Red Dead Online weekly update 5/7

This week’s Red Dead Online update is significantly smaller than the previous handful of weeks. Not to say it isn’t great, but it seems Rockstar is prepping for Spring.

Running through the next week, players that log in will see all Fences giving 25% off weapons in their store. This isn’t reserved for specific weapons, but all available weapons in their stores. In addition, not only are weapons on sale, but rank requirements for every weapon have been lifted, so players should stock up to their hearts content for now before the rank requirements are set back in place.

Per Press Release:

Red Dead Online Beta: 25% Off Weapons At The Fence

A network of dealers in illicit arms and supplies with outposts all across frontier America, Fences are the place to buy and sell all manner of goods, from hunting baits to crafting pamphlets all the way to brutal, harder-to-find weapons like the Tomahawk or the Machete. Sidle up to your local Fence in the Red Dead Online Beta this week for a special 25% discount on all their available weapons. And to grease the wheels even further, Fences have lifted Rank requirements on weapon inventory.

This week’s also the perfect time to make sure that Horse Tack is attached, with 25% off all Saddles and Horse Care items at Stables or via the Wheeler, Rawson and Co Catalogue.

When Red Dead Redemption 2 launched, we though that “Letting things play out organically provides a much better experience instead of trying to force the story forward. Players will find a well-crafted story, with incredible performances by every character, in a world where there is always something to do.” While the narrative isn’t present in Red Dead Online, the weekly content updates Rockstar Games provides always gives players new reasons to explore the wild west frontier.