Orange Cassidy leads the crop of future AEW main eventers

All Elite Wrestling has a solid crop of future AEW main eventers.

A valid criticism of AEW has been that their main events are comprised of ex-WWE guys. It’s not 100% valid. But it’s an understandable perception.

Every AEW PPV main event has featured at least one former WWE talent.

Chris Jericho featured prominently in the company’s first four PPV main events. Revolution, with Jericho vs. Jon Moxley, featured two ex-WWE stars.

But as AEW continues to grow its talent, future AEW main eventers are coming to fruition.

Here’s a handful of AEW stars poised to top the card of All Elite Wrestling for years to come.

Sammy Guevara - despite recent issues - still has potential among future AEW main eventers
Image provided by AEW

Sammy Guevara

Okay. Let’s get this one out of the way now. Sammy Guevara is one of the future AEW main eventers.

Right or wrong, for good or for ill, the furor Guevara’s contemptible 2016 comments about Sasha Banks will subside.

The fact is, Sammy Guevara has all the tools to be in the main event for AEW.

He has the ring skills, the interview skills, and the sheer, obnoxious presence to be a top guy. A lot of comparisons to the late Eddie Guererro were floating around before Guevara’s comments resurfaced. But that isn’t limited to his skills in the ring.

Guevara has the charisma to work either heel or babyface with the same character. And those are just a few factors that place Sammy Guevara as one of the future AEW main eventers.

Scorpio Sky owns a pinfall victory over Chris Jericho, putting among future AEW main eventers
Image courtesy of AEW

Scorpio Sky

This guy needs a singles push.

Over the course of three weeks of AEW: Dynamite last fall, Scorpio Sky showed he’s got all the goods he needs to be one of the future AEW main eventers.

He picked up a pinfall win over  then-AEW Champion Chris Jericho. A week later, he was able to answer Jericho barb-for-barb in a promo. And the week after that, he more than held his own in a singles match with Le Champion for the gold. In those three episodes, Scorpio Sky made it obvious he should be a singles star.

Scorpio Sky has been lighting it up on AEW Dark lately, having declared that he wants to try his hand at singles competition.

The guy can talk, he can wrestle, and he can fly. Essentially, he’s got all the tools WWE’s Ricochet has.

Here’s hoping AEW recognizes what they have in Scorpio Sky. Because they stand to make a lot of money by placing him among future AEW main eventers.

Wardlow's strength, agility, and presence put him among future AEW main eventers
Image provided by AEW


Picture Ryback. Then imagine Ryback can work. Okay, scratch that, don’t picture Ryback.

Just imagine a big, imposing guy with real, dominating presence, who can work and sell. And there you have Wardlow.

When he debuted as MJF’s muscle, no one was quite sure what to make of Wardlow. He was a big, muscular guy in a suit. Big deal.

It didn’t help that, at the time, AEW was overflowing with giant bodyguards. Jake Hager was watching Jericho’s back, and Brandi Rhodes enlisted Awesome Kong as her muscle. Wardlow stood a real danger of falling through the cracks.

Even in his cage match with Cody, no one paid Wardlow much thought. The point of the match was that Cody had to get past him. In recent weeks, though, Wardlow has opened a lot of eyes. His tag match with MJF against Jurassic Express at Fyter Fest: Night One was a star-making performance.

And if the company sticks with him, he’ll be one of the future AEW main eventers.

Rey Fenix has already shown why he's one of the future AEW main eventers
Image provided by AEW

Rey Fenix

Okay, I know I basically proposed breaking up SCU a few entries back. And here I am threatening to break up the Lucha Bros. A team so good that we declared them the 2019 Tag Team Of The Year.

But Rey Fenix is basically Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio combined into a hybrid crazy man. He has the lucha-centric skills of a Rey Mysterio and then some. And he has the daredevil, deathwish quality of Hardy. Put those together and you have one of the future AEW main eveners.

Fenix is a guy who can work with anybody. His agility and high-flying talents make him believable against bigger guys, so he could easily have a legitimate world title run somewhere down the line. And unlike some of the Luchas’ high-flying tag team rivals (Hey, Bucks, what’s up?), Fenix seems to understand the importance of ring psychology.

Rey Fenix has all the tools to be a top guy. Provided he can avoid crippling himself long enough.

Any conversation about future AEW main eventers has to include Orange Cassidy
Image provided by AEW

Orange Cassidy

If there’s ever been a maxim that a comedy wrestler can’t be a top guy, Orange Cassidy has thrown that out the window.

At first glance, it’s understandable why people would overlook Cassidy as having potential as one of the future AEW main eventers. And at the same time, the guy is an AEW main eventer now.

He stood toe-to-toe with Chris Jericho in the main event at Fyter Fest: Night Two in a losing effort. And his breakout match against PAC at Revolution made it obvious that he can go when the bell rings.

Also, not for nothing, Cassidy has charisma. Even though his character is built around not talking much, Cassidy proves that you can exude charisma without uttering a word. The real key to being a top guy is connecting with the fans.

And few AEW stars connect with the audience more than Orange Cassidy.

The Breakdown

AEW is stacked with talent. The focus right now is on AEW’s current crop of main eventers. Cody and the Elite, Chris Jericho, Moxley, etc. It goes without saying MJF already ranks in that class right now.

Future AEW main eventers are on TV every week on AEW: Dynamite right now, though.

While WWE seems hellbent on staying alive by bringing back stars from the past, the stars of AEW feel like top guys already.

AEW is building new stars with every show. Before long, the future AEW main eventers will be running roughshod on the company.

And because AEW already treats them like stars, the audience won’t bat an eye when they’re at the top of every PPV card.

Feature image provided by AEW.