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Unicron Announced: HasLab Reveals Biggest Transformers Toy Ever


For Transformers fans, one name brings chills up and down our spines: Unicron. The Chaos Bringer and villain of the 1986 animated Transformers: The Movie is the next crowd-sourced project for Hasbro’s HasLab, and this behemoth of a toy was announced today by the famed toy maker.

Unicron will stand a whopping 27-inches tall, which makes him the biggest Transformers toy ever — by far. The next closest Transformer toy is the 24-inch Titans Return Fortress Maximus. While three or four inches may not seem like much, Unicron’s width and very presence engulfs the previous Autobot Titan, which is causing massive waves of excitement to wash over long-time Transformer fans and collectors.

In addition to the massive height, Unicron also weighs 19 pounds, making him also the heaviest Transformer. Make no mistake: this toy is ridiculous.

Unicron close up

Unicron is being crowd-sourced, much like Jabba’s Sail Barge two years ago. Hasbro needs 8,000 people to commit the Unicron-sized price of $579.99 by August 31, 2019, to move this monstrosity of a toy into production. If the goal is reached, the Planet Eater will ship to backers in early 2021.

Here are some of the specs from Unicron, directly from Hasbro’s Pulse website.

Robot Mode

  • Cower in fear as you come face to face with the mighty Unicron in his intimidating robot mode, standing at over 27” tall.
  • The legendary fiend moves methodically with more than 50 points of articulation.
  • He sets his intimidating glare on his enemies with movable eyes.
  • With his articulated fingers, he clutches the air menacingly and makes fists full of his infinite fury.
  • He insults pitiful lesser beings through his articulated mouth and grins malevolently with his movable teeth.

Planet Mode

  • Convert and bring forth the terrifying planet mode of Unicron, a stunning 30” in diameter.
  • His iconic planet-eating jaws are geared to open so the vicious Planet Eater can devour unassuming worlds.
  • The Chaos Bringer’s imposing presence is amplified by his massive posable planetary rings.
  • To support the substantial weight of the approximate 19-pound villainous planet, Unicron requires a custom stand.
  • Do not be fooled. The premium detail and deco are, indeed, inspired by classic 1986 movie, but it is not, in fact, The Lord of Chaos himself.

The biggest Transformer ever

Other key details of this new Unicron is that the planet mode is completely round, and it comes with a base designed to display in both robot and planet modes. The sheer amount of detail on this fully transforming toy is staggering, with engineers working to make this figure as close to the 1986 animated film villain as possible.

This is the Transformers toy that fans have been waiting for for over 23 years, and while the price is steep, the end product looks to be very much worth it. The HasLab crowd-sourced Unicron will be available for backing until 11:59 p.m. ET on August 31, 2019. Current backers need 8,000 fans to commit to make this toy a reality.

We will continue to cover this offer for the next 47 days — until the end, so stick with us as we wait for Unicron to finally be realized — hopefully.

All images courtesy of Hasbro.