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This week, the Italian DJ duo Tale Of Us are now available to book as resident DJs in GTA Online, with exclusive new music from their upcoming album, Afterlight, debuting as part of their set.

Also debuting on GTA Online’s airwaves is the new After Hours themed radio station, Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR), featuring an exclusive mix from DJ Solomun, with more mixes arriving in the coming weeks as new resident DJ’s debut as part of After Hours.

Two new vehicles also arrive this week: the Enus Stafford and Blimp, now available for purchase through Legendary Motorsport and Elitas Travel, respectively.

Elsewhere, Guest List rewards include a bonus gift of GTA$100,000, the Galaxy & Los Santos Underground Radio T-Shirt, the Oh Enus! Livery for the Enus Stafford and the Sessanta Nove Multi-Color and Pink & Green Camo Liveries for the Mammoth Patriot Stretch.

Read on for full details and additional discounts on select properties & businesses, upgrades, news of a lost relic and more.

As your new Nightclub sends shockwaves through the San Andreas party scene, English Dave is busy recruiting the best new talent to ensure your club’s reputation is top notch. The latest rumor? Tale Of Us, Italy’s finest purveyors of lush and melodic techno, are available for hire and ready to step up as resident DJs in your Nightclub.

In a major coup for the Los Santos nightlife scene, Tale Of Us is debuting new, exclusive music they produced for their upcoming artist album, Afterlight (also coming soon to LSUR, Apple Music, Spotify and more).

The sound of the afterhours is starting to hit the LS airwaves as well, with the launch of Los Santos Underground Radio. Kicking things off this week is an LSUR-exclusive mix – Solomun, recorded live from the hottest club in Los Santos, with more mixes set to arrive in the coming weeks.

Whether you’re in the mood for the sublime or the ridiculous, this week’s two new vehicles are just for you: the Enus Stafford is a four-door superiority complex on wheels, while the new Blimp is the slow-moving, livery-covered, highly explosive nightclub advertisement of your wildest dreams.

Nothing says “I once met the guy who owns this place” like the Studio Los Santos T-Shirt. Log in now through August 6th to add it to your collection and get that much closer to the VIP lounge.

This week, Guest List Members skip the line to pocket a GTA$100,000 cash bonus and slip into the exclusive Galaxy & Los Santos Underground Radio T-Shirts— because cool tees are sometimes the only way to remember last night’s party.

Plus, flaunt your VIP status with the exclusive Oh Enus! Livery for the Enus Stafford, and the Sessanta Nove Multi-Color and Pink & Green Camo Liveries for the Mammoth Patriot Stretch.

While the rest of Los Santos is busy trying to bribe the bouncer, budding entrepreneurs can jump on 25% off the following Select Properties, Add-Ons & Renovations to shake up their portfolios:

The return of a lost relic from the old frontier is on the horizon. Keep a lookout for the first clue to unlocking this unique totem later this week.

Don’t miss out on this week’s streams in the exclusive Facebook Gaming x Social Club: After Hours Live Stream Series on Facebook Gaming Creator friends’ channels with your chance to earn in-stream GTA$ rewards of GTA$50K all the way up to a possible GTA$500K per drop, when you join live chat with a Facebook connected Social Club account.

This week’s series of streams:

We’ll be announcing more streams in this series happening through mid-August with Facebook Gaming Creator friends including Hike The Gamer, JoblessGarrett, Leah Ashe, Sohinki, Smosh Games and others. Make sure you’re following them all so you don’t miss out.

For details on all GTA Online bonuses and discounts, check out the Social Club Events page, and stay tuned for new additions to the club scene in the weeks ahead.