'Cat Quest II' Review

Warning: Cat Quest II is not for those who don’t appreciate animal puns.

In this epic, open world action RPG, you will play as two animal kings – a cat and a dog. Once upon a time, the two of you were separately fighting a great evil, but went missing in your quests. Now, you have returned as a team, only to find out that your kingdoms are at war with evil rulers who have taken over. Together, the two of you will work to bring peace, through whatever means necessary.

The Gentlebros‘ second installment in the Cat Quest series will feel very familiar to those who have played the first. The plot essentially continues and the maps are only slightly different. To be frank, I went into Cat Quest II without first dipping my paws into the original, but I didn’t have any trouble picking up on the story. From what I can tell, there are twice as many cat and dog puns in the second installment. I love a good pun, so Cat Quest II had my attention from the start.

'Cat Quest II' Review

I was also drawn into Cat Quest II by its incredibly colorful 2-D graphics and upbeat, triumphant soundtrack. The allies and enemies that I came across were unique, creative, and downright adorable. Who doesn’t love a cat dressed as a witch or a dog dressed as a farmer?

Plus, the massive maps provide plenty to do. In addition to battling dragons and lions and bats (oh my) to rid the kingdoms of evil, you can also enjoy plenty of side quests with endless level-up opportunities. Along the way, explore dungeons to collect new weapons, armor, and gold, which can be spent on weapon and armor upgrades. There are also plenty of spots for your characters to heal up between quests.

I would estimate that total completion of Cat Quest II, including all side quests and dungeons, takes over four hours. And that’s only if you defeat every enemy without dying yourself even once, which is unlikely.

The controls are so easy, a dog (or cat) could learn them. Your attacks can be delivered through weapons, such as swords, using one button. Another button also controls magic spells, such as fire, ice, healing, etc. Other than that, the only moves left are walking, switching characters, interacting with other animals/objects, and dodging attacks.

'Cat Quest II' Review

The major difference between the original Cat Quest and its sequel is that you will control two characters at once. You can play solo and switch between the cat and the dog, and AI will be your sidekick. Or, if you have a buddy, you can also play couch co-op.

Like many computer-operated partners, this one is not perfect — there were times when my partner ran straight into an attack (insert facepalm here). But, I was still pretty impressed at how much damage they did to enemies for me in battles. It was certainly refreshing to have a helping hand at all times.

The catch with having twice the players is also having twice the enemies and twice the difficulty. Without a ridiculous amount of level-ups, I don’t think I could fend off any of the enemies on my own, even the basic ones that I came across between quests. Your weapons do far less damage in one hit to enemies than theirs do to you. Moreover, the combat in Cat Quest II is melee-style, which results in several minutes of button-smashing until an enemy goes down or until your fingers fall off.

'Cat Quest II' Review

Personally, I would have preferred turn-based combat, especially when there were eight enemies coming at me at once. This would allow both characters to use whatever magic or weapons you choose without all that frenzied repetitiveness. Fighting enemies in Cat Quest got very old, very quickly, which was a problem because there were enemies around every corner. They were an annoying distraction to my progression in the plot line.

Thankfully, the cute, entertaining storyline was enough to make me forgive Cat Quest II‘s combat flaws. I won’t spoil!

Overall, I’d say if you really have a relaxed approach to getting through the game, taking the time to level up as much as possible, you’ll get the most enjoyment out of it in the long run. Enemies will be smoother to get past, and you’ll experience as much of the immersive tale as possible. Cat Quest II is great for pet-lovers of all ages.

Cat Quest II is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC via Steam. This review is based on a PS4 copy provided by the publisher.

Cat Quest II








Entertainment Value



  • Fun plot
  • All ages
  • Plenty to do


  • Repetitive combat
  • Too many distracting enemies
  • Long battles