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Untitled Goose Game was not on my radar. At first glance it looked rather childish, reminding me of Goat Simulator in an attempt to comically simulate an animal. Then the buzz started as the game went “viral” in the gaming community. Why are geese suddenly trending this past month you may have been asking yourself? Well it turns out Untitled Goose Game is actually something different that gamers did not know they wanted. Is the hype real? Yes, playing as a goose may be the most fun you have all year. 

Untitled Goose Game is basic in it’s presentation. Players are given control of a white goose. You can sprint, pick up things, honk loudly, spread your wings in defiance, and duck/sneak. With these tools at your disposal, each area you are given a checklist of tasks to complete. 

Untitled Goose Game chased

At its core, Untitled Goose Game is a stealth puzzle game. For example in the first level you have multiple tasks to generally irritate a local groundskeeper. Your goose must sneak in the garden and take a carrot, among other items, for a picnic. If you are seen or the human sees the item missing they will chase you or search around the area for the item and return it. One of my favorite things about Untitled Goose Game is watching the humans struggle to pull away an item from your mouth in frustration. 

Untitled Goose Game under table

A good amount of strategy is needed to complete many of the tasks given to you. Many times you must distract the human in your way or get them to do something that requires them to use both hands so you can sneak up and steal a key on their hip or such. Basically these tasks are generally designed to make you think and irritate humans. The goose in Untitled Goose Game is a jerk. Like I found most geese in real life to be. This is the draw for me personally and part of what makes the game so memorable. 

Untitled Goose Game run goose

The goose has attitude and Untitled Goose Game lets that come through. There is something satisfyingly hilarious to time your honk so a human hammers his thumb in a startle. Even just running around and causing havoc unrelated to your tasks is a joy. Most everything in the game is intractable and can cause a chain reaction at times. 

Graphically Untitled Goose Game is nothing complex but the simplicity of it’s ascetics are fitting and quite charming. The use of music is perfect. The piano melody changes when you interact with humans creating more of a sense of urgency as you scamper away with your stolen loot. I wish more games utilized this technique to create an atmosphere based on your actions. Also honking is extremely satisfying and changes slighting each time so it never got repetitive or irritating, at least for me the player, though NPCs in Untitled Goose Game would disagree.

Untitled Goose Game sock thief

While not particularly long, I was able to complete the game in under three hours, Untitled Goose Game is still worth picking up just to experience something unique. As gamers we talk about wanting huge epic experiences in our games but sometimes something as charming as Untitled Goose Game comes along and surprises us with its charm and you realize you just want to be a goose and irritate humans. HONK! 

Untitled Goose Game is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch. This review is based on a PC version provided by the publisher for that purpose. 

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Entertainment Value



  • Charming and unique
  • Amazing use of classic piano music
  • HONK!


  • Short