Multiple scores were settled at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

AEW Full Gear 2020 is in the books.

The last AEW pay-per-view of 2020 saw a stacked card without a lot of build-up. AEW: Dynamite was slow to shape the AEW Full Gear 2020 lineup. But now that’s all said and done, it was mostly worth the wait. Jon Moxley put the AEW World Championship on the line in a brutal “I Quit” match with Eddie Kingston. And MJF looked to fight his way into Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle.

Scores were settled and old animosities gained new life. Let’s get into the ups and downs from AEW Full Gear 2020.

Kenny Omega battled 'Hangman' Adam Page for a shot at the AEW Championship at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

AEW World Title Eliminator Finals – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page Vs. Kenny Omega

Don Callis is joining for commentary during this match at AEW Full Gear 2020. Um. Okay?  I doubt that’s a sign of any AEW/Impact working relationship. But still, it’s really, really weird. According to tonight’s graphic, Page is a “Focused Yeehaw Man.”

Omega offers a handshake to start, but the Hangman isn’t about that tonight. They lock up, and they stay locked up, dragging each other around the ring. Page takes Omega down with a shoulder tackle and avoids a dropkick. Omega, in turn, avoids a lariat. A chop-fest ensues. Page emerges as the winner only to take a snap rana from Omega. The Hangman rolls to the outside for a breather, but Omega goes for a Terminator, but Hangman rushes back into the ring and hits a big boot followed by a sidewalk slam.

Now Omega rolls under the ramp. He tries to run the ropes, but Page intercepts and hits a superplex for two. There’s a lot going on here early at AEW Full Gear 2020. The fight spills to the outside, and the chopping continues. Page throws Omega into the barricade. Twice. Hangman goes for a third time, but Omega balances on the top of the barricade and hits a moonsault. Omega rolls Page back inside and hits the Kotaro crusher for two. He picks Page up for a fireman’s carry but twerks his knee on the way down. A second-rope moonsault gets two for Omega.

Omega tries for a front facelock to slow down the pace. Page fights to his feet only to get whipped into the ropes. Omega dodges a reversal only to eat a huge lariat from the Hangman, knocking Omega off the apron. But Omega suckers Page to the outside and hits a baseball slide. Omega hits a tope con hilo on the outside, putting both guys down. Back on the inside, Omega goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for two. He goes for the snap dragon, but Page fights it off. So Omega goes for the one-winged angel, but Page reverses into one of his own. But Omega counters it only to eat another big boot.

The Hangman goes for the Buckshot Lariat, but Omega counters with the V-Trigger, sending Page crashing to the entrance ramp. Omega comes over the ropes, but Hangman catches him and attempts the Deadeye, but Page escapes. a pop-up powerbomb from Omega follows, and he rolls Omega into the ring. Another pop-up powerbomb gets two for the Hangman.  Omega tries to fight back from his knees. He gets to his feet and continues slugging it out with Page. Page hits a rolling elbow strike, but Omega counters with Tiger Driver 98 for two.

Omega goes for the V-Trigger, but Page dodges. The Deadeye only gets two. I didn’t not expect this match – or any match this high-profile – to be the opener for AEW Full Gear 2020. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat, but Omega counters into a crucifix, which Page counters into a roll-up for two. The Hangman hits a big boot through the ropes, only for Omega to hit a dragonscrew through the ropes on Page. Page goes for the Buckshot, but Omega dodges and hits a pair of V-Triggers. Omega hits the One-Winged Angel for the win.

This was an awesome way to open AEW Full Gear 2020. A few too many slugests and chopfests used as transitional spots. That made it obvious that big spots were set to follow. But as long as AEW delivered them, that’s all that matters.

Winner:  Kenny Omega

Match Rating:  ****

Orange Cassidy battled John '4' Silver at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

Orange Cassidy (W/ Best Friends) Vs. John “4” Silver (W/ Dark Order)

So these guys are pretty evenly paired, and this should be a decent match. But why is Orange Cassidy – who became a legit main event player this summer – wrestling some jabroni from the Dark Order at AEW Full Gear 2020.

Silver demands that Orange not put the hands in the pockets and his head follows the hands all the way down. Orange gets a crucifix pin early but it only gets two. The SHIN KICKS OF DOOM come next followed by a standing dropkick. Silver gets a scoop slam and pulls Orange’s hands out of his pockets. And then he tears the pockets out of the pants. My god, John Silver is a genius! He chucks Orange across the ring and wastes some time taunting.

Orange goes for the swinging DDT, but Silver moves to a squatting position to counter. A few stiff kicks keep Orange on the mat. Orange puts Silver’s face into a few turnbuckles before hitting a dive followed by the swinging DDT for two. The King of Sloth Style heads to the top again, but Silver intercepts and hits a one-handed gorilla press slam onto the ropes. A running boot follows, but Orange counters with a Michinoku Driver for two. Silver kicks Orange down, but Orange gets a kip-up. He backslides Silver. But Silver goes for a suplex only to take the Stundog Millionaire. He goes for the Orange Punch, but Silver counters with the Spin Doctor for two.

Silver goes for a discus lariat, but Orange counters with the Orange Punch into the Beach Break for the pin.

Well, it’s about time Orange Cassidy got a win. I’m glad he picked one up at AEW Full Gear 2020, but he needs more if he’s gonna rebuild that main eventer status.

Winner:  Orange Cassidy

Match Rating:  *** 1/2

Darby Allin challenged Cody for the TNT Championship at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

TNT Championship Match: Cody (C) Vs. Darby Allin

Speaking of it being time for a big win. I love Cody, but it’s time for him to move on to something else. And it’s time for Darby to get a TNT Championship run.

Also, does Cody have to keep coming to the ring with everybody he’s ever met? Brandi and Arn are one thing, because there’s a reason for them to be there. But the Gunn Club and Dustin and Cody’s third-great teacher and the guy who installed his cable three years ago? It’s a bit much, even for AEW Full Gear 2020. Mike Chioda is here to referee. Apparently he only works PPVs.

Staredown to start, and Cody seems put off that Darby won’t back down. They lock up, and Cody cinches in an armlock but dismissively lets him go. Another lock-up, but Darby reverses only for Cody to throw him down. Cody offers a hand up but Darby backflips to his feet. Both guys trade standing switches, and Darby slaps Cody in the back of the head. Cody’s getting progressively angrier. He rolls to the outside for some coaching from Arn before heading back inside. Darby tries to get a waist lock from behind, but Cody throws him off again.

Darby rolls through for a pinning combination and gets a two-count on Cody before hitting a tope through the ropes. He throws the champion back inside and heads up top, but Cody intercepts. Cody puts Darby in a hammerlock position but just tosses Darby out of the ring and to the entrance ramp. The champion goes back to the hammerlock, followed by a stomp to Darby’s injured arm. Darby tries to fight up with a gut punch and goes for an Irish whip, but the arm gives out. Cody continues to work on the arm, locking it under the rope in the corner. The champion rushes, but Darby gets a foot up and goes for another backslide, but the arm gives out again.

Cody hits a hip toss and sits straight down on Darby, locking in a short-arm scissor. I like the ramp-up of this AEW Full Gear 2020 match. Cody gets in Darby’s face and does some more taunting. The champion continues to go against Darby’s bad arm. He goes for a suplex, but Darby counters with an armdrag, but Cody never lets go. He pulls Darby right off of the top rope with the bad arm and cinches in  a horizontal armbar. Darby makes the ropes, and Cody starts showing off with the push-ups. Arn isn’t having it, though, and he starts yelling at Cody.

The champion pulls Darby up by the scruff of his neck and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Cody hits an avalanche shoulder-breaker on the bad arm, but Darby kicks out. The champion goes back to the cross-armbreaker, but Darby gets to the ropes. Cody goes up top for a moonsault, but Darby moves out of the way. The champion goes for a stinger splash, but Darby dodges again and Cody goes face-first into the ring post. Darby hits a spinning piledriver, but it only gets two. But Cody hits a superkick. He goes for Crossroads, but Darby hangs onto the ropes, pulling off the middle turnbuckle. Cody lunges at the challenger, but Darby moves, and Cody goes face-first into the exposed turnbuckle. O sweet irony!

Darby goes up top for the coffin drop, but Cody wrenches the arm over the ropes again. The champion hits a Crossroads from the top rope (!), but Darby has an arm under the rope. Cody goes for the top again, but Darby jumps on his back and locks on a sleeper. But Cody keeps climbing, with Darby on his back, and just drops backward, sending both guys crashing. Darby rolls to the outside. Back inside, Cody hits a couple of scoop slams. Make that three. Darby won’t stay down, so Cody hits a gorilla press slam. Darby kicks out. This is a hell of a story they’re telling at AEW Full Gear 2020.

Now Cody pulls off the weight belt, but Darby sneaks in a roll-up for two. Cody goes for the Disaster Kick, but Darby catches him. He gets the over-the-top Stunner and hits the Coffin Drop, but Cody kicks out. Because of course he does.

Cody goes for the Crossroads, and they trade pinning reversals, and Darby gets the pin on the fourth one! Out of nowhere. That’s a unique finish, and I support it entirely. About time.

After the match, Cody snatches the title belt and throws the referee out of the ring. Cody drops to a knee and offers Darby the championship, and the new TNT Champion accepts. And I’m starting to think I was horribly, horribly wrong about Cody turning heel ever.

The show of sportsmanship brings out Taz, who’s about to vomit. But while he’s taunting Cody and Darby, Starks and Cage run in from behind and take the babyfaces down. Nice little tease as Starks and Cage argue over who gets to pick up the title. Taz settles it and takes the belt. They carry Darby toward the stage, but Cody runs up for the save. It isn’t enough, as Cage dispatches him before chucking Darby into the set decorations. Now they drag Darby over to his car and threaten to slam his arm into the door. But Will Hobbs makes the save.

I’m not sure why we needed an AEW: Dynamite segment at AEW Full Gear 2020, but it was entertaining.

Winner (And NEW Champion):  Darby Allin

Match Rating:  **** 1/4

Nyla Rose challenged Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women's World Championship at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

AEW Women’s World Championship Match – Hikaru Shida (C) Vs. Nyla Rose (W/ Vicki Guererro)

Has it really been six months since Double Or Nothing? Geez, time flies when you’re in the middle of an existential global crisis.

There’s a slugfest to start, which Shida wins. Wait, what? Shida hits the running knee, but it’s not enough to put Nyla down. The champion tries to whip Nyla, but Nyla won’t budge. She charges Shida, but Shida dodges, and Nyla topples over the rope. Shida makes with the beat down on the apron. Shida throws Nyla into the barricade before setting up the chair for her driveby, but Nyla gets to her feet and clotheslines the champion to the ground. Nyla tries to pull a table and a chair out from under the ring, but the referee won’t allow it.

Meanwhile, Shida gets the running leap off the chair before throwing Nyla past the barricade. While the referee tends to Nyla, Vicki takes a kendo stick to Shida’s knee. Nyla returns to ringside and props Shida’s leg under the metal bracing under the ring and uses it for leverage to wrench the champion’s knee. She puts Shida back into the ring and slams the champ’s knee into the ring post. The champion starts to make her way to her feet, but a chop block from Nyla puts her back down. A scoop slam followed by a big splash from Nyla gets a two-count.

Lots of stalling follows. Nyla climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Shida intercepts only to get thrown off, landing on the bad knee. Nyla goes for a senton, but Shida dodges. The champion hits a dropkick to the back for two. Shida lifts Nyla for a suplex (with a bad knee?) for two. Shida goes for the running knee, but Nyla blocks. The challenger picks her up and goes for a suplex, but Shida dodges and hits a running splash. She goes for another suplex, but the knee gives out this time. Nyla plants Shida with an inverted press slam for two.

Nyla drapes Shida over the top rope and hits a diving knee from the nearby top turnbuckle onto Shida’s bum knee. It only gets two. Nyla goes up top again, but Shida hops up to the top to meet her. Shida rams Nyla’s head into the top turnbuckle before tossing the challenger onto the entrance ramp. The champion hits a missile dropkick and throws Nyla back into the ring. Shida goes to the top again and hits another missile dropkick for two. Shida goes for the running knee, but she can’t push off. Nyla clotheslines her from the ground and hits a powerbomb. The referee counts two, but Nyla pulls her up.

Rose hits the knee strike, but Shida kicks out at one. Nyla sets up for the Beast Bomb, but Shida backdrops the challenger. She drops Nyla on the top turnbuckle and hits a top-rope Falcon Arrow before pulling Nyla up by the hair after a two-count. Shida goes for the running knee, but Vicki grabs the ankle. Nyla attacks from behind, because babyfaces are dumb. Vicki tries to whack Shida with a kendo stick, but the referee takes it. Shida shoves Nyla into Vicki. She tosses Nyla back into the ring and hits a Falcon Arrow for two.

Shida hits the running knee, but the champion’s own knee gives out, allowing Nyla to kick out. The champion hits it again between Nyla’s shoulder blades before hitting three more standing knees to the back of Nyla’s head to get the pin to retain.

This was a little disjointed at AEW Full Gear 2020. But it was still head and shoulders above most AEW women’s matches. Now, can we loop Britt Baker into the title picture? Also, we need a mop for clean-up on aisle 5. Somebody spilled all of Nyla’s credibility all over the floor. Again.

After the match, Vicki gets in Nyla’s face. She slaps Nyla, and Nyla pouts. Well, that’ll probably turn into something, but I honestly don’t care.

Winner (And STILL Champion):  Hikaru Shida

Match Rating:  *** 1/4

The Young Bucks challenged FTR for the AEW Tag Team Championship at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

AEW Tag Team Championship Match – FTR (C) Vs. Young Bucks

If the Bucks don’t win the titles at AEW Full Gear 2020 from FTR, they can never challenge for them again.

Matt and Wheeler tie up to start. Wheeler goes straight for Matt’s bad ankle, but Matt fights him off. Wheeler rolls to the outside for a breather, and Harwood calms him down with Tully banned from ringside. Another collar-and-elbow tie-up, and Harwood tags in. Nick runs in for a two-on-two staredown and eventually tags in. Harwood gets a snapmare takeover. They do some bac-and-forth before Nick hits a scoop slam followed by an arm drag takeover. Nick cinches in an armbar, but Harwood fights back to his feet. He grabs a handful of Nick’s hair and drags him to the corner, tagging in Wheeler.

But Nick manages to reverse into an armdrag, tagging in Matt. They double team Wheeler before Nick steps out. Matt wrenches the arm and makes the tag to Nick, who hits a top rope ax-handle onto the arm. Wheeler punches Nick to the ground before tagging in Harwood. He slams Nick’s head into Harwood’s knee before stepping out. In the ring, Harwood smashes Nick’s face into the turnbuckle. Nick goes for a rana but lands on his feet and has to settle for a few dropkicks that wind up hurting his own ankle. Matt runs in, and they hit double hurricanranas followed by double dropkicks to FTR.

They manage to kick both Harwood and Wheeler to the outside at AEW Full Gear 2020. Matt chases Harwood around the ring. Harwood tries to punch Matt, but he dodges, and Harwood’s fist collides with the ring post. Back inside, Matt stomps a mudhole into Harwood before working on the injured hand of Harwood. Nick tags back in and goes straight after the hand. They prop the hand in the corner and start kicking at the injured hand. Harwood gets a scoop slash. He tries to drop a couple of standing elbows, but Matt rolls closer to the apron. Matt goes to the top for a moonsault, but Harwood moves, and he lands right on the bad leg.

Next, Matt rolls to the outside while Wheeler goes after the leg. Back inside, Harwood tags in. The work on the leg continues, and Matt falls to the outside. Harwood follows, but Matt climb back inside, where Wheeler hits a standing ankle drop followed by an inverted ankle lock on Matt. Matt teases a superman comeback, but Harwood puts him down with a drop toe hold. The challenger manages to kick Harwood away, and Matt crawls to the corner, but Wheeler suckers Nick away from the corner, leaving Matt to fend for himself.

Wheeler knocks Nick down to the floor, allowing Harwood to hit a superplex on Matt from the Bucks’ own corner. FTR goes for the powerplex, but Matt gets a knee up to block. At great (and obvious) cost. Harwood gets an inside cradle for two before throwing Matt out of the ring. FTR cuts the ring in half, and Matt tries to sneak in, but Harwood grabs the ankle. He rolls Harwood up for two, but FTR moves Matt back to their own corner. Matt fights them off, and he starts crawling toward Nick. He makes the hot tag, and now it’s Nick taking on Wheeler (the legal man) and Harwood both. Nick successfully takes on both guys simultaeously with a bulldog-clothesline combo.

He hits a diving crossbody, but Wheeler catches him. FTR hits a Hart Attack, but it only gets two. Harwood props Nick onto the top turnbuckle, but Nick escapes and Matt makes a blind tag. He hits a spear on Wheeler, and Nick gets a knee to Wheeler’s face for two. Matt hobbles to his feet and goes for a bucklebomb, but the knee gives out. They set up Matt on Wheeler’s shouler while Harwood hits a bulldog from the top rope. It only gets two. Nick gets a superkick on Wheeler before they toss him out of the ring. Matt hits a Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton from Nick, but it only gets two.

Okay, so this is living up to the hype at AEW Full Gear 2020.

Wheeler attacks Matt’s knee from the outside, but Harwood hits a powerbomb only for Matt to roll through into a crucifix pin, but Harwood slips out at two. Now Matt is laying in punches and chops at a fading Harwood. In a Rocky III moment, Matt’s bum knee connects with Harwood’s bad hand in mid-air. That was kinda cool.

Harwood puts Matt down with a vicious clothesline before tagging in Wheeler. FTR hit the DIY finish, but Matt kicks out. Okay, the love letters to other tag teams is kind of obnoxious. Wheeler tags in Harwood. Nick chucks Wheeler to the entrance ramp before Matt takes down Harwood on the inside. Matt locks in the Sharpshooter. Harwood gets a hand to the rope, but Nick superkicks the bad hand off.  Now we’ve got stereo Sharpshooters, but FTR grab each others’ hands, forcing the referee to break it up.

The Bucks isolate Harwood and keep working on the injured hand. Matt goes after his fingers, and they hit the BTE trigger. It gets a two-count before Wheeler rushes in to break up the pin. Now Matt tags in. Nick hits an escalara onto Wheeler. Matt brings in a chair. Harwood dares him to hit him. But the distraction lets Wheeler toss Nick into the timekeeper’s table. FTR hits the spike piledriver, but Matt gets a foot on the rope. The false finishes in this AEW Full Gear 2020 match are insane.

Wheeler peels off Matt’s boot. Wheeler grapevines the ankle, and Harwood comes down on it. Harwood cinches in a Figure Four crossed with an ankle lock. Nick goads Wheeler into attacking, but Wheeler dives straight out of the ring. Then Nick hits a 450 to break up the hold. It only gets two. But Wheeler comes in from out of nowhere (again) and hits a superkick on Nick. Wheeler drags Harwood to the corner and tags him in. Wheeler hits a superkick on Matt, which looks like it knocks him out. Now Wheeler goes for a springboard 450, but Matt dodges it and hits the superkick to win the titles.

That was awesome. I could’ve done without all the love letters to previous classic tag teams, but that said, this was a great match. After the match, Omega comes out to celebrate with the Bucks.

Winners (And NEW Champions):  Young Bucks

Match Rating:  **** 3/4

Matt Hardy faced Sammy Guevara in The Elite Deletion at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

The Elite Deletion – Matt Hardy Vs. Sammy Guevara

Apparently this is happening at the Hardy Compound? I mean, okay. So maybe that’s why Don Callis is at AEW Full Gear 2020. To show them how to shoot goofy Hardy segments.

Guevara pulls up in a golf cart labeled “Spanish God.” Neo1 projects a giant Hardy hologram to welcome Sammy to his demise. Then Neo1 disables power to the golf cart, revealing Matt in a monster truck. What in the blue hell is happening right now? See, if we’d been doing this kin of stuff for weeks, I’d be all for it. Matt crushes the golf cart (“Now that is a squash job!”), but Sammy survives because pro wrestling. He sneaks up behind Matt and hits him with a garbage can to officially start the match.

The fight spills out into the woods before rolling up to the front lawn. Sammy hits a snap suplex or two. He tries to drown Matt in the fountain, but Matt retrieves the Scepter of Mephistopheles (‘kay) and goes to town on Sammy with it. The fight spills into the back yard (I think?), where there’s a ring set up. Matt tosses Sammy inside, but Sammy hits an enziguri followed by a springboard clothesline attempt. But Matt counters with a Side Effect for two. Matt sets up a table and powerbombs him through it. But Ortiz runs in to break up the pin.

Now Santana is there, and they beat down Matt on the outside. But Matt grabs a walkie talkie from under the ring and calls out to Private Party. Matt fights Santana and Ortiz by himself, and it goes about as well as you’d think. Sammy is back up, and he hits the Twist of Fate, but Private Party intercepts before Sammy can come off the top rope. While Private Party and the Inner Circle slug it out, Matt grabs a handful of fireworks from under the ring. He lights it and starts firing projectile fireworks toward the ring. Seriously, what in the blue hell is happening at AEW Full Gear 2020?

Sammy grabs his own, and they are now firing on each other with live fireworks from actual trenches. Private Party and Santana & Ortiz keep fighting in the ring while Matt chases Sammy back into the woods. And Matt is now literally shooting fire at Sammy Guevara. The fight spills into a mud pit, where Matt hits a Twist of Fate near the Lake of Reincarnation. He’s about to toss him in, but Gangrel shows up, threatening to take out Hurricane Helms. This is insanity. Glorious, glorious insanity. While Matt and the Hurricane catch up on old times, Sammy superkicks Matt from behind.

I don’t know my Hurricane Helms history, but he comes out of the lake as a guy in a fedora. Everything returns to the ring, and we’ve got Gangrel, Hurricane, Private Party, the Inner Circle, and Matt Hardy all doing battle. Okay, this is going on for entirely too long, and the novelty has long since worn off. Anyway, Sammy chases Matt into the Dome of Deletion, where Neo1 seals the doors. They brawl for a bit, and Sammy undoes all the turnbuckles and tries to choke Matt with the ropes. It doesn’t help that the commentators keep, well, commentating. I get the sense this was designed to just be the fight itself. And it really doesn’t help that Tony and JR don’t “get it.”

Sammy drapes Matt across a table and climbs to the top of a ladder. He hits a swanton, but Matt kicks out. Matt hits the Twist of Fate. Both guys are down, and Matt spears Sammy through a pair of tables on the floor. Now Matt gets a chair, and he destroys Sammy with it before curbing the side of his head with it to get the pin.

Well, that was certainly a thing that took place at AEW Full Gear 2020. Private Party scoops up Sammy’s remains and stuff him into a trash can.

Winner:  Matt Hardy

Match Rating:  Um. What?

MJF tried to fight his way into the Inner Circle against Chris Jericho at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

MJF (W/ Wardlow) Vs. Chris Jericho – If MJF wins, he joins the Inner Circle

MJF arrives to AEW Full Gear 2020 with his own light-brite ring robe, a not-so-subtle dig at the ghosts of Jericho past.

In the interest of sportsmanship, MJF offers a handshake. Jericho goes to return it but slaps MJF in the face instead, leading to a slugfest. After a takedown, Jericho goes for the “C’MON BAY-BAY!” pin, but MJF kicks out. MJF comes charging out of the corner with a clothesline to put Jericho down on the mat. The he goes right for a rear chinlock and starts raking at Jericho’s face. MJF sends Jericho over the top and teases a baseball slide. He taunts the fans instead, so Jericho grabs his leg and flings him “into the barricade. yeah, that made MJF look pretty dumb.

Jericho scoop slams MJF onto the floor. Then he grabs a camera and flips MJF off. Le Champion smashes MJF’s head into the apron. He goes for the Judas Effect on the outside, but MJF dodges, and Jericho goes elbow-first into the ring post. MJF takes advantage and launches Jericho shoulder-first into the post. Back inside, MJF tosses Jericho into the corner, shoulder-first into the ring post. Jericho hits a back body drop before clotheslining MJF over the top rope. He goes for the springboard clothesline, but MJF drops to the floor, causing Jericho’s shoulder to collide with the ropes.

MJF goes after Jericho’s bad arm, but Jericho fights back. But MJF lifts Jericho and rushes into the corner, sending him crotch-first into the middle turnbuckle. Friedman chokes Jericho in the corner before laying in the punches, but Jericho fights back with an eye gouge followed by a double ax handle from the top rope. Jericho hits the Lionsault before hitting a Frankensteiner for two.

Both guys are down, but MJF gets to his feet first. He goes to the top turnbuckle, but Jericho crotches him. Chops follow from Le Champion. He goes for a superplex, but MJF pushes him off and tosses him to the mat. MJF hits a double stomp on Jericho’s arm before hitting an armwrench throw for two. Jericho slowly climbs to his feet as MJF taunts him. A slugfest ensues, and Jericho takes MJF down with a clothesline. MJF gets back up, and Jericho makes with the chops before MJF puts on the Fujiwara, but Jericho avoids the full leverage. He escapes and locks in the Walls of Jericho. MJF crawls to the ropes and reaches the bottom rope to break the hold.

Le Champion starts celebrating the tap out win. Aubrey tells him MJF made the ropes. Jericho to Aubrey: “YOU SUCK!” Jericho goes back on the attack, but MJF goes after the bad arm. He sets Jericho up for a heatseaker but changes his mind and hits the Codebreaker. Now it’s time for the heatseeker, but Jericho kicks out at two. MJF goes for a Lionsault. Jericho dodges, and MJF lands on his feet. Le Champion hits the real Codebreaker, but it only gets two. Jericho goes for the Judas Effect, but MJF catches the arm and reverses back into the Fujiwara. He gets to the rope, and MJF breaks the hold.

Wardlow slips MJF the Dynamite diamond ring, but Jericho dodges. Jake Hager tosses Jericho his baseball bat. MJF flips him off and flops backwards. While Jericho and the referee argue over the bat, MJF rolls up Jericho for the pin and the win. That was a clever finish. A little slow, but there was constantly something happening. And it was always important.

After the match, MJF offers a handshake and Jericho returns it. They hug, and Jericho welcomes MJF and Wardlow. This is gonna be fun, however it turns out.

Winner:  MJF

Match Rating:  *** 3/4

AEW Champion Jon Moxley put his title on the line against Eddie Kingston in an "I Quit" Match at 'AEW Full Gear 2020'

“I Quit” Match For The AEW World Championship – Jon Moxley (C) Vs. Eddie Kingston

Here we go. The AEW Championship up for grabs at AEW Full Gear 2020.

Eddie looks like he’s about to join the Spirit Squad. Excalibur explains that it’s an homage to something or other, but I wasn’t listening. Moxley looks like, well, he looks like Jon Moxley, all right. The slug it out hardcore to start. I mean, these are stiff shots. Kingston goes down but comes back with some chops. The challenger hits a belly-to-bellow suplex, and Moxley rolls to the outside. Kingston gives chase and throws Moxley back inside. He reaches under the ring for a chair, but Moxley hits a baseball slide.

Mox chucks the chair at Kingston before throwing the challenger into the barricade. Moxley yanks at Kingston’s fingers, trying to break them. The challenger sneaks in an uppercut, an they trade punches on the outside. Kingston goes for a suplex, but Moxley reverses and suplexes Kingston on the cold hard concrete. Moxley puts on the chokehold on the concrete, but Kingston won’t quit. Kingston comes to, and the fight spills back toward ring side. The challenger starts tossing chairs into the ring. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Moxley grabs a barbed wire baseball bat.

The champ rolls into the ring and swings at Kingston’s chest and back. And of course, now Moxley rakes it across Kingston’s forehead. As one does when one has a barbed wire baseball bat. Kingston is coughing up blood as he stands up. Moxley goes for a home run swing, but Kingston gets a couple of back drop suplexes. The challenger grabs one of his chairs and throws it at Moxley’s face. Both guys are on their knees, throwing punches. Kingston goes for a blatant choke. He sets the barbed wire bat and botches a bulldog onto it. The challenger gets the chair again and throws it at Moxley’s face a couple times.

Now Kingston unspools the barbed wire from the bat and wraps it around his hand, swinging at Moxley with punch after punch. He puts Moxley in a double wrist lock, but Moxley bites him to break the hold. Kingston sets up two chairs to face each other. He goes for a suplex, but Moxley reverses it and suplexes Kingston right onto the chair. Ouch. Kingston recovers and gets a bag-o-thumb-tacks from under the ring (I get some of the stuff that’s down there, but why thumb tacks?). He dumps the tacks on the mat, but Moxley hits a big clothesline to put both guys down.

Mox is the first to his feet. He goes for a Paradigm Shift, but Kingston reverses and hits a Rock Bottom, sending Moxley onto the pile of tacks. Moxley won’t quit, so Kingston goes to get a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Kingston kicks Moxley in the junk a couple of times. Then he dumps the rubbing alcohol onto Moxley’s open wounds. Yeesh.

Now Kingston grabs a handful of tacks and throws them in Moxley’s face. Kingston gets his wrist-wrap of barbed wire, but he puts a bulldog choke on the champion. But Moxley reverses and cinches in a sleeper into a piledriver. Then Moxley goes into the bulldog choke followed by a Paradigm Shift that just dropped Kingston straight onto his head. Moxley picks up Kingston’s strand of barbed wire and straightens it before wrapping it around his own forearm. And Moxley cinches in the bulldog choke with his arm wrapped in barbed wire. That’s sick. Kingston quits, and Moxley retains.

This AEW Full Gear 2020 match needed a legit crowd, not a few people here and there. As it was, there was just a lot of violent spots and nothing really tying together. I can’t argue that it wasn’t entertaining, but it was a little meandering.

Winner (And STILL Champion):  Jon Moxley

Match Rating:  *** 3/4

The Breakdown

There wasn’t a bad match on AEW Full Gear 2020. Well, the Elite Deletion was weird, but it’s really not a match so it doesn’t count.

The action and the storytelling were both at high levels. In other words, a standard AEW PPV.

It was quite a bit better than All Out 2020 but wasn’t quite at the level of Revolution or Double Or Nothing.

Still, a good show is a good show. And AEW Full Gear 2020 is a good show.

All images courtesy of All Elite Wrestling.

AEW Full Gear 2020


In-Ring Action






Entertainment Value



  • Omega vs. Page was a killer opener
  • FTR vs. Young Bucks was almost perfect
  • Not the fastest-paced match in the world, but Jericho vs. MJF was a story beautifully told
  • The women's match was better than expected


  • The Elite Deletion was too long. Like "Gone With The Wind" long.
  • I remember when Orange Cassidy was a star, don't you?