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Forget about BYOB, let’s talk about YOYB as in: Year of the Young Bucks.

Matt and Nick Jackson are poised to dominate the tag team division in Ring of Honor in 2018. The high-flying, death-defying, super kick-partying style has placed them as one of the most entertaining tag teams since The Rockers of WWF. The comparisons should come as no surprise as Marty Jannetty, formerly of the Rockers, once worked with Young Bucks early in their career.

Make no mistake however, this championship tag team is much more than a reboot of The Rockers. They have carved out their own place in tag team history as one of the most dynamic and highly relevant entities in professional wrestling today. They’ll be performing with Ring of Honor when live events return January 20, 2018. Manhattan Mayhem then comes March 3rd. Now is the time for the Young Bucks to re-establish control of the tag team division.

The Year Of The Young Bucks

Young Bucks
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After their win at Wrestle Kingdom 12, they have already started off hot as they won their 7th IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship. This is a new record for tag teams in New Japan as well. Their time in ROH may be what makes them popular in the United States, but their time in New Japan makes them a bigger team around the world. They are richly needed this year as well.

The void left by Matt and Jeff Hardy taking their talents to the WWE has left the door wide open for anyone possessing the skills, ring presence, and desire necessary to carry the tag team division this year and beyond.  Ring of Honor’s Tag Team Titles were held by The Young Bucks twice during 2017, most recently from April to September.

In an age where talent often jumps at the first opportunity to chase the money offered by WWE, Matt and Nick Jackson have remained loyal to their indie fans while expanding through less traditional avenues. They are part of Bullet Club which alternates through ROH as well as New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and wherever they happen to go next.

This has allowed them to expand their following as well as strengthen the Ring of Honor brand worldwide. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega formed “The Elite“, a sub-group within Bullet Club which has only served to strengthen their brand throughout the industry. This group has already been successful as IWGP 6-Man Tag Team Champions in the past. Meaning we could only see the Young Bucks remain a major force when teamed with Omega.

The Intangibles: Traits We All Love But Can’t Define

Bucks superkick
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One could argue that finding the right traits for a wrestler or tag team is an inexact science at best.  Many technically skilled wrestlers have found themselves without a home.  It takes more than technical skill and microphone skills to capture the imagination of fans.  This can be summed up as the “it” factor.  We talk about it in many sports but it is difficult to define.  We all know it when we see it even though the term evades a strict definition.

It is clear that the Young Bucks posses and flaunt the “it” factor both in and out of the ring.

If you haven’t watched the Young Bucks wrestle, do yourself a favor and give them a look. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Their brand of athleticism, swagger, and grit has made them a fan favorite within the tag team division. When Matt and Nick administer their patented ” Super Kick Party” it’s lights out the party’s over for the unlucky victim of the party invitation. The Young Bucks are the first of my “must-see” professional wrestling acts for 2018!

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