Moxley and Jericho battled for the gold at 'AEW: Revolution'

AEW: Revolution was a culminating event for All Elite Wrestling.

It may not be the company’s first pay-per-view, but it was its biggest. The show was headlined by Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship. A feud that began last may at Double Or Nothing.

Below the main event was the personal contest between MJF and Cody. That feud has been brewing since MJF accompanied Cody to the ring at All Out and Full Gear.

With AEW running the table in the Wednesday Night War, AEW: Revolution saw the company conclude the first chapter in its new book.

The stakes were high for the company and the competitors. Did AEW: Revolution live up to the last three months of hype?

The Dark Order strikes on 'AEW: Dynamite'

Preshow Match – The Dark Order Vs. SCU

Well, if we’re gonna put this on the AEW: Revolution preshow, I’m guessing we won’t get the Exalted One reveal tonight.

Dark Order takes the early advantage, as Grayson beats down Frankie Kazarian. The heels isolate Kazarian early. Frankie mounts a comeback, but Grayson puts him down with a lariat. The Dark Order puts Kazarian back in the corner, and Evil Uno lays in some vicious chops.

Kazarian makes a mad dash for his corner, but the heels won’t have it. He finally rolls to the friendly corner and tags in Scorpio Sky, who cleans house. An atomic drop into a dropkick takes out Grayson, and a sunset flip on Uno gets two for Sky. SCU turns the tables and isolates Grayson, and Kazarian gets two off a leap frog DDT. But Grayson manages to tag in Uno, and they work Sky over with a combination powerbomb for two. The AEW: Revolution crowd ties to get SCU back into it, and Sky responds by escaping the Fatality only to take a Superman punch.

The babyfaces get back into it as Kazarian catapults over Sky. They set up for SCU Later, but Uno drags Kazarian out of the ring. The Spooky Perverts run interference as Sky gets a two-count on Grayson. Somehow or other, Grayson cradles Sky for the pin. That was a little out of nowhere.

Winners – The Dark Order (Pinfall)

Rating – ** 3/4

After the match, the Creepers rush in for the beatdown, but local boy Colt Cabana runs out to make the save. Well, if you can’t get CM Punk, get his buddy? I guess? But the Dark Order is too much, and they dominate SCU and Cabana.

And out comes a guy in a Palpatine hood, teased as the Exalted One. He takes the hood off, and it’s Christopher Daniels. Alas, it’s all a ruse, though, as Daniels makes the save.

Dustin Rhodes faced off with Jake Hager at 'AEW: Revolution'

Jake Hager Vs. Dustin Rhodes

Well, AEW: Revolution isn’t off to the best start, considering JR just referred to Jake Hager as “Swagger.” Sigh.

Dustin switched up the face paint. And Hager gets all PDA with a super makeout with his wife on the way to the ring. I mean, I can’t blame the guy.

They go straight at it, and Dustin works over Hager before getting planted with a backdrop suplex. Hager leans on Dustin’s throat with his knee before laying in the punches. Dustin tries to fight out of the corner, but Hager keeps up the attack only to get thrown over the top rope.

Hager gets thrown over the barricade, and they fight into the crowd briefly before Dustin throws him back toward ringside. Dustin rolls inside the ring to restart the count before shoving Hager face-first and then forearm first into the ring post. The camera keeps cutting back to Hager’s wife. Um. The guys in the truck know Hager’s the heel, right?

Dustin gets Hager back inside just to clothesline him over the top rope and onto the floor. The Natural tries to keep up the attack, but Hager suplexes him onto the ring apron and runs him over with a clothesline. Hager rolls Dustin back inside but only gets a two count before cinching in an armbar. Dustin rights to his feet and gets in a shot to Hager’s kidney, but Hager locks the armbar back in. But Dustin fights back with boots to Hager’s gut only to take a back elbow to the face. Hager goes for another hold, but Dustin fights out only to get put right back down.

Jake Hager’s looking pretty good tonight. But Dustin gets back into it with a clothesline that puts Hager down on the apron. Dustin follows to the outside, but Hager gets the advantage right back and spends too much time talking to his wife. Dustin sneaks up behind him, takes him out, and lays a big kiss on Hager’s old lady.

In the ring, Dustin gets a full head of steam leading to a bulldog. The powerslam gets two, and Dustin keeps up the attack. But Hager drops him throat-first on the top rope and puts Dustin down with a chop block to the knee. He goes for a Vader Bomb, but Dustin gets the knees up for two. A second Vader Bomb connects, but Dustin kicks out again. Hager keeps up the pressure with clothesline after clothesline into a gutwrench powerbomb. It gets a dangerously-close two-count.

Hager goes after Dustin’s knee. He rushes Dustin in the corner, but Dustin lifts him over the top turnbuckle, and he hits FACE-FIRST on the steel steps. OUCH. Back inside, Dustin sets up Hager for Shattered Dreams, but Hager gets loose and walks into a code red for two. Dustin locks Hager in a cross armbreaker, but Hager rolls out and cinches in an ankle lock, but Dustin crawls out. He pushes the referee into the corner by mistake, and Hager takes advantage with a low blow and puts Dustin to sleep with the standing triangle for the win.

That was great. Hager looked like a monster, and Dustin gave him the fight of his life. Great opener for AEW: Revolution.

Winner – Jake Hager (Submission)

Rating: **** 1/4

Darby Allin Vs. Sammy Guevara

Darby gets a superstar pop from the Chicago crowd at AEW: Revolution. This kid is gonna run the company at this rate.

Allin doesn’t wait for the bell, jumping through the ropes at Guevara right off the jump. He dropkicks Guevara into the barricade and throws the Spanish God from pillar to post. But Sammy fights back with a Ryder kick off the apron. P.S., the bell has still not rung.

Darby suplexes Guevara on top of the barricade before running for a tope suicida, botching it and missing HORRIBLY, landing right on his head. Well, there’s one for Botchamania. Somehow he’s still alive long enough for Guevara to throw Darby’s skateboard right in his face. Guevara sets up a table and lays Darby on top of it. He heads up top and nails a 630 Senton, sending himself and Darby crashing through the table! Holy crap! Darby is somehow not dead and finally crawls into the ring, where the referee calls for the opening bell.

Guevara gets a running knee for two. In a callback to the start of the feud, Guevara chokes Darby with the bottom rope and gets another two count. Darby locks in a Fujiwara armbar and wrenches on it like crazy. Guevara makes the ropes to force the break. The Spanish God rolls to the outside for a break, and Darby follows, but Guevara rushes inside to hit a Coup De Grace on Darby on the ring apron. Ouch. It only gets two.

Darby goes up top, but Guevara runs up to meet him. He goes for a super brainbuster, but Darby shoves him off only for Guevara to run back up top and plants Darby with a top rope Spanish fly. This is nuts. It’s a spotfest, but Darby’s selling it like a brawl.

In the corner, Guevara pulls off the top turnbuckle pad, but Darby avoids it and hits Guevara with a flipping stunner followed by the Coffin Drop for the pin. That was awesome. Everybody else on this AEW: Revolution card is going to be hard-pressed to top that match.

Hager rescues Guevara before Darby can crush Sammy’s throat with the skateboard.

Winner – Darby Allin (Pinfall)

Rating: **** 1/2

The Young Bucks took on Page & Omega for tag team gold at 'AEW: Revolution'

AEW Tag Team Championship Match – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page And Kenny Omega (C) Vs. The Young Bucks

Whatever the next big story is in AEW, I feel like it’s going to come out of this AEW: Revolution match.

The Chicago crowd boos the hell out of the Young Bucks. I knew I liked Chi-town.

Hangman tries to trash talk the Bucks off the jump, but Omega calms him down. Omega starts the match, which is less than wise after the grueling Iron Man Match on AEW: DynamiteAfter some nice back-and-forth, Nick and Omega high five out of respect before tagging in their respective partners.

The Hangman doesn’t share that respect after his own tit-for-tat exchange with Matt, spitting in Matt’s face. Nice. Matt takes Hangman down and lays in the punches. Omega comes in to pull him off and gets shoved for his troubles. Nick comes in to break up the brawl.

After that fracas, the Bucks double team Hangman and work in tandem to knock Omega off the apron. Nick hits a jawbreaker on Hangman over the top rope followed by a flying neckbreaker from Matt. Hangman fights back and drives his knee into Matt’s lower back. With Matt on, well, the mat, Hangman forcibly tags Omega in. Omega hits a running backbreaker for two. Hangman tags himself back in and hits a double sledge on Matt before knocking Nick off the apron.

Page throws Matt out of the ring and chucks him into the barricade. He clears the timekeeper area and sets him up for a powerbomb, but Omega breaks it up and saves Matt. These fans are clearly on Hangman’s side of this feud, no matter what AEW wants.

Omega and Page team up to chop the hell out of Matt before Hangman drives his forearm into Matt’s kidney. Matt goes for a Northern Lights on both guys, but his back gives out. He gives it all he’s got and hits Omega and Page with the Northern Lights and tags in Nick.

A pair of kicks to Omega and Page’s heads has the champions reeling, and hits an escalara into a huricanrana on Omega. Page rushes him but eats a facebuster before Nick takes out Omega on the outside. Nick locks Hangman in the Sharpshooter, but Omega makes the save with a crusher. Omega tags in. Matt tries to sneak attack but takes a rana for his troubles. Omega goes for a tope, but the Bucks superkick him on the apron.

In the ring, Nick cinches in a headlock, but Omega fights out. Nick knocks Hangman off the apron and tags in Matt. Omega tosses Nick out of the ring and craws to his corner, but Matt cuts him off. He heads to the champs’ corner and spits at the Hangman. Nick tries to rush Omega, but Kenny ducks it. He gets to his corner, but Page gets pulled off the apron, and Matt his a piledriver for two. Matt locks in a front chancery, but Omega fights out and hits a powerbomb before tagging in Hangman.

The Hangman cleans house and takes Nick off the apron before hitting a deadlift powerslam on Matt. That’s followed by a rana to the outside on Nick and a clothesline over the top for Matt. Chicago loves ‘Hangman’ Page. He signals for the Buckshot, but the Bucks go for the double team only to get dumped to the outside by Page. Hangman goes up top and takes out both Bucks with a moonsault. This is awesome.

Page takes down Nick with a clothesline and throws him into the Bucks’ corner, daring Matt to tag in. Matt obliges, and they slug it out. A big boot from Hangman is followed by Omega tagging himself in. They work Matt over in tandem before Omega hits a gutwrench powerbomb for two. Hangman tags back in, but Matt’s adrenaline takes over long enough for Nick to hit Page with a kick on the outside before tagging in. A superkick to both Page and Omega has the champs reeling. Page throws him over the top, but Nick lands on his feet and fights back with a destroyer for two.

Nick rushes Hangman but eats an elbow. Page climbs up top, but Matt cubs him off and holds him prone while Nick superkicks Hangman in the face. They hit a tandem superplex, but Omega rushes in to make the save. Page takes over and locks in a crossface chicken wing. Matt rolls out and Nick hits a 450, and Matt makes the cover for two. Matt lifts Hangman up, but his back gives out. Omega and Page trade standing moonsaults on Matt before Page hits a super blockbuster fro two. He recovers quickly and hits a powerbomb, and Omega hits the V-Trigger, but Nick makes the save.

This is insane. Omega tags in. He goes for another V-Trigger, but Nick evades. Omega hits the V-Trigger on Nick and another on Matt before taking Nick to Snapdragon City. Tiger Driver 98 only gets two for Omega in the closest near-fall I’ve seen in a long, long time. Omega sets Nick up in the corner and hits another V-Trigger and sets him up for an electric chair drop, but Nick reverses. Matt hits the locomotion Northern Lights on the ramp on the Hangman to take Page out of the equation before Nick enters the fray. And they hit a Meltzer Driver on the entrance ramp to put Hangman down.

On the inside, Omega crawls to his feet just in time to eat a trio of superkicks, and Chicago craps all over the Bucks. A double V-Trigger puts Omega down, but Omega kicks out at one only to eat another V-Trigger for two. Matt goes after Omega’s injured shoulder and rips off the bandages. And now all of a sudden, Nick thinks that’s going too far? They just tried to murder Hangman on the outside, I think that train has sailed. Matt sets Omega up for a piledriver, but Hangman comes out of nowhere and powerbombs Nick through a table on the outside.

Inside, Omega and Page hit the V-Trigger/Buckshot, but Matt kicks out! Yet another V-Trigger on Matt sets up the One-Winged Angel, but the shoulder gives out. Hangman tags in and hits the One-Winged Angel himself, but Nick breaks up the pin. Seriously, this match is insane. Hangman hits the Buckshot on Nick on the outside before hitting another on Matt inside the ring for the pin to retain!

I want to knock off a quarter star for the silly “You’re going too far” moment in the middle, but I can’t. This was beyond amazing.

Winners And Still Champions – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page And Kenny Omega (Pinfall)

Rating: *****

After the match, the Bucks try to make nice. And Omega is game for it, but Hangman remembers, you know, the match where the Bucks tried to murder him and teases hitting a Buckshot on Omega before walking arm-in-arm with his partner to the back. It’s only a matter of time before we get Omega vs. Page.

Nyla Rose put her women's title on the line against Kris Statlander at 'AEW: Revolution'

AEW Women’s Championship Match – Nyla Rose (C) Vs. Kris Statlander

These women are gonna be hard-pressed to keep the AEW: Revolution crowd alive after an early Match of the Year candidate.

They tie up early, and Statlander holds her own with the Native Beast. But Nyla cinches a side headlock. Statlander just clears leap-frogging Rose, who puts the headlock back on before taking a shoulder tackle. It doesn’t take Statlander off her feet. A clothesline does, though, and the challenger is rattled a bit. Statlander goes for an enziguri, and Nyla goes for a stepover toehold. But Statlander escapes. She charges Nyla in the corner, but gets thrown over the top before taking an elbow to the jaw.

Nyla puts the boots to Statlander and throws her into the ring through the ropes. Statlander goes for a spear through the ropes, but Nyla evades and Statlander’s face hits the floor. Ouch. From the outside, Nyla hits a spear through the ropes, but it only gets two. She pulls the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien up only to put her back down with a pair of clotheslines for another two-count. Nyla slams Statlander into the corner and kicks her off the apron onto the floor. The announcers bring up Statlander’s real-life bout with the flu this past week. Cool.

The challenger fights back, and barely hits a superkick on Nyla. Not sure who owns the near-botch on that one. Both women are down. They get up to one knee, and Statlander gives Nyla a ton of forearms and an enziguri. The champion goes down, but she rolls to the outside. Statlander gets up a head of steam and hits Ye Olde Tope Suicida. She heads inside and hits another before dragging Nyla into the ring. Statlander goes up top and hits a missile dropkick but only gets two. They trade lariats, but Nyla takes over with some tree-toppling chops in the corner, followed by a clubbing blow to the back of the head.

Nyla positions Statlander for the legdrop from the top, but Statlander comes back with a DDT for two. Statlander goes for the Big Bang Theory, but Nyla counters into an STF. The challenger scrambles for the ropes, but Nyla drags her back to the center. Nyla lets up and goes for a splash, but Statlander gets the knees up to block. Statlander rushes the champion, who hits a powerbomb for two. With the challenger laying prone in the middle, Nyla goes up top, but Statlander kips up and follows her to the top and almost botches an avalanche brainbuster, but Nyla kicks out. That was scary. I think Nyla owns that one.

A big boot from Nyla, who goes up top again, but Statlander follows her again. The challenger goes for a huricanrana, but Nyla locks her hands and reverses into the Beast Bomb for the pin.

Pretty okay match, but there were a couple of potential disasters that could’ve put AEW: Revolution on the news for all the wrong reasons. Nyla was suitably dominating, and Statlander looked strong in defeat.

Winner (And Still Champion) – Nyla Rose

Rating: ** 1/2

Cody and MJF battled it out at 'AEW: Revolution'

Cody Vs. MJF

Here we go. Probably the most personal match on the AEW: Revolution card. Downstait plays Cody and the Nightmare Family to the ring.

MJF, predictably, is not impressed. Cody comes out on fire off the job, so MJF ducks out of the ring. Cody goes for the cutter, but almost falls off of the second rope. Get it together, guys. MJF jumps the barricade and dares Cody to fight him in the crowd. Cody won’t take the bait, though.

After a few teases, rolling in and out, MJF finally gets in the ring, and they trade slugs before Cody goes to the Rhodes uppercut followed by the Cutter (no slippage this time) for a one-count. MJF rolls outside again and tries to take a breather on the entrance ramp. Cody heads back to the tunnel for a running start and clotheslines MJF back into the ring for two. He keeps up the attack and hits a sunset flip on MJF for two. MJF goes for an enziguri, but Cody catches his foot and flips him over. A thumb to the eye gives MJF an edge before he stomps Cody’s broken toe.

Cody recovers, though, and hits a spinning Alabama slam. He goes for a lateral press and pulls MJF up at one before raining punches down. Wardlow pulls MJF out of the ring for a breather. Brandi throws a beer in Wardlow’s face, and MJF’s bodyguard takes the bait and takes a tope from Cody as a result. Cody throws MJF into the ring, but MJF kips up and hits an armbreaker over the top rope, knocking Cody to the outside. Wardlow takes advantage and throws Cody back inside. MJF throws him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle and continues working the arm into a gutwrench powerbomb for two.

The Salt of the Earth holds Cody down on the mat, stomping on his arm. MJF does a Flair strut and goes for the armbar, and Cody can’t make the ropes. He takes Cody down, holding the wristlock, forcing Cody to fight to keep his shoulders off the mat. Cody gets to his feet and rushes MJF into the corner to break the hold. But MJF recovers and locks in the Salt of the Earth armbar. Cody crawls toward the rope, with both his arms and legs held, and bites the bottom rope to break free.

Okay, we’ve laid the groundwork. It’s time to pick up the pace.

MJF tries pulls off Cody’s boot to expose the broken toe and bites it. Gross. You’ll get Athlete’s Mouth thataway. Also, ouch. MJF props Cody up on the top turnbuckle, but Cody drops under and plants MJF’s face into the turnbuckle. Cody hits a superplex, and MJF sells it like Rock taking the Stunner. The toe slows Cody down, though, and he can’t capitalize. A step-up Disaster Kick sends MJF to the floor, but Wardlow distracts Cody. Arn grabs a chair to keep Wardlow at bay. Cody pulls MJF up, who’s bleeding like mad. MJF gets slammed face-first into the steel steps, and Cody throws him back inside.

Cody hammers at the busted forehead followed by the powerslam for two. An homage to Randy Orton is teased, as Cody sets MJF up for the dangling DDT, but MJF reverses. Wardlow puts MJF’s feet on the ropes for leverage. On the outside, Brandi tries to dive at Wardlow, but he catches her. Cody goes to superkick Wardlow, but he ducks, and Cody takes Arn out instead. This is silly. Way sillier than it needs to be.

Inside, MJF hits a low blow, but Cody kicks out. MJF goes for a suplex, but Cody blocks and tries to suplex MJF onto the outside. But MJF lands on his feet, and the momentum sends Cody into the barricade. Cool spot.

Back inside, both guys trade punches for awhile. Cody channels Dusty and teases the Bionic Elbow, but MJF drops to avoid it. MJF hits the Double Cross for two. Then he gets his hands on Cody’s weight belt, but the referee takes it away. Cody hits a low blow of his own and plants MJF with a destroyer, but it only gets two. Now Cody gets his belt back and whips MJF with it. O, cruel irony! MJF crawls at Cody’s feet and begs for mercy. He goes in for a hug and spits in Cody’s face. Cody hits back-to-back Crossroads and teases a third, but MJF gets a knee to Cody’s face.

MJF hits Cody in the face with the Dynamite Diamond ring and gets the pin.

The right result, but it was way overbooked, way too silly, and way too slow. Okay for what it was, but this was an overblown TV match. For a feud that hyped, that big, you’ve gotta come with it.

Winner – MJF (Pinfall)

Rating: **

Pac and Orange Cassidy, face-to-face

Orange Cassidy Vs. Pac

And now the important question at AEW: Revolution: WILL ORANGE CASSIDY TRY?

Justin Roberts introduces him as from “Wherever” and weighing “Whatever.” Heh. And JR takes time to verbally berate fans who run him down for getting names wrong. That hurts, Jim.

Cassidy puts Pac on the mat early and puts the hands in the pockets before hitting the “shin kicks.” Pac returns a lethargic kick of his own, and we get a weak kick-off. This is funny and all, but I actually was glad to see Pac shove Cassidy to the ground. Cassidy climbs up with his hands in his pockets, coming off the ropes with a dropkick that puts the Bastard down. The King of Sloth Style actually reverses a slam mid-air, with his hands in his pockets. Pac retaliates with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before throwing Cassidy to the outside.

The Bastard throws Cassidy into the barricade and then throws him face-first into the ring post. Pac throws Cassidy back into the ring and lays in the stomps. He puts Cassidy down with a scoop slam and heads up top to hit the shotgun dropkick. Pac takes his time, though, and doesn’t go for the pin. He picks Cassidy up and nails a pair of superkicks before hitting a sit-out Liger Bomb, and Cassidy kicks out. Pac takes Cassidy up top and hits an avalanche brainbuster, and he pulls Cassidy up at two.

Few guys in wrestling play “evil” as well as Pac. With Cassidy practically dead in the ring, Pac drags him to the center and sets up for the Black Arrow, but Cassidy rolls out of the ring to save himself. The Bastard drags him back in and sets up for the arrow once more, but Cassidy rolls out again. Pac rolls him out once more, and Cassidy hits a tope suicida while Pac taunts him. Cassidy takes over and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT, but Pac kicks out at two. The Freshly-Squeezed One is still hurting, and Pac sends him to the mat with a vicious lariat.

But Cassidy won’t stay down. He defiantly puts his hands in his pockets, barely standing upright. Cassidy hits a Superman punch and hits the Stundog Millionaire before heading up top. But Pac crotches him on the turnbuckle, but reverses midair into a DDT before hitting another diving DDT, but this time Pac rolls out of the ring to escape the pin.

Best Friends throw Pac back inside, and Cassidy hits a destroyer for two. The Lucha Bros run out to take out the Best Friends, and both teams fight on the outside. With Cassidy watching his buddies, Pac takes Cassidy down and locks in the Brutalizer, and Cassidy immediately submits.

That AEW: Revolution match was better than it should’ve been. Just silly enough to be fun, but it was technically sound and exciting enough to be legit. Now, can we get serious with Pac? Please?

Winner – Pac (Submission)

Rating:   *** 1/4

Moxley claimed the title at 'AEW: Revolution'

AEW World Championship Match – Chris Jericho (C) Vs. Jon Moxley

And we close AEW: Revolution with a match for all the marbles. I truly don’t know who’s coming out of this as AEW Champion. Either result makes sense, and either result is good for business. No feud in wrestling has had better build-up. Hopefully these guys don’t follow MJF and Cody’s example.

They slug it out to start, and Moxley takes charge with chops before clotheslining Jericho over the top rope. He immediately throws Le Champion over the barricade, and they fight into the crowd. Jericho gets the upper hand in the crowd, beating Moxley senseless. The challenger recovers, though and they climb into the stands where they keep brawling. Jericho picks up a camera and flips Moxley off before picking up the barricade and throwing it at Moxley. Jeez.

Moxley hits a running double sledge on Jericho. The fight continues at ringside, as Moxley hits another leaping double sledge.

The challenger lays in the chops on the outside before biting at Jericho’s stitches from this past week’s AEW: Dynamite. Moxley goes to throw Jericho into the ringpost, but Jericho reverses, and Mox goes face-first into the post. Moxley gets busted open. Jericho goes after the gash. This is good psychology – Moxley risks getting blood in his good eye. The champion powerbombs Moxley onto the timekeeper’s table. Jericho climbs back inside, leaving Moxley laying and bleeding on the outside.

Moxley finally gets back inside, so Jericho goes outside and rings the bell to declare himself the winner. Back inside, Jericho keeps up the attack. With Moxley under the bottom rope, Jericho catapults his throat into the rope before slapping the challenger in the back of the head. Le Champion stays in control, but Moxley shoves Jericho into the corner and lays in the chops. He whips the champ, but Jericho reverses and sends Moxley sternum-first into the turnbuckle. Jericho rakes his boot across Moxley’s bad eye before throwing him out of the ring, where Santana and Ortiz put the boots to the challenger.

Jericho heads outside, but Moxley fights back with punches only to get whipped into the steel steps. Back inside, Jericho sets Moxley up for a superplex, but he throws the champion off and hits a diving lariat. Mox is a bloody mess, and it looks pretty awesome.

Moxley takes advantage of a stunned Jericho and slugs it out with Le Champion before hitting a trio of clotheslines in the corner before making with the Stone Cold stomps. The challenger goes for a shotgun dropkick, but Jericho goes for the Liontamer only for Mox to reverse into a heel hook. Jericho makes the ropes and crawls out of the ring, but Moxley hits a suicide dive. Both guys are down on the outside, but Moxley recovers and throws Jericho back inside. Moxley tries to follow, and Jericho goes for a diving club, but Moxley counters and gets a two count on the champion.

The challenger sets up for the Paradigm Shift, but Santana and Ortiz hit him with the sock full of quarters, allowing Jericho to hit the Lionsault. Moxley kicks out at two. Jericho pounds at the bloody bad eye, and the champ is covered in Moxley’s blood. He whips Moxley into the corner. Moxley tries to charge out, but the champ takes him down with a clothesline. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker, and Moxley reverses into the Paradigm Shift, but Jericho reverses that into the Liontamer, but Moxley reverses that into a Liontamer of his own.

Mox doesn’t have Jericho flat, though, and the champ heads for the ropes. Moxley pulls him back to the center, but Hager runs out, forcing Moxley to break the hold. Jericho hits the Codebreaker and goes for the cover, but it only gets two. The champion hooks the Liontamer in the center, but Moxley powers toward the ropes to break. Jericho shoves ref Aubrey, but Moxley sneaks behind with a backdrop suplex followed by a clothesline, but Hager puts Moxley down. The referee ejects the Inner Circle from ringside.

With the ref distracted, Guevara runs in and hits Moxley in the face with the title belt. Both guys are down, and Jericho goes for the cover, and Moxley kicks out. Jericho keeps punching at the eye, but Moxley won’t stay down. The challenger gets to his feet and slaps Le Champion in the face, and they slug it out again, but Jericho gouges Moxley’s good eye and kicks him in the face. Moxley swings blindly at Jericho and falls to the mat, and the champion drives the knee into the challenger’s face.

Jericho goes to the second rope and drops another knee on the face. The champ sets up for the Judas Effect, and Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift. Moxley pulls off the eye patch to reveal the bad eye was heeled all along. Another Paradigm Shift, and Moxley claims the AEW Championship at AEW: Revolution!

The AEW: Revolution crowd goes bananas. That match was fantastic. There were some slow, WWE-ish brawling spots, but the psychology was there, and the story was told beautifully.

Winner (And NEW Champion) – Jon Moxley (Pinfall)

Rating:  ****

AEW - All Elite Wrestling

The Breakdown

The main event at AEW: Revolution delivered, for the most part. But the real highlights were those first three matches, led by a Match of the Year candidate in the form of the tag title match. ‘Hangman’ Adam Page is set up to be a major star coming out of this show.

AEW: Revolution staggered in the middle portion, with Cody vs. MJF being a particularly heartbreaking disappointment. But it wasn’t enough to drag the show down.

Three great matches to start the show, and a pair of really good ones to close it makes for a show that easily gets a high recommendation.

All images courtesy of All Elite Wrestling.

AEW: Revolution


In-Ring Action






Entertainment Value



  • Omega, Hangman, and the Bucks put on the Match of the Year
  • That Hangman tease was great
  • Dustin vs. Hager was better than it had any right to be


  • Cody vs. MJF was profoundly disappointing
  • Some dangerous botches in the women's match
  • Please go away, Jim Ross