Ultra Space Battle Brawl

Every once in a while a strange game comes across my radar. Right now, it’s Ultra Space Battle Brawl; a strange sort of techno ping-pong game. There are lots of bright colors, wacky music, and interesting playable characters each with their own quirks to creating a unique gaming experience that is unlike anything I’ve played before.

In most games, I usually go right for the story mode. These are the juicy parts of the games that give depth to characters and meaning behind the game. As a writer and a lover of literature, I want the story to engage me, so story mode priority. In Ultra Space Battle Brawl there are ten characters to choose from, all with unique descriptions. I chose the Minion Snatcher, named Tumini first, a chef who wields a frying pan as a weapon. The goal of each stage is to defend the character’s crystal and destroy the other player’s crystal in a ping pong fight.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl Ultra Space Battle Brawl

There are bonuses that can be activated while playing Ultra Space Battle Brawl. For the character I chose, when activated, she destroyed an enemy’s barrier chicken and one of her own barrier chickens regenerates. This was helpful for me since there was no explanation on how to play the game or who my character was, other than that she was a delinquent from Venus who liked cooking school but grew bored of cooking and used her knowledge to set her school on fire, or something like that. She needs a lot of psychological help it seems.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl Ultra Space Battle Brawl

As far as gameplay goes, there is the control stick to move the character around, the Y button has the character swinging their weapon, a frying pan in my case, and R lets the players blip across the screen to get to the ball quicker. However, this can complicate things based on which map the players are on. Some stages are better than others for this. There are the basic ones that offer minimal barriers and a large crystal to eat. Other stages are more complicated and can either be really easy to defend or incredibly difficult. One missed swing can destroy players in a matter of seconds. When characters die in Ultra Space Battle Brawl they appear to cry out in pain in a way that made me very uncomfortable. A little too sexual? See what you think.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl Ultra Space Battle Brawl

To be honest, I didn’t really explore much of Ultra Space Battle Brawl. After a few tries at the story mode and not being able to pass the fourth combatant no matter which character I chose, I wasn’t too keen to keep playing. I will say that the music was super fun. It is very 1980’s techno, which when added to the bright colors and strange art style just makes for another wacky game that I have no idea how to describe honestly. If any of this sounds interesting to you, then have at it and let me know how the other modes turn out for you. If not, maybe watch someone play some of the launch video just to see how weird it is, cause it will honestly give you a good laugh, and I know we can all use one of those these days!

Ultra Space Battle Brawl is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $14.99 and was provided by the publisher for review purposes

Ultra Space Battle Brawl








Entertainment Value



  • Fun bright colors
  • Techno music


  • No controls explained
  • No instructions for anything in the game

By Jessi Lee

That one girl who plays games and talks about them while eating mac n cheese and petting the cat.