AEW - All Elite Wrestling

AEW Games has announced that there are three new titles in development, all centered around the wildly popular All Elite Wrestling brand. AEW held a media event today to announce the three games, including a console game coming to current gen consoles and the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

That game will be developed by longtime WWE 2K developer Yuke’s, who left Vince McMahon’s promotion in 2019 after 18 years in a messy split. WWE 2K20 was then developed by NBA 2K developer Visual Concepts and it was a commercial and critical disaster. Many insiders blamed WWE for the poor game, as they reportedly meddled in the development and restricted VC during production.

Yuke’s has worked on some of the best wrestling video games in history, and this move is seen as a major powerplay for AEW Games. The experience and skillset of the Japanese-based game company is perfectly suited to create an amazing wrestling game experience for fans, utilizing AEW’s ever-growing roster of talented wrestlers and personalties.

Kenny Omega had been teasing the news recently on Twitter, and other wrestlers, like Matt Hardy, seem to be just as excited.

The other titles revealed for AEW Games announced include AEW Elite General Manager and AEW Casino: Double or Nothing.

AEW Games are coming!

The announcement opened with executive vice president and star Omega dressed like Steve Jobs, which was a nice touch. Omega recapped the history of AEW and then trolled viewers with a “trailer” that showed an 8-bit game with blocky graphics. Then we revealed the real trailer, which looks much, much better.

Referee Aubrey Edwards then came out and told Omega there was more to announce. She ripped off her ref stripes for an identical black long-sleeve turtleneck and she announced AEW Elite General Manager, a mobile game.

Britt Baker, DMD, then came out, also dressed like Steve Jobs, albeit with some flair, and announced the AEW Games official T-shirt. Seriously.

Cody then came out dressed as, well, you get the picture, and announced AEW Casino Double or Nothing, another game for mobile, which will be available this winter.

Omega then cleared the stage and offered one more surprise. He announced Hideyuki “Geta” Iwashita, who came on via satellite to announce he is working on the new console game. Geta was responsible for WWE No Mercy 20 years ago, and knows a thing or two about amazing wrestling video games.

The announcement video ended, and fans are now waiting for more info to be released. The 20 minute clip is available below, in its entirety.

All information on the three new AEW games will be updated on their website, once it is up and running.