Doreamon is coming

After being announced for a Fall release, Doraemon Story of Seasons will officially be launching on October 11th. The farming simulator is getting an anime crossover with the Doraemon franchise, but the core gameplay will be remaining largely the same. Characters from the Doraemon anime have invaded the world of Story of Seasons, so in between building up your town, catching bugs, and growing crops, there will be plenty of new faces to interact with.

Doraemon Story of Seasons will be launching for Nintendo Switch and PC, and it wouldn’t be Doraemon based if it didn’t include his signature secret gadgets.

“The Doraemon Story of Seasons journey seems pretty heartwarming, and will have players checking out Noby and other familiar faces from the Doraemon franchise across the title’s original local town. Players will develop the town along with their own farm while interacting and forming bonds with other townspeople. Doraemon’s secret gadgets will also be featured throughout DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS.”

Doraemon Characters to talk to in Story of Seasons

With Harvest Moon: Light of Hope being underwhelming, this might be the farming sim that players can really sink some time into, (until Animal Crossing launches, of course). The franchise continually manages to reinforce old mechanics while introducing new tasks and activities for players to do without feeling like busywork. Doraemon Story of Seasons looks to continue that trend with tons of activities and unique characters to interact with. We’ll have more updates on the title as we get closer to launch, and expect to put some significant time building growing crops and building our farm when it launches mid-October.

Doraemon Story of Seasons launches October 11th for Nintendo Switch and PC. Preorders aren’t available for North America yet, but should be live soon.