'WWE Survivor Series 2020' featured the Final Farewell of the Undertaker

WWE Survivor Series 2020. It marks the end of WWE’s storytelling year.

More often than not, Survivor Series is the WWE reset button. Where all storytelling stops for one month so we can have Raw vs. SmackDown matches with no build, no stakes, for no reason.

And strangely, it’s also where some of the best matches of the year happen. Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar from 2018 comes to mind. This year, world champions Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre collide. And Asuka and Sasha represent the top of their respective brands. Plus the traditional 5-on-5 elimination tag matches.

How would WWE Survivor Series 2020 fare? Let’s find out.

Team Raw and Team SmackDown did battle in a 5-on-5 men's elimination match at 'WWE Survivor Series 2020'

Men’s 5-on-5 Survivor Series Match – Team Raw (AJ Styles, Riddle, Braun Strowman, Sheamus, Keith Lee) Vs. Team SmackDown (King Corbin, Otis, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Jey Uso)

Oh hey, I remember Keith Lee. Sort of. Big guy, used to be NXT Champion, right? Dropped the title, moved to Raw, did nothing? That’s Keith Lee, right? Just checking.

Okay, so WWE Survivor Series kicks off with whatever this is. A bunch of random guys from both shows fighting for no reason. And fighting amongst themselves over who gets to be captain. Riveting. It’s almost as though I’ve seen this before. About 15 or so times.

Styles and Uso start out, and they lock up. Uso cinches in a side headlock, but Styles escaped and misses a standing dropkick. God bless Uso for selling it anyway. Uso comes back with a right hand and dodges a Pele kick. Styles hits a rana from the ground only to walk into a Samoan Drop. Corbin tags in and takes Styles down with a clothesline. He lays in some punches, because he doesn’t really know how to do anything else. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Phorearm and walks into a punch, prompting Corbin to tag in Otis.

Riddle comes in and goes straight for a headlock, but Otis shrugs him off and hits a shoulder tackle. Otis lifts Riddle up into a bearhug, but Riddle counters with a sleeper. The big man shrugs off Riddle again and takes a few kicks, but he hits a running headbutt for two. Kevin Owens tags in for SmackDown. See, why can’t we have Owens vs. Riddle as, like, an actual match? KO goes after Riddle’s foolishly-exposed foot. Okay, Kevin Owens committing to a headbutt to Riddle’s foot tells you all you need to know about what a team player he is.

Sheamus comes in for Raw and Rollins tags in for SmackDown. But Rollins, really committing to the Messiah thing, says “for the greater good” to his teammates and offers himself to Sheamus. Sheamus obliges with a Brogue Kick to eliminate Rollins.

First Elimination – Seth Rollins, Team SmackDown

Team SmackDown goes in for a strategy session at WWE Survivor Series 2020. Meanwhile, Braun Strowman tags himself in and takes out all of Team SmackDown. Riddle comes back in, and he and Corbin go at it. Corbin bashes Riddle’s head in, and he immediately tags in Keith Lee. In turn, Corbin tags in Otis. HOSS FIGHT, BAH GAWD! They lock up into a stalemate. Otis finally breaks free only to take a trio of shoulder tackles from Lee. But they don’t put him down. Now it’s a test of strength, which Otis wins with a kick to the gut. They lock up again and trade elbows.

Lee lifts Otis, but Otis lands on his feet. Otis lifts Lee, but Lee blocks a suplex attempt. Strowman comes back in for Raw, and they double-team Otis briefly. He pushes Otis back into Raw’s corner before clubbing Otis to the mat. Strowman hits a dropkick, and Styles tags back in. Otis tags in KO. See, why can’t we just have Styles vs. Owens? KO puts Styles down with a standing lariat before hitting a big back body drop. Owens nearly botches a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and gets a two-count. He goes for the pop-up powerbomb, but Styles evades only to get knocked off the apron.

Keith Lee comes in to run interference but eats a Stunner. Same for Sheamus and Riddle, but Styles connects with the Phenomenal Phorearm to eliminate Owens.

Second Elimination – Kevin Owens, Team SmackDown

Corbin immediately goes for End of Days on Styles, but Team Raw makes the save. He goes for it again, but Styles escapes and hits the Pele kick. Riddle tags in and hits a moonsault to eliminate Corbin. And SmackDown is down 5 men to 2 at WWE Survivor Series 2020

Third Elimination – King Corbin, Team SmackDown

Now it’s Jey Uso for SmackDown and Sheamus for Raw. Sheamus does the stupid 10 beats to the chest that he’s been doing since the late 70s. Uso hits an enziguri before tagging in Otis. Otis-Mania runs wild, as Otis just annihilates everybody. Now it’s just Otis and Strowman and it’s ANOTHER HOSS FIGHT, BAH GAWD!

Otis hits the Caterpillar into the elbow. He heads to the second rope, but Riddle runs interference, allowing Strowman to hit the running powerslam to eliminate Otis. So unless Jey Uso is, like, God, things are looking bad for Team SmackDown at WWE Survivor Series 2020.

Fourth Elimination – Otis, Team SmackDown

Jey Uso cleans house, taking out all of Team Raw with superkicks on the outside. Uso runs at Strowman and almost gets positioned for the running powerslam. He evades, and Strowman tags in Styles. Uso manages  to stay alive, but Olmos drags Styles out of the way to save him from a diving Uso.

Keith Lee makes a blind tag. While Uso dives at Styles, Lee catches him with a spirit bomb to eliminate Jey Uso. And Team Raw gets a clean sweep of SmackDown. Gee, I wonder which show is more important to Vince McMahon?

Fifth Elimination – Jey Uso, Team SmackDown

This match, like most 5-on-5 elimination matches these days, was pretty pointless. It doesn’t lead to anything, and WWE Survivor Series 2020 is no exception. Still, the match itself was fine aside from a couple of minor botches, even if nothing is gonna come of it.

Winners:  Team Raw

Match Rating:  ***

Raw tag champs New Day took on SmackDown tag champs Street Profits at 'WWE Survivor Series 2020'

Raw Tag Team Champions New Day Vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions Street Profits

We get a commercial for Gears Of War 6, with New Day out in their get-up from the game. Well, Vince never met a dollar he didn’t like. Especially if he could make it by exploiting his wrestlers.

Here comes our first champion-vs-champion match at WWE Survivor Series 2020. Backstage, the Street Profits hype the Undertaker. Because the Undertaker needs a couple undercard guys to remind us that he’s important.

Woods and Dawkins lock up to start, and oh my God, have Street Profits always done this much obnoxious shouting? I guess Woods is annoyed, too, because he tags in Kofi. Hey, I remember Kofi Kingston. Kofi pushes Dawkins back to his corner, and Montez Ford tags in. Now Kofi and Ford lock up, but Ford fights out and cinches in a side headlock. Kofi breaks free, but Ford hits a shoulder tackle. Kingston goes for a back elbow, but Ford evades. We do leapfrog spots for about 10 years, but Kofi rushes right into a kick to the face.

Dawkins tags in, and they double-team Kofi. The legal Dawkins hits a splash for two. Now Dawkins cinches in an armbar. Ford comes back in, and Dawkins tries to slam his partner on top of Kofi. But Kofi counters and sends both Profits out of the ring. Kofi dives over the top rope and takes out Ford while Woods sneaks up behind Dawkins with an elbow to the head. Woods comes in for a couple of gut punches, and Kofi immediately tags back in. He shoulder-tackles Ford in the corner.

Ford continues to get absolutely decimated by New Day. Kofi keeps Ford way far away from his corner. But Ford hits a DDT to escape, but he can’t capitalize at WWE Survivor Series 2020. Ford finally make the tag to Dawkins. Kofi tags in Woods, and Dawkins cleans house. Dawkins hits a spinning modified neckbreaker for two. Ford tags back in. Woods mounts a comeback only to walk into a double-team drop from the Profits. Dawkins is the legal man again, and he hits a running sliced bread on Woods for two.

Now Ford tags in again, and Woods pushes Ford into his partner. He tags in Kofi, and they hit the Midnight Hour for two. Kofi hits a trio of boom drops, but Dawkins slows the momentum, grabbing onto Kofi’s foot on the outside. Then Kofi walks into a dropkick, Ford hits a frog giant splash for two at the expense of his injured ribs. Kofi hits the SOS out of nowhere, but Dawkins breaks up the pin. Woods takes out Dawkins with a missile dropkick, leaving Ford and Kofi in the ring. Kofi tags in Woods and goes for Trouble In Paradise. Ford dodges, but Woods hits a gutbuster. It gets two.

Montez Ford crawls to his corner, but there’s nobody there. Woods props Ford on the top turnbuckle, but Ford blocks. Dawkins makes a blind tag and sneaks up behind Woods, and they hit the blockbuster for the pin.

This was a really good WWE Survivor Series 2020 match. The right team won, as there was nothing for New Day to lose. Solid action, good booking. From WWE? What an age of wonders we live in.

Winners:  Street Profits

Match Rating:  ****

IC champ Sami Zayn took on US champ Bobby Lashley at 'WWE Survivor Series 2020'

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn Vs. United States Champion Bobby Lashley (W/ The Hurt Business)

WWE Survivor Series 2020 rolls on with the battle of the midcard champions!

Sami ducks under the ropes to evade Lashley. Seriously, Sami Zayn is such a good heel. Sometimes I miss plucky underdog NXT Sami, but then I see him work heel. And all is forgiven. Sami goes outside and jaws with Shelton Benjamin, so Lashley comes outside to drag him back in. As Lashley slides in, though, Sami lays the boots tot he US Champion. Sami whips Lashley into the ropes, but Lashley steamrolls through a clothesline attempt and puts Sami on the mat. The IC champion gets back into things by methods that are entirely above board.

Zayn lays the punches in on Lashley. He comes off the second turnbuckle, but Lashley catches him an throws him across the ring. Sami goes for a suplex, and that works out as well as you’d think. Lashley reverses into a vertical suplex. So Sami claims he’s having a vertigo episode, allowing him to roll up Lashley for two. Lashley slams Sami, so Sami tries to roll to safety and gets into a shoving match with the Hurt Business at ringside. Bobby Lashley gets tired of waiting, so he follows to the outside. He slams Sami into the barricade before throwing him back into the ring.

The fight spills to the outside again, and Sami drives Lashley into the ring post. Lashley beats the referee’s count at eight and rolls back in, but Sami throws him back out again. Sami rushes in for the Helluva Kick, but Lashley drops him with a chokeslam. Zayn runs outside for safety, but while he’s complaining about MVP tripping him, Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock for the submission.

Okay, there was some goofiness in this, but it was a fun WWE Survivor Series 2020. Sami Zayn is a great whiney heel, and Lashley should be doing material much better than this stuff.

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

Match Rating:  *** 1/4

Raw Women's Champion Asuka battled SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks at 'WWE Survivor Series 2020'

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka Vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks

Lock-up to start at WWE Survivor Series 2020. Asuka goes for a headscissors, but Sasha reverses into a side headlock. The Raw Women’s Champion breaks free, and we get a shove-off. Sasha transitions an armdrag into a kneeling side headlock, but Asuka escapes only for Sasha to go for an armbar. Banks uses her leg for leverage, but they reverse each other into pinning predicaments before Sasha goes for the Bank Statement. But Asuka blocks it. Sasha backslides Asuka into a pinning attempt, but Asuka kicks out.

Asuka reverses into an Asuka Lock attempt, but Sasha gets ahold of her arm and hyperextends it. Sasha goes for the Backstabber, but she can’t reverse into the Bank Statement, and Asuka kicks out. Asuka ducks to the outside for a breather. She comes back in, and Sasha drags her to the center of the ring. But Asuka gets the hip attack, sending Sasha to the outside. Asuka manages an ankle lock, and she lifts it into a kick to Sasha’s ribs. The Raw Women’s Champion hits a running kick for two. Now Asuka attacks Sasha’s shoulder blades. Sasha fights back to her feet but eats a knee to the face for two.

This is decidedly not the way, Sasha.

Sasha manages to get an abdominal stretch on Asuka, but Asuka shrugs her off. But Sasha uses her momentum to cinch it in again. Asuka pushes Sasha back to the ropes to break the hold, but Sasha kicks her in the face. Sasha hits a huricanrana to send Asuka to the apron. The SmackDown champion rushes her, but Asuka catches. Asuka gets the ankle lock on the apron, but Sasha blocks only to get kicked in the face. Now Asuka hits the hip attack, sending Sasha to the floor. Asuka goes to throw Sasha back inside, but Sasha spins and kicks her in the face. Sasha hits a baseball slide under the ropes and goes for a suplex on the floor. But Asuka reverses and perches Sasha on the barricade. Sasha goes for a meteora, but Asuka reverses into a Codebreaker!

Both women are down on the outside. They beat the referee’s count. Then they trade pinfall attempts, but neither women can keep the other down. With Sasha on the apron, Asuka goes for another hip attack, but Sasha evades. Sasha hits the Backstabber, but Asuka barely kicks out.  Now Sasha hits a running knee on Asuka in the corner. She hits the meteora in the corner and hops up to the second rope and goes for a frog splash. Asuka starts to get the knees up, but Sasha notices before she gets airborn. She lands on her feet and cinches in the Bank Statement.

But Asuka escapes and reverses into a partial Asuka lock. Sasha evades only to take double knees to the face for two. This WWE Survivor Series 2020 match is awesome.

Asuka goes for another ankle lock. Sasha goes to escape, but Asuka puts her shoulders down for two. Asuka gets reversed, and Sasha gets a two-count. They trade a couple more pinfall attempts before Sasha catches another hip attack attempt and reverses into a cradle for the pin.

Seriously, the action in this one just didn’t stop. I dug the hell out of this.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Match Rating:  **** 1/4

Raw and SmackDown battled in women's 5-on-5 action at 'WWE Survivor Series 2020'

Women’s 5-on-5 Elimination Match: Team Raw (Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce, Lana) Vs. Team SmackDown (Bayley, Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Natalya)

Okay, by my count there are nine careers Nia Jax could potentially end and/or jeopardize at WWE Survivor Series 2020. Who wants odds?

Bayley and Evans start the match. Evans stomps Bayley down in the corner, but Bayley fights out and pushes her back to the SmackDown corner. She tags in Natalya, but Evans quickly takes her down only for Natalya to kip up. They slug it out and Natalya hits a double atomic drop into a standing dropkick for two. Peyton Royce tags in, and Natalya gets a quick-two count. Now Bianca Belair tags in for SmackDown and they hit a double-team vertical suplex. Belair hits a standing moonsault for two. Liv Morgan is in for SD now and immediately dodges a high kick, cradling Royce for two.

Both women take each other down with a missed sling blade. Ruby Riott tags in for SmackDown, and Baszler comes in for Raw. Baszler hits a wicked knee to the spine before laying in some vicious kicks. But Riott rolls her up for two. Baszler catches Riott coming off the ropes, and they slug it out. Nia Jax tags in, an so does Bayley before Jax destroys Team Blue with one swoop. Morgan tags in and goes for a sleeper, but Jax shrugs her off. Lana tags herself in and goes for a jackknife, but Morgan fights her way up to tag in Natalya.

They lock up, and Lana goes for an armdrag but Natalya kicks out. Both women trade pinning combinations before Lana gets a vicious knee to Natalya’s back followed by a botched baseball slide. Natalya kicks out. She drags Natalya to the Raw corner, and Nia Jax tags herself in. The whole team bullies Lana to get out of the ring and stand on the steps. Jax tags Royce back in, and she and Bayley lock up. Bayley takes her down and slugs away before slamming her face-first into the turnbuckle. Bayley hits a snap suplex, but Royce kicks out.

Royce cinches in an octopus using the ropes as leverage, but Bayley forces her back to the SmackDown corner and tags in Belair. Belair immediately lifts Royce over her head and drops her face-first on the turnbuckle before tagging Bayley back in. Bayley hits the Macho Man elbow, but Evans breaks up the pin. It degenerates into Ye Olde Pier Six. Nia Jax murders everybody until Bayley hits a chop block from behind. Bayley goes up top to attack Jax, but Royce intercepts and superplexes Bayley onto all the women on the floor.

Meanwhile, Lana stands idly on the stairs, terrified to do anything at WWE Survivor Series 2020. This is stupid.

Bayley and Royce beat the ten-count, and Royce hits Deja Vu to eliminate Bayley.

First Elimination – Bayley, Team SmackDown

Now it’s Royce and Natalya. Royce goes for a cradle, but Natalya kicks out. Peyton Royce hits a couple of stiff kicks, but Natalya won’t stay down. Natalya hits another atomic drop and rushes Royce. But Royce catches her with a half crab.

Natayla crawls for the ropes, but Bianca Belair breaks up the hold. Now Natalya drags Royce to the center and botches a Mexican Surfboard. Ugh. That was ugly. She goes back to the well and cinches in the Sharpshooter for an immediate submission.

Second Elimination – Peyton Royce, Team Raw

Now it’s Evans and Natalya. Lacey Evans puts Natalya down on the mat and heads up top. She goes for the moonsault, but Natalya dodges, and Evans eats mat. Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter on an interfering Shayna Baszler, but she walks into a Women’s Right from Evans and gets eliminated.

Third Elimination – Natalya, Team SmackDown

Belair takes the fight to Evans and plants her face-first onto the mat.

Now Belair heads to the top rope, but Baszler distracts her, enabling Evans to crotch her and slam her face into the ringpost. Evans rushes up to meet Belair and hits Spanish Fly off the top!

Evans goes into a cover, but the Riott Squad breaks up the pin. Now Evans tags in Jax, and Riott tags in. Liv Morgan tags in, and throws her back into Riott. Riott rushes Jax, but Jax just throws her out of the air. Now Morgan is in again, and she tags in Riott. They double-team Jax and double-team her in their corner.

More frequent tags from the Riott Squad, and they keep the upper hand on Jax. Morgan hits double-knees to Jax’s face, and Baszler tags in. Baszler tackles Riott into the corner before hitting a shining wizard for two. Morgan distracts Baszler to enable a roll-up for Riott, but Baszler kicks out. Riott heads up top, but Baszler catches her with the clutch. She reaches for Morgan, but Jax pulls her off the apron. Meanwhile, Riott gets a pinfall attempt with the referee’s back turned. By the time the ref turns around, Riott is passed out from the clutch.

Fourth Elimination – Ruby Riott, Team SmackDown

Morgan and Evans go at it, with Morgan taking an early advantage. Liv Morgan hits a second-rope dropkick before hitting a crucifix bomb to eliminate Evans.

Fifth Elimination – Lacy Evans, Team Raw

Now it’s Morgan and Jax. Morgan knocks Baszler off the apron before hitting a DDT on Jax followed by an enziguri. Jax is still standing. Morgan goes for a Codebreaker, but Jax catches her with a Samoan drop for the elimination.

Sixth Elimination – Liv Morgan, Team SmackDown

And now it’s Bianca Belair alone against Jax, Baszler, and (technically) Lana. She starts swinging wildly and holds her own well enough for a few minutes. Belair flips and flops all over and around Jax, and Jax can’t keep up with the onslaught. Bianca goes for the standing splash, but Jax gets her knees up.

Jax hits a body slam followed by a running legdrop for two. She drags Belair closer to the Raw corner and heads to the middle rope, but Belair kicks her off just after Baszler tags herself in. Baszler goes for the clutch, but Belair counters with a sidewalk slam. Belair goes for a back elbow, but Baszler snatches her out of the air with the clutch. Baszler has it locked in the center of the ring, but Belair powers to her feet and drags Baszler on her back to get to the ropes. Belair is knocked out, but Baszler doesn’t break the hold, and she gets disqualified.

Seventh Elimination – Shayna Baszler, Team Raw

Nia Jax gets pretty mad and goes after Belair. But Belair throws her into the ring steps only for Jax to throw her into the barricade. They brawl a few seconds later, and Belair tosses Jax over the barricade. She rushes to get back in, but she can’t beat the count. Both she and Jax get counted out, leaving Lana as the sole survivor.

That was both creative and stupid.

Eighth, Ninth Eliminations – Bianca Belair, Team SmackDown; Nia Jax, Team Raw

This WWE Survivor Series 2020 match was incredibly messy. But I can’t necessariy say it was bad. They set up a silly premise with Lana getting excluded, and they paid it off. That doesn’t make it any less stupid, but they went for something different. The action never stopped, but it also didn’t make the most sense in the world.

Winners: Team Raw (Lana, Sole Survivor)

Match Rating:  ** 1/4

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took on Universal Champion Roman Reigns at 'WWE Survivor Series 2020'

Universal Champion Roman Reigns (W/ Paul Heyman) Vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

There’s no goofy “Tribal Chief” nonsense at WWE Survivor Series 2020. So Roman can’t get away with walking around and yelling for three quarters of the match this time. Also, why has it taken this long for McIntyre to carry a sword and wear a kilt? Wait, did he do it at WrestleMania, too? Ah, who cares?

Michael Cole reminds us that the Miz is lurking with the Money In The Bank briefcase. Oh, please, let’s do pretty much anything that isn’t that.

They lock up, but neither man can get an advantage. Now they trade waistlocks, but Roman gets to the ropes to break the hold. They lock up again, and Roman cinches in a side headlock. It results in a takedown, but McIntyre fights back to his feet. Now McIntyre has a side headlock, taking down Roman. THE EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

Roman gets to his feet and throws McIntyre into the ropes. McIntyre comes back with a shoulder tackle. Now McIntyre charges at Roman only to eat a shot to the jaw, but McIntyre comes back with another shoulder tackle. Roman heads to the outside for a breather, where Heyman serves no purpose. Seriously, why is Heyman Reigns’s cornerman? He doesn’t really speak for Roman, he doesn’t get involved in the matches. Why is he even there?

After about nine hours, Roman comes back into the ring. The Universal Champion lays in a couple of punches before introducing McIntyre’s head to the turnbuckle. He stomps Ye Olde Mudhole on the WWE Champion, but McIntyre kicks and punches his way out of the corner. Now Roman goes headfirst into the turnbuckle before McIntyre lays in the stomps. I’d like to see the booking sheet on this one. “Roman does a thing. Then Drew does that same thing. Drew does a thing. Then Roman does that thing.” I TELL YOU, THE EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

McIntyre lays in some wicked right hands and rushes Roman, but Roman dodges and hits a couple uppercuts before driving McIntyre into the ring post and sending him to the floor. Roman follows. He drives McIntyre’s head off the apron before driving him into the steel steps. Roman throws McIntyre back into the ring and goes for the cover, but McIntyre kicks out at two. Another chinlock from Roman. Roman hits some short elbow attacks to McIntyre’s head, but it only gets another two-count. Back to the headlock, which makes some sense, I guess, since Roman just went after McIntyre’s bad jaw.

The WWE Champion gets back to his feet, so Roman slings him back to the mat. McIntyre fights his way back up, but Reigns hits a diving clothesline for two. Back to the chinlock we go. I’ll be right back, I gotta get my car washed.

You guys can’t tell, but that took me about 45 minutes, and McIntyre is still in the chinlock. The WWE Champion fights to his feet (again), and they slug it out. Roman throws McIntyre into the corner, but McIntyre charges back out with a couple clotheslines followed by a throw and a neckbreaker. Both guys are down, but McIntyre kips up. McIntyre calls for the Future Shock, but Roman counters. Roman hits a Samoan Drop for two. Both guys are down again. Roman gets to his feet first, and McIntyre can barely stay on his feet. The Universal Champion goes for the Superman punch, but McIntyre hits a spinebuster for two.

The fight spills to the outside again, and McIntyre drives Roman into the barricade and then the ringpost. McIntyre tosses Roman into the ring steps before throwing him back into the ring. Roman hits a kick as McIntyre climbs back inside. McIntyre hits the Glasgow Kiss, and they trade boots to the face. Roman goes for the Superman punch again, but McIntyre hits the Future Shock DDT for two. That was a pretty good sequence. I think they used to call it a pro wrestling match.

Now McIntyre calls for the Claymore. He rushes in for it, but Roman counters with the Superman punch. Roman tries to lock in the guillotine, but McIntyre escapes. He goes for the Claymore again, but Roman gets a big boot up before throwing McIntyre shoulder-first into the ring post. Roman goes for the spear, but McIntyre turns it around into a Kimura. The Universal Champion gets to the rope to force the break. Roman slinks to the outside for a breather, but McIntyre gives chase only to get backdropped onto the announce table. Roman hits a Samoan Drop and puts McIntyre through the table.

McIntyre gets to his feet, so Roman spears him through the barricade. He throws McIntyre back into the ring and makes the cover, but McIntyre kicks out. This last five minutes or so is completely saving this WWE Survivor Series 2020 main event. Roman goes for a spear, but McIntyre gets a foot up. McIntyre comes off the ropes, and Roman hits the spear only for McIntyre to kick out at two! Roman’s had enough, and he calls for the Superman punch, but McIntyre hits the Claymore kick. But Roman knocks the referee out of the ring. Oh, c’mon, that’s cheap and lazy even for WWE.

Jey Uso runs out to run interference, but McIntyre swats him off like a fly. McIntyre lifts Roman, but Roman hits a low blow while Jey sneaks in a superkick. Roman hits a Superman punch and cinches in the guillotine. Another referee runs in. McIntyre gets to his feet for half a second, but he falls back down and passes out. Roman wins by submission. And this match wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

But it was bad for a lot of it. The back-and-forth sequences in the last five minutes or so totally redeemed it. And then the lazy overbooking with the ref bump and the Jey Uso interference brought it back down. Still, I wasn’t miserable during the match. And that’s sadly the bar for most WWE main events.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Match Rating:  ** 1/2

“Final Farewell” To The Undertaker

The ring is overflowing with senior citizens, including Flair, Foley, Kevin Nash, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. And Mayor Kane. What are you doing at WWE Survivor Series 2020? Don’t you have a city to run?!

They run the seventy billionth Undertaker retrospective video package in history, and when they come back, Vince McMahon’s gravely-voiced skeleton is standing in the ring. Vince talks up the Undertaker’s legacy, and actually chokes up a little. It’s nice to see even the devil himself has a feeling. He introduces Taker and, as you’d expect, it takes the Undertaker until next Tuesday to get to the ring. You didn’t miss anything, nobody had Thanksgiving this year.

And after all the speculation of whether the final farewell would lead to (another) final match for the Deadman? Nothing but a brief, heartfelt goodbye to the fans, and an acknowledgement that it’s time “to let the Undertaker rest in peace.” The Deadman gets emotional, probably wishing he could do this in front of a real crowd. But it is what it is.

What it is is a nice gesture. And a heartfelt one. But if we’d waited for a real crowd, Undertaker may well have talked himself back into the ring. It was a bumpy 30-year ride. And one that’s ending about 10 years too late. Although goodbyes in pro wrestling are almost never permanent, this was a good one.

Godspeed, Taker.

The Breakdown

It’s a rare thing. But let WWE Survivor Series 2020 stand as proof. Not every WWE show makes you feel like you need a shower.

The action was consistent and, more importantly, it was good for the most part. None of the matches on the card were absolute stinkers. Both of the 5-on-5 matches featured some questionable booking decisions. But Asuka vs. Sasha Banks was an excellent contest, and Reigns vs. McIntyre wasn’t insufferably awful. My bar for Reigns matches is pretty low since the heel turn.

Final farewells for the Undertaker are a dime a dozen, so I’m not gonna get terribly worked up about any of that business. Still, just as I judged the main event, WWE Survivor Series 2020 didn’t make me miserable. By WWE standards, that makes it a success.

All images courtesy of WWE.

WWE Survivor Series 2020


In-Ring Action






Entertainment Value



  • Asuka vs. Sasha Banks was absolutely awesome.
  • Most of the final sequence in Reigns vs. McIntyre was really exciting stuff
  • Lashley vs. Zayn was something of a sleeper hit
  • The finish to the women's 5-on-5 was at least creative ...


  • ... even if it was incredibly stupid.
  • Too much resting in the main event.
  • No stakes or stories in the men's 5-on-5