Marvel Comics has rebounded after a March that saw DC Comics take the top spots for comic book sales. The April sales numbers from Diamond Comics Distributors show that Marvel’s 2019 event book, War of the Realms #1, was the top selling comic for the month. The epic story brings to a head Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman’s sprawling tale of Malekith, the dark elf, as he brings the war of the nine realms to Earth for the final battle.

The War of The Realms conflict has been featured in Thor comics for over two years, across two different Thor comics, and this summer will see a resolution as the war comes to Midgard (Earth) and Marvel’s heroes must band together to fight. War of the Realms #1 was firmly in the top spot, with Marvel also claiming the second spot with Symbiote Spider-Man #1.

DC Comics makes the April list with the third best-selling comic, Batman Who Laughs #4, by Scott Snyder and Jock, which features a Bruce Wayne/Batman from Earth-22, who’s been infected by the Joker’s deadly toxin and has become a villain. The Batman Who Laughs comes to Prime Earth and wreaks his brand of havoc in the good Batman’s Gotham City.

Batman who laughs tortures Batman

This is not the only Batman book in the top 10 for April, as Batman #69 and #68, in that order, make up the fifth and sixth spots on the list. DC has one more book in the top 10 with Heroes in Crisis #8 taking the No. 8 spot.

The top 10 list for total units sold, according to Diamond Comics Distributors, is as follows.

  1. War of the Realms #1
  2. Symbiote Spider-Man #1
  3. Batman Who Laughs #4
  4. Immortal Hulk #16
  5. Batman #69
  6. Batman #68
  7. Thanos #1
  8. Heroes in Crisis #8
  9. Web of Venom Cult of Carnage #1
  10. Amazing Spider-Man #20

It’s interesting to see that Marvel leads April sales on the strength of four No. 1s. Marvel Comics has angered some long-time fans with their constant rebooting and renumbering of books, and just this week announced that they would be canceling the entire line of X-Men books and restarting them all back to No. 1 with a new line spearheaded by Jonathan Hickman and his two new Mutant books, Powers of X #1 and House of X #1, which will serve as the launching point.

The X-Men line-wide reboot will kickoff in July, pretty much dictating that Marvel Comics will once again lead all comic sales that month with all the No. 1 books that are expected. Come back next month as we reveal the top selling books of May of 2019, and the War of the Realms continues.

Images courtesy of Marvel Comics and DC Comics.