Orange Cassidy had to fight off Jericho AND the Inner Circle at 'Fyter Fest: Night Two'

Fyter Fest: Night Two concluded AEW’s big two-week AEW: Dynamite event.

The show, taped last week, didn’t have quite the luster as the card from week one. Only one title was on the line. AEW Champion Jon Moxley’s defense against Brian Cage was pushed back to July 15’s Fight For The Fallen edition of Dynamite.

That left only the AEW Tag Team Championship up for grabs. But despite a lack of gold at stake, AEW put on another good show.

Headlined by the long-anticipated blowoff match between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy, Fyter Fest: Night Two delivered.

'Fyter Fest: Night Two' opened with a battle for the AEW Tag Team Championship
Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

AEW Tag Team Championship Match – ‘Hangman’ Adam Page & Kenny Omega (C) Vs. Private Party (W/ Matt Hardy)

Okay, I did not expect this to be the Fyter Fest: Night Two opener.

Hangman is out first and instantly gets in Private Party’s face. Omega politely waits for the recap of last week’s title match to finish before making his way out.

Meanwhile, Dr. Britt Baker is still handing Tony notes. Apparently Omega’s pyro has given her third-degree burns. Never change, Dr. Baker.

Marq Quen and Omega start off. They lock up and grade waist and arm locks. Collar-and-elbow tie-up, and Omega walks into a drop toe-hold. Quen goes for a standing moonsault, but Omega gets the legs up. Omega puts the boots to Quen before throwing him into Hangman’s boot.

Page tags in, and the champs immediately dump Kassidy off the apron. In the ring, the champs continue to work over Quen. The Hangman deadlifts Quen and hits a fallaway slam for two. He drags Quen back to the corner and tags Omega back in. The champions keep Quen holed up on their side of the ring. They whip Quen into the ropes. Omega goes for the Crusher, but Quen dodges and hits dropkicks on both champions. Now Quen’s in control, and he tags in Kassidy. They double-team Omega, but Omega dumps Quen over the top before tossing Kassidy. But Kassidy hangs on and hits Silly String.

On the outside, Page powerbombs Quen into the audience. Because he’s an idiot, Kassidy leaves a prone Omega in the ring to launch a cannonball at Page on the floor. Kassidy heads back to the top and goes for a senton, but Omega gets the knees up again. He hits a snap dragon on Kassidy and goes for one on Quen, but Quen fights out of it only to eat a boot from Page. With Private Party stacked in the corner, the champions trade clotheslines on the challengers. Page hits a German suplex on Quen, and Private Party hits a double Spanish fly on Omega. It only gets two for Kassidy.

Omega and Kassidy slug it out for a few. Kassidy gets the better of it and charges at Omega only to take a knife-edge chop. Kenny runs at Kassidy but gets dropped by On The Rocks for two. Kassidy rolls to his corner and tags in Quen, who immediately rushes to knock Page off the apron. Omega holds his own against the double team for a few, but Kassidy levels Omega with an enziguri. Hangman runs in and powerbombs Quen on top of Kassidy. He goes for the cover on Quen but only gets a two-count.

Page tosses Kassidy and nails some chops on Quen. He goes for another fallaway, but Quen pushes him into a waiting Kassidy who kicks the Hangman in the face. Kassidy fights off an attacking Omega and hits him with a moonsault on the outside. Quen goes up top and goes for a 450. Page evades and goes for the Buckshot Lariat, but Kassidy runs in to block and hits a rolling DDT onto the stage. Quen goes back up top again, and this time he hits the Shooting Star, but Omega barely breaks up the pinfall. I thought that was three.

Omega gets dumped again, and Private Party tries to double-team the Hangman.  They prop Page in the corner and go for Gin & Juice, but Omega runs in and hits Kassidy with the V-Trigger, setting up Last Call, and that gets the pin for Omega and Page to retain.

A little all over the place, but a fun match. Neither team really gave each other any time for the match to cohere into anything but a spotfest, but it was awesome for what it was. Solid opener for Fyter Fest: Night Two.

Winners (And STILL Champions): ‘Hangman’ Adam Page & Kenny Omega

Match Rating: *** 1/2

Lance Archer destroys Joey Janela at 'Fyter Fest: Night Two'
Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

Lance Archer (W/ Jake Roberts) Vs. Joey Janela

Well, this should be fun. I didn’t really figure I’d see a murder at Fyter Fest: Night Two.

Janela comes out alone. Archer comes out with Jake Roberts and Sonny Kiss’s corpse over his shoulders. The Murderhawk Monster chucks Janela out of the ring just ahead of the bell and proceeds to demolish the Bad Boy on the outside.

Archer chucks Janela back inside, but Janela hits a forearm followed by a running baseball slide. Janela heads up top and takes Archer down with a diving crossbody on the floor. The Bad Boy grabs a table and drapes Archer over it before grabbing a chair. Janela goes up top, but the referee takes the chair away, allowing Archer to rush back inside and put Janela down with a shoulder tackle. He pulls Janela up and hits a running club across Janela’s back.

Janela tries to get back into it with a handful of chops, so Archer puts him down with a single slap. Archer continues the assault. Back from commercial, Janela seems like there’s still fight in him, but Archer suplexes it right out of him.

Sonny jumps on the apron to distract Archer, allowing Janela to score with a couple strikes followed by a spinning elbow. Janela hits a succession of running blows to the chest, but Archer won’t fall. Archer sets him up for the Blackout, but Janela escapes and hits a DDT for two. The Bad Boy puts Archer on his knees, and a running knee puts Archer on his back. Janela hits a diving elbow, and Sonny hits a shooting star while Jake has the referee distracted. But it only gets two. The Bad Boy heads up top again, but Archer crotches him.

And Archer hits the Blackout on Janela from the apron through the table. Joey Janela is a crazy person. Archer rolls Janela back inside for the academic pin.

I dug the twist of the heel manager’s interference almost screwing the heel over. Lance Archer is a huge deal.

Winner: Lance Archer

Match Rating: *** 1/4

Brian Cage hoists the FTW Championship at 'Fyter Fest: Night Two'
Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

Brian Cage & Taz Interview

Before the promo, Darby Allin cuts a pretape where he continues to lament not being cleared to wrestle. So he coffin drops into a bunch of styrofoam.


Tony Schiavone interviews Taz and Brian Cage in the ring. Of course, Cage was supposed to challenge Moxley for the world title at Fyter Fest: Night Two.

Taz promises that Cage will defeat Moxley at Fight For The Fallen and become the new AEW Champion. But in the meantime, Taz gifts Cage with the classic FTW World Championship from Taz’s ECW days.

I get what we’re going for here. Taz is propping Cage up as the real deal. But he’s given Cage his catchphrase and now he’s given him his personalized title. At what point do we talk about how Cage doesn’t wrestle, talk, or act like Taz?

Still. Another awesome promo from Taz. If we can’t have Moxley vs. Cage at Fyter Fest: Night Two, we can at least build up in advance of when the match does happen.

It was chaos as FTR and the Young Bucks took on Lucha Bros and Butcher & Blade at 'Fyter Fest: Night Two'
Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

Butcher & Blade And Lucha Bros. Vs. FTR And Young Bucks

Fyter Fest: Night Two rolls on with what’s assured to be sheer chaos.

Butcher, Blade, and the Luchas ride to the ring in FTR’s truck. Eight men are about to do things that would carry jail time in the real world over a truck. Sounds weird when you say it out loud.

Jim Ross makes a solid point – four immensely talented tag teams, and none of them are tag champs.

Pentagon and Nick start, and Pentagon stalls, taunting FTR. Matt tags in Harwood, and they slug it out. Harwood drops a quick leg drop before tagging in Wheeler who immediately tags Harwood back in. Pentagon beats Harwood down before tagging in Fenix. The Luchas do some insane tandem offense, capped by a double stomp from Pentagon followed by a springboard kick to the head. It only gets one. Fenix goes for a suplex, but Harwood tries to counter with a suplex. Rey Fenix escapes only to get taken down by Harwood.

Wheeler tags back in, and gets a quick near fall on Fenix. Matt makes a blind tag, and Wheeler is less than pleased. They trade flippy madness, and Fenix tags in the Blade followed by a tag-in from Nick. A flipping backbreaker from Matt takes Blade down. Butcher runs in but eats a pair of dropkicks from the Bucks. Nick goes for a splash in the corner, but Blade evades. Butcher and Blade toss him around, and Blade hits a powerbomb for two.

Pentagon is back in now and hits a springboard dive into a dual flapjack. There’s some miscommunication among the heels (for real, I think), and Nick gets a two count. Fenix is back in, and he goes for a reverse Russian legsweep, but they bound off of each other onto the top, and Nick hits a wicked huricanrana for two. Wheeler tags himself in and sets Fenix up for an electric chair, but Fenix escapes only to walk into a dragon suplex. Pentagon breaks up the pinfall attempt, and we get a PIER SIX, BAH GAWD.

Chaos reigns on the inside and out, and when we come back from break, and Blade has Wheeler in a rear chinlock. Wheeler fights out of it but walks into a knee to his gut. Blade knocks the Bucks off the apron just for fun, and Wheeler gets a backdrop. He crawls for the corner and tags in Matt who hits a double flying clothesline on the Luchas in the ring before taking Butcher and Blade out on the outside. Matt goes up top and dives off at Butcher and Blade instead of a prone Fenix. Because he’s an idiot.

Fenix is still down, and Matt his a Macho Man elbow for two. Matt throws Fenix between the ropes, but Fenix hangs on and takes out Matt. Fenix tags in the Blade, and Matt tags in Harwood. They hit a double superkick on Butcher only to eat a missile dropkick from Fenix.

Wheeler and Nick hit a midnight express drop on Fenix, and Harwood and Nick hit Not-The-Shatter-Machine, but Pentagon pulls Harwood out on the cover. On the outside, Harwood throws Pentagon face first into the post. Back inside, Harwood drapes Blade on the top rope and tags in Matt, who tags in Wheeler, who tags in Nick to take advantage of the 10 second rule, and they hit a double superplex followed by stereo stentons. Matt goes for the cover, but Fenix is late breaking up the count, so the referee has his arm up for about half an hour on the two count.

I don’t know how to feel about this Fyter Fest: Night Two match. There was a lot going on, but the communication breakdown at the end kind of came out of nowhere. The tension was there between FTR and the Bucks, but it never felt like the story.  TLDR, it was good but not quite as good as it should’ve been.

The Bucks and FTR are good sports and reluctantly shake hands afterward, indicating that we’ve got a while to go before this rivalry blows up.

Winners: Butcher & Blade And Lucha Bros.

Match Rating: *** 3/4

Nyla Rose dominates at 'Fyter Fest: Night Two'
Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

Handicap Match – Nyla Rose Vs. Kenzie Paige & Kilynn King

Outside the building, Alex Marvez informs Big Swole that she’s been suspended. I mean, she has been stalking Dr. Baker. She’s not happy about having made the three-and-a-half hour drive.

In the ring, things don’t look good for Paige and King at Fyter Fest: Night Two. King immediately tags Paige in after the bell. And Rose immediately runs over Paige like a steamroller. Rose slams Paige and follows with a leg drop before throwing her into the turnbuckle. Death-by-shoulder-tackle in the corner follows. Paige gets thrown back to her corner and desperately tags King in. King climbs on Rose’s back and tries to lock in a sleeper. So Rose crushes her in the corner. Paige runs in to double team, but gets tossed aside.

Rose spears King before picking Paige up and throwing her at King. She powerbombs Paige onto King and pins them both with ease.

And we’re finally starting to get Nyla Rose’s booking right. Here’s hoping Fyter Fest: Night Two starts making her feel like the star she should probably be by now.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Match Rating: **

After the match, Rose takes the mic. She’s noticed an abundance of managers and decided to get one for herself. Rose won’t say who it is, but she promises her manager will ensure she becomes AEW Women’s Champion.

LET THE SPECULATION BEGIN! I hope it’s Harvey Wippleman, myself.

Colt Cabana inched closer to the Dark (Order) side at 'Fyter Fest: Night Two'
Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

SCU Vs. Dark Order & Colt Cabana

Earlier today, AEW medical clears Colt Cabana to wrestle despite severe bruising on his side. So Brodie Lee promises that if Cabana stays by his side, accidents like that won’t happen anymore. Is it a riff on Vince talking guys into working hurt? Or is it just playing into the cult mentality of the Dark Order? It works either way you want to look at it. Which is why it’s working.

Cabana tries to make small talk with SCU, but Brodie drags him back to the Dark Order’s corner. Grayson and Daniels start, and they lock up to start. A shoulder tackle puts Daniels down, but Daniels reverses into a series of armdrag takeovers. Grayson gets back to his feet and hits a running forearm to put Daniels down. Both guys run the ropes, and Grayson hits a standing dropkick for one. Daniels gets back into it with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and Kazarian tags in. They double team Grayson, and Kazarian hits a double stomp.

Grayson gets back to his feet and runs at Kazarian only to fall to a drop toehold for a pinfall attempt, but he only gets one. Scorpio Sky tags in for SCU, and they hit a double clothesline on Grayson. Scorpio tries to wear Grayson down with a quick pinfall for one. He goes for a lariat, but Grayson evades and hits an enziguri. Colt Cabana tags in for the Dark Order, and they have a nice exchange before Scorpio goes after the bruised torso. Cabana tries to tag Brodie in, but Brodie convinces him to fight it out. Scorpio scores with a stiff knee, but Cabana whips him right into Grayson.

Brodie and Grayson rush the ring, and the Dark Order runs interference on the outside. Grayson and Brodie take Scorpio out, and Cabana goes for the cover but only gets two. During the break, Brodie tags in and throats Scorpio on the ropes before tagging Cabana back in.

Cabana gets vicious, stomping Scorpio while he’s down. A quick tag to Grayson follows, and they double-team Scorpio. Sky tries to fight back, but Grayson won’t let him up. He lays Scorpio on the apron and hits a somersault dive on him before dragging Scorpio back in for a two-count. Brodie tags in and continues the punishment. With Scorpio appropriately softened up, Cabana tags back in. Brodie holds him up, and Cabana lays in the punches. He tags Brodie back in. Cabana hits a splash in the corner before Brodie hits a slam followed by a tope from Grayson. Grayson makes the cover for some reason. Despite not tagging in.

Grayson tags in Cabana. They got for a double team, but Scorpio backdrops Grayson over the top and hits a kick on the bruised ribs. A neckbreaker from Scorpio on Cabana gives the babyfaces an opening. Cabana tags in Brodie, and Scorpio tags in Kazarian. Kazarian goes Superman babyface and hits a DDT off the ropes for one. But Brodie gets a mule kick to Kazarian’s gut. He sets Kazarian up for a fallaway slam, but Daniels hits a missile dropkick before tagging in. SCU goes for a double clothesline, but Brodie takes them both down before tagging in Grayson.

Scorpio comes back inside, but Grayson flattens him with a slam. Kazarian hits a cutter, but Brodie hits a sidewalk slam. Daniels dumps him and hits a tope suicida. He plants him with a Rock Bottom and goes up top. Daniels hits a moonsault, but Cabana breaks up the pinfall. Daniels punches him out of the ring, and Brodie hits the discus lariat. Brodie orders Grayson to tag in Cabana, who makes the pin for the Dark Order.

Solid match. And unlike the previous match, I could follow what was happening without having a seizure. Plus, it developed a really good story to boot.

Winners: Dark Order & Colt Cabana

Match Rating: *** 1/2

Big Swole/Britt Baker Segment

The Lord said, let there be another Swole/Baker segment at Fyter Fest: Night Two. And it was good.

Swole sneaks back inside in disguise and chucks a glass at Baker’s face, breaking her nose.

Tony: She needs a doctor!

JR: She is a doctor!

Tony: Yeah, but she’s a dentist.

Baker screams like she’s been shot, and continues to be the most obnoxiously great heel in all of pro wrestling.

Orange Cassidy and Le Champion slug it out at 'Fyter Fest: Night Two.'
Lee South/All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho (W/ Santana & Ortiz) Vs. Orange Cassidy

Finally. This is a feud that shouldn’t work. Chris Jericho, the best talker in wrestling, against a guy who never says a word. If you put Fyter Fest: Night Two together with night one to make one big PPV? This would still be the main event.

Orange gets his own theme music this week. Nice. He comes out still wearing his bloody shirt from two weeks ago. Gross. Cassidy sends Best Friends to the back and opts to go it alone. Jericho comes out with Santana, Ortiz, and a baseball bat. All of the above remain.

Staredown to start, as Cassidy puts the hands in the pockets. Cassidy headbutts Le Champion and follows with a dropkick, sending Jericho out of the ring. A tope suicida follows, and Cassidy stalks Jericho around ringside. He whips Le Champion into the barricade a couple times, and Orange Cassidy is seething. Back in the ring, Cassidy goes up top with a flying crossbody. Jericho reverses a swinging DDT and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Cassidy makes the ropes, and Ortiz swats at Cassidy with the mad ball.

Jericho goes for the pin but only gets one. A sidewalk slam follows. Le Champion wastes time mocking Cassidy. Cassidy tries to fight back up, but Jericho kicks him while he’s down. He picks Cassidy up and hits a backbreaker. Jericho chops the hell out of Cassidy in one corner before whipping him into the other. Cassidy’s back collides with the turnbuckle. Jericho whips him into the other corner, same result. One more whip, but Cassidy dodges and rolls Jericho up for two. Inside cradle gets another two-count for Cassidy.

A rolling schoolboy gets yet another near fall. Jericho goes back to the whip and tries to follow with a Stinger Splash, but Cassidy ducks. Cassidy goes for the Superman punch, but Jericho evades. Orange goes flying out of the ring, and Jericho puts him down with a baseball slide.

Jericho tosses Cassidy around outside for a few minutes during the break. He steals a book from the Librarians and brains Cassidy with it. In the ring, Jericho drinks it in (baby) while Santana and Ortiz taunt Cassidy on the outside. Cassidy tries to climb back inside. Jericho helps him by suplexing him from the apron into the ring. It only gets two. A rear chinlock from Jericho follows, but Cassidy gets a foot on the ropes. Cassidy fights his way back up, but Jericho puts him back down with a lariat for two. Another sidewalk slam, and Jericho trash talks the Lazy One. He pulls Cassidy up and hits a backbreaker.

Orange Cassidy is taking a hell of a beating.

Cassidy fights up again and rushes Jericho, but Jericho catches him in a stepover abdominal stretch. Jericho holds onto the rope for leverage, but the referee catches him and kicks the hand off. Cassidy fights up again, and he and Jericho slug it out. Jericho dodges a charging Cassidy before dumping him over the top in front of Santana and Ortiz again. Back inside, Jericho goes for the “COME ON BAY-BAY” cover, but Cassidy kicks out. Jericho goes after Cassidy’s stitched ear. He slaps Cassidy, and that wakes up a giant in Cassidy who winds up and clubs Jericho in the head a couple times.

A headscissors from Cassidy puts Jericho on the mat, and he lays in – THE SHIN KICKS OF DOOM. He teases the third shin kick but hits a superkick out of nowhere for two. That was cool.

Cassidy goes to the top rope, but Jericho intercepts him on the way up. Jericho goes for a superplex, but Cassidy pushes him off and hits a diving crossbody for two. Le Champion gets to his feet first. Cassidy charges, but Jericho dumps him over the top and goes for a springboard splash, but Cassidy dodges, sending Jericho to the floor. Orange hits a springboard moonsault, taking out the whole Inner Circle. Cassidy tosses Jericho back inside and heads to the top. He hits the diving DDT, but it only gets a near fall. Both guys are down now.

Orange is first, and he ditches the elbow pad. He goes for the Superman punch, but Jericho dodges and puts the Walls of Jericho on again. He reaches for the ropes, but Jericho drags him back to the center. Cassidy rolls through for an inside cradle for two before elbowing Jericho in the face. Both guys are down again. Cassidy drags himself up, but Ortiz tosses a jug of orange juice in Cassidy’s eyes. Best Friends run out to beat down Santana and Ortiz. The teams brawl on the outside, and Jericho hits Cassidy in the face with the bat while the referee’s back is turned. Jericho hits the Codebreaker, but Cassidy kicks out again.

Cassidy gears up for a comeback, but Jericho hits a back elbow and goes for the Lionsault. Orange dodges and hits the Michinoku Driver for two. Both guys are slugging it out on their knees. Cassidy gets to his feet first and stays on the attack and scores with a running lariat. He goes for another, but Jericho catches him with a knee to the gut. Jericho lifts him for a suplex, but Cassidy hits a stunner on the way down. He follows with a swinging DDT for two. This is absolutely stealing Fyter Fest: Night Two.

Orange goes for the Superman punch, but Jericho dodges and hits the Judas Effect for the pin.

Let it be known. Orange Cassidy is a superstar now. It wasn’t as non-stop as the opener or the 8-man tag. But it told a self-contained story. This match was classic pro wrestling.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Match Rating:  **** 1/4

The Breakdown

So Fyter Fest: Night Two is in the books. And I would have to say it’s the better of the two shows.

Week One was good, but it was wrought with inconsistency. For Week Two, there wasn’t a single bad match on the card. Even the Nyla Rose squash match was entertaining. And every match told a story that’s sure to last past this one show.

AEW continues to be the best storytellers in North American wrestling.

And Fyter Fest: Night Two is a testament to that ability.

AEW: Dynamite airs Wednesday nights on TNT at 8 PM/ET. The July 15 edition will be another PPV-level event, Fight For The Fallen.

All images courtesy of Lee South and All Elite Wrestling.

'Fyter Fest: Night Two'


In-Ring Action




Promos/Video Packages


Entertainment Value



  • Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho was a killer main event
  • More Britt Baker overacting, please.
  • Not a single disappointing match or segment.
  • Nyla Rose being booked right.


  • Some sloppiness in the 8-man tag.
  • And some sloppiness in the tag title opener. "Elite?"