Persona 5 Strikers coming in February

I know that I reported on this last week, but Atlus launched the trailer on their YouTube page this morning, making the launch of Persona 5 Strikers official.

Players get to go back into the Metaverse with their favorite Phantom Thieves as they go on a summer vacation road trip across Japan to fight off the continued corruption in six different cities. The cast of characters and actors are the same and brings the continued Phantom Thieves experience to life. This is not just some Persona game however.

Persona 5 Strikers offers different play styles and combat. There are regional foods to cook and taste and locations to see that are boundlessly beautiful. The precise and fluid hand drawn animation also makes a return for players to delve into.

Combat style is a combination of turn based that the series is known for as well as a hack and slash style similar to Koei Tecmo’s Warriors series I have found myself glued to over the years. Plus, ALL characters are playable. It’s not just Joker’s story; it’s everyone’s. Each has their own play style and moves that make them unique for each different combat situation, creating a whole new experience for players to love.

A high five in persona 5 strikers

Similar to Persona 5 itself, the Phantom Thieves take requests from their website to help people out in between major missions. But this story is truly about close friends getting closer together after the experiences they had in the Metaverse in Persona 5. I can’t get enough of this story and these characters. They work well together, they build off of each other, and they build each other up. I only wish to write a story and experience like this one day. But while I work on that, I can continue to experience and love these Phantom Thieves.

As previously stated, Persona 5 Strikers will be available on February 23, 2021, on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. But we now know when preorders begin. Both digital and physical preorders begin Thursday December 10th at 4 p.m. No collector’s edition or special edition has been announced but news could still be announced as we get closer to the holidays.

I can’t wait to go back to the Metaverse and adventure on with the Phantom Thieves. Will you be joining me?

Persona 5 Strikers images and trailer were provided by Atlus.


By Jessi Lee

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