Dany and Jon

Game of Thrones might have ended with a whimper not very long ago, but there’s still a chance for the property to please. Only a chance, mind you, because that’s how slots work. Zynga’s Game of Thrones Slots Casino (which was already available to download for a little while) has officially launched on mobile.

The game’s premise, as you might expect, is to mix the fun and addictive quality of a free to play slots game with the drama and intrigue of Game of Thrones. The game certainly looks the part, with high-resolution images from the show, authentic animations like CG dragons flying by, the genuine Game of Thrones theme music, and voice clips too.

slot wheel in Game of Thrones slots

Playing the 10-ish unlockable slot machines couldn’t be simpler. Just hit the spin button and watch as five rows of Game of Thrones icons spin. Sometimes they go your way; sometimes they don’t. When you win, cool animations and sounds drive the point home. You’ll also level up, which unlocks social features, new machines, and much more.

Game Features:

  • Authentic Game of Thrones atmosphere. Slots casino gameplay is steeped with the sounds, characters, environments, and ethos of Westeros, including unforgettable dialogue such as “Winter is coming.”
  • Best-in-class slots features. Spin on exciting, Game of Thrones-themed machines, featuring real-word mechanics like Progressive Jackpots, Bursting Wilds, and more.
  • Join a House and reap the rewards. Gain advantages and rewards by joining or forming a House with other players, collecting coins for every housemate’s win.
  • Strategize, scheme, align. Connect and conspire with friends via the in-game chat at any time, even when spinning the slots.
  • Collect iconic cards. Spin to earn and level up cards featuring characters from the series, from the adventurous Arya Stark, to Jon Snow’s beloved companion wolf, Ghost. Collect all of the cards to earn a massive reward.

Naturally, being a free-to-play mobile game, players can opt to buy more coins so they can play and bet more. But you get free coins every day, plus a bunch for starting the game and linking to your Facebook account. If you like Game of Thrones and slots, you’ll want to give this game a spin.

Five night kings in a row can't be good

Game of Thrones Slots Casino is now available for free download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices. You can visit www.gameofthronesslotscasino.com for more information and follow Game of Thrones Slots Casino on Instagram and Facebook.