EDF 5 on PC

Earth Defense Force 5 launched exclusively on PlayStation 4 last year, but rumors of a PC version immediately sprang up. After all, the last two Earth Defense Force games, EDF 4.1 and Wing Diver the Shooter, also popped up on PC after first arriving on PlayStation. Those rumors have proven to be true, because EDF 5 is finally available on Steam at last.

Earth Defense Force 5 is a fresh take on the series, depicting humankind’s battle against our planet’s first alien invaders. The invading army consists of gigantic ants, spiders, hornets, and other bugs, plus towering humanoid frogs, titanic Kaiju monsters, and more. For the first time in the series, these baddies show visible damage and can even get their limbs blown off during battle.

Earth Defense Force 5 Combat

Players can choose from the four traditional Earth Defense Force classes: the all-around Ranger, the flying Wing Diver, the support-focused Air Raider, and the tank-like Fencer. Weapons can now be upgraded over time, and the revamped loot system makes building an arsenal easier than ever as well. Earth Defense Force 5 features over 100 levels, all of which can (and should) be played on five different difficulty levels. That’s a lot of aliens to kill, especially going through all 100 levels so many times.

Just like the PlayStation 4 version,  Earth Defense Force 5 supports 4-player online co-op and 2-player offline split-screen on PC, making it a superb game for teaming up with friends and blasting through a ton of aliens. Check out the new trailer for the Steam release below, and stay tuned with us for all future coverage regarding the Earth Defense Force franchise.

Earth Defense Force 5 is available now, and sells for $59.99 on Steam, but players can pick it up for 20% off during launch week. Grab it now and find out why the PlayStation 4 version was my 2018 game of the year!