggest ever. With Jon Moxley set to defend the AEW Championship against Kenny Omega, it could mean a bold new direction for AEW.

And then there’s the Inner Circle. Can Jericho maintain balance within the group? Or will the addition of MJF tear everything apart.

Let’s get in to the hits and misses from AEW: Dynamite.

John Silver suplexes the Hangman on 'AEW: Dynamite'

HIT – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page Vs. John Silver (W/ Dark Order)

The Hangman is on AEW: Dynamite without a drink in his hand. But based on his Twitter, AEW scripted him to be fond of the wrong substance. This week’s caption: “Lost his phone for 6 weeks, too cheap to buy a new one.” I can relate.

And Silver is the very definition of a “good hand” in pro wrestling. The guy can go out and have a good match with pretty much anybody. His match with Page on AEW: Dynamite was no exception. These guys had a really fun back-and-forth contest, and Silver looked really good. But Silver didn’t lose sight of the fact that the point was to make the Hangman look good.

Page picks up the win with the Buckshot Lariat. After the match, Evil Uno makes his way up and makes another attempt to recruit Page to the Dark Order. He says that the Elite cast him aside but promises he can find a place where he belong in the Dark Order. Uno even goes so far as to call the Elite a cult. Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot. You guys met?

Yeah, but he’s not wrong. I’m always all for a little Dark Order intrigue. But we’re gonna reach a time where every ‘Hangman’ Page angle doesn’t revolve around a “will he/won’t he” question, right?

HIT – Kenny Omega, In Reflection

Okay, seriously, how did it take more than a year of AEW: Dynamite for Kenny Omega to grow a personality?

Omega is pumped to be feeling like himself again. And he’s looking forward to tonight’s do-over contract signing. But Omega isn’t just looking back at the past year. He’s looking back at Moxley’s promo from last week’s show. Moxley mentioned that he learned how to be a tough guy from his dead.

Well, Omega is pretty sure his dad could beat up Moxley’s dad.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

HIT – Powerhouse Hobbs (W/ Taz) Vs. Lee Johnson/Taz-Cody Rhodes Promo

How much is Lee Johnson wishing he could go back to getting pushed around by MJF? By the way, Hobbs’s name is “Powerhouse” now. I dig it.

AEW: Dynamite rolls on with Will Hobbs just absolutely and completely destroying Johnson. The match lasts less than a minute before Hobbs puts Johnson away with the World’s Strongest Slam. Hey, if you’re gonna steal, you could do worse than Mark Henry.

After the match, Taz rants about AEW not recognizing the FTW Championship. His rant prompts AEW to cut Taz’s mic. This draws out Cody, who says he’ll see what he can do. Taz calls out Cody as being creatively bankrupt and a fraud. So Cody, naturally, asks why Taz’s own son came to Cody to train. Oh, snap. Also, what? Taz’s son is training with Cody?

Anyway. Taz snaps and chokes out the American Nightmare. I don’t know if this is leading to Taz vs. Cody, and honestly, the segment was strong and entertaining enough that I don’t care. Bringing up Taz’s son (whose name is Hook? I mean, okay) suggests that this is gonna go down a pretty rough road.

Having said all of that. How many feuds is Cody involved in right now on AEW: Dynamite?


Backstage, Eddie Kingston cuts a promo that he expected Rey Fenix to end up being soft. But he expected more of Penta and Pac. Moxley wanders by, and Kingston swears he didn’t attack Mox on last week’s AEW: Dynamite.

Short, simple, to the point. This isn’t rocket surgery. Vince? Bruce? Seriously, this stuff isn’t hard.

Yeah, Survivor Series was fine-ish. But you’re making it harder than it has to be. Take a cue from Tony Khan and AEW: Dynamite. Actually, yeah, no, don’t. Just keep doing whatever it is you do.

Top Flight and TH2 go to battle on 'AEW: Dynamite'

HIT – Top Flight Vs. The Hybrid2

Oooh, another AEW: Dynamite side quest. The Hybrid2 attacked Top Flight last week in their debut. Naturally, those two teams fight this week.

And you know what? They went out and had an awesome match.

This was nothing but hot action from bell-to-bell. AEW seems like they’re ready to get behind Top Flight. But they’re also keen to bring them along slowly. Angelico wins it for the Hybrid2 with the Figure Four. The heels put the boots to Top Flight after the match, and this draws out the Bucks to make the save.

Wouldn’t it be glorious if it turns out the Bucks are pretending to be Top Flight’s mentors? I can dream, can’t I?


Backstage, Vicki Guererro and Nyla Rose seem pretty okay with Jade Cargill beating up Brandi last week. You know what I’d be okay with? Nyla Rose getting a consistent push. Maybe a character? Still, it keeps her on TV, and it reminds the audience of the Brandi vs. Cargill feud without anything too overt.

Also meanwhile on AEW: Dynamite, we’re reminded that FTR exists. Both FTR and Tully Blanchard promise to get themselves back into the title hunt.

Honestly, I like letting FTR cool down, even a little bit. They were all over the show for a few weeks there. We need to keep them relevant, but as with Nyla and Vicki and Brandi and Cargill, we don’t need to plaster it all over the show.

Frankie Kazarian dives at Chris Jericho on 'AEW: Dynamite'

HIT – Chris Jericho & Jake Hager (W/ Inner Circle) Vs. SCU

Fun fact. Between Jericho, Hager, Daniels, and Kazarian, the combined age of everyone involved is somewhere between Betty White and Methuselah. Anyway.

This AEW: Dynamite match just breezed by. Everybody was working at a super high level here. The announcers make special mention that this is the first time Daniels and Jericho have ever been in the ring together. I’m there for the match. Until they said that, I didn’t realize how badly I wanted to see it.

Jericho picks up the win with the Judas Effect over Daniels. With an assist from MJF and the DIAMOND RING OF DOOM! The Inner Circle starts to beat down SCU, but Scorpio Sky runs out to make the save. Aw, I was really hoping we were gonna get a legit singles push from him.

Still, there’s nothing to complain about with this match. It was legit better than it had any right to be.

Backstage, Kip Sabian and Miro try to start their own video game show. But Orange Cassidy ruins everything when he walks in and shuts off their XBox. Oh, hell naw. A Pier Six erupts between Kip, Miro, Orange, and Best Friends. Well, at least they had Orange doing something both entertaining and within character this week on AEW: Dynamite.

Kenny Omega after getting beaten down by the champ on 'AEW: Dynamite'

HIT – AEW Championship Contract Signing, Part Deux

Tony Schiavone is ready to try this whole contract signing thing again. I’m sure nothing will go wrong on this week’s AEW: Dynamite.

But it’s pro wrestling, so of course something will go wrong.

Omega doesn’t even make it to the ring, as Moxley jumps him from behind before the challenger can even get out of the entrance tunnel. And the beatdown is that much cooler for having shot it so all we can see at first is the silhouette. The champ stomps on Omega’s hand before hitting the Paradigm Shift on the title belt. Moxley chastises Omega for doing a crummy job of trying to take the champion out last week. And he suggests Omega bring his A-game if the Cleaner plans to be the first guy to beat Moxley in a year-and-a-half.

This feud has existed for barely two weeks. And it’s already super engaging. I cannot wait for this match on next week’s AEW: Dynamite.

Backstage, Alex Marvez catches up with the Inner Circle. Jericho and Kazarian will go one-on-one next week. No, no, I said Jericho and the other guy! Ah, that should still be an awesome match.

Anna Jay takes the fight to Hikaru Shida on 'AEW: Dynamite'

AEW Women’s World Championship Match – Hikaru Shida (C) Vs. Anna Jay

Okay, make sure you’re sitting down for this. AEW: Dynamite had a match for the AEW Women’s Championship. And it was pretty good.

On top of that, it felt important. I know, right? I didn’t expect it either, and to be honest I’m still not quite sure how to deal with it. This was a killer women’s match. Shida looked better than she has in months, and Anna Jay looks like she belongs in this spotlight. Honestly, if they want to shake up the women’s division, they could do worse than putting the title in the Dark Order’s hands.

But speaking of shaking up the women’s division. Abadon makes her return to AEW: Dynamite after the match. And she licks the belt, presumably to mark her territory? Gross. Totally within character, but yeah. Gross. There’s a pandemic going on, Abadon, and the latest science reveals that zombies can catch it!

I made that up, but honestly, the way things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me.

PAC drops an elbow on the Blade on 'AEW: Dynamite'

PAC & Rey Fenix Vs. The Butcher & The Blade

PAC hasn’t missed a beat. And neither have Fenix. The match started out just the tiniest bit rocky. But before long, you could swear that PAC and Fenix have been tagging for years.

Like most of the better AEW matches, this one had a little bit of everything. It started out with insane brawling before transitioning to high-flying, mat stuff, stiff striking. The match was just every awesome thing about pro wrestling rolled into one. But presented in such a way that it isn’t an incoherent mess.

Near the end, Eddie Kingston comes down from the announce desk. He trips Fenix from the outside and distracts him, allowing Butcher and Blade to hit the tandem neckbreaker for the win. Because pro wrestling, Kingston and his goons put the boots to Death Triangle after the match, but Lance Archer of all people makes the save!

I was wondering how long Lance was gonna let Eddie run his mouth about being the “real” winner of the battle royal at Double Or Nothing. Surprise ending to an awesome AEW: Dynamite.

Death Triangle makes their way out on 'AEW: Dynamite'

The Breakdown

Okay. I’m pretty sure everybody already thinks I’m an AEW shill. And I’m comfortable with that. But this week’s AEW: Dynamite was as close to a perfect pro wrestling show as is possible.

All the big storylines got TV time without being obnoxious. Every match either met or exceeded expectations. I’m not sure what else you could ask for. If AEW can keep up this momentum, the ‘Winter Is Coming’ special episode next week should be something to remember for a long time to come.

Full match results and ratings:

‘Hangman’ Adam Page def. John Silver, ***

TheHybrid2 def. Top Flight, *** 1/4

Chris Jericho & Jake Hager def. SCU, ***

Hikaru Shida def. Anna Jay, ***

Butcher & Blade def. PAC & Rey Fenix, *** 1/2

AEW: Dynamite airs Wednesday nights on TNT at 8 PM/ET.

All images provided by All Elite Wrestling.

'AEW: Dynamite' - November 25, 2020


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  • That Cody and Taz segment was perfection
  • Inner Circle vs SCU might have been the best senior citizens' match I've ever seen
  • You guys, the AEW Women's Championship felt like a big deal!
  • Not a bad match on the card