There are some new community creation tools in GTA Online now, and players of both King of the Hill and Survival modes should be pleased. These join the Job and Race creator tools currently available, and there will be a rolling playlist of both modes to celebrate. Gunrunning activities also see some boosts and discounts this week; Gunrunning supplies cost 25% less, and Research Speeds are boosted by 50%. Through November 20th Gunrunning sell missions and Mobile Operations Missions will also give out double rewards.

There are plenty of other bonuses this week as well, so check those out below with the full details for this week’s GTA Online update. While we wait for the latest in Red Dead Onlinethis week’s update for the Wild West can be found here.

Per Press Release:

Create Your Own Survival and King of the Hill Modes in GTA Online
Plus Double Rewards on Gunrunning Sell Missions & Mobile Operations Missions, Discounts on Weaponry and More

Over the past few years, the boundless creativity of the GTA Online Community has produced a near-limitless number of incredible Jobs and Races – from the innovative Fork It – Deep Sea to the legendary Super Stunt Sky. Today’s update to GTA Online opens up the ability for players to build their very own wave-based Survival Modes in the Survival Creator – with options to place props and spawn points, control enemy combat proficiency, vehicle spawns and much, much more.

Players can also architect their own throne rooms in the brand-new King of the Hill Creator, placing props and capture points (choose from stationary areas, item pickups such as briefcases or even driveable vehicles) with the freedom to build either team-based or free-for-all variants. Publish your original King of the Hill and Survival Jobs via Social Club for the whole community to discover, play and share.

For those looking to quickly jump into a rolling playlist of Rockstar King of the Hill or Survival modes, simply navigate your way to their respective Series icons on the map to pull down Double Rewards all week long.

Stockpiling and offloading weaponry on the black market is a risky business. Think about it: when was the last time someone shook your hand and introduced themselves as a retired arms dealer? For aspiring warlords trying to earn a living afoul of the law, lop 25% off the cost of Gunrunning Supplies this week and take advantage of a 50% boost in Gunrunning Research Speed. Once your stock is all piled up, don’t let it sit – earn Double Rewards on Gunrunning Sell Missions through November 20.

If you find yourself craving the kind of adrenaline rush that only dropping from a Cargo plane on a winged motorcycle can provide, take on any Mobile Operations Mission from the back of your Bunker-based Mobile Operations Center to also rake inDouble GTA$ & RP.

Drop by the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort to give the Lucky Wheel a spin for the opportunity to win GTA$RPclothing and more. This week’s top prize is the Ocelot Stromberg, a submersible two-seater with more than a few tricks up its sleeve. It’s the perfect ride for long drives on the beach, short rides off the end of the pier and deep dives into the murky depths of the Pacific.

Once you’re done spinning the Lucky Wheel, stop by the Casino Store to peruse the latest in fashion, from trendy streetwear brands like Blageurs to chi-chi, dry clean only formalwear. And make sure you check out the selection of artworks from Josh Löwe, Cléo Planque and other artists before they’re canceled for making offhanded controversial statements to the press. After all: nothing boosts the value of art like infamy.

In addition to the GTA Online black market, there are plenty of totally legal, above-board ways to get your hands on heavy weaponry in Los Santos. All this week, players can take advantage of discounts on a range of armaments, armor, military vehicles and properties, including:

  • Bunkers, Renovations & Add-ons – 40% off
  • Gunrunning Business Upgrades – 40% off
  • Mobile Operations Center, Upgrades & Add-ons – 40% off
  • Imponte Deluxo – 25% off
  • TM-02 Khanjali – 35% off
  • HVY Chernobog – 35% off
  • HVY Barrage – 35% off
  • BF Dune FAV – 35% off
  • Karin Technical Aqua – 35% off
  • HVY Insurgent – 35% off
  • HVY Nightshark – 35% off
  • HVY APC – 35% off
  • Vom Feuer Anti-Aircraft Trailer – 35% off
  • Bravado Half-Track – 35% off
  • Weapon and Vehicle Workshops – 40% off
  • Shotguns – 50% off
  • SMGs – 50% off
  • Assault Rifles – 50% off
  • Heavy Weapons – 50% off
  • Sniper Rifles – 50% off
  • Throwable Weapons – 50% off
  • All Ammo – 40% off
  • Body Armor – 40% off

Twitch Prime members who linked their Twitch and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts can buy the Lago Zancudo Bunker and Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 in GTA Online for a complete rebate on the base property after purchase, as well as an extra 10% off all of the vehicle and amenity discounts listed above and 80% off the Coil Cyclone hypercar and Truffade Nero, for good measure. To ensure access to future benefits, make sure to visit Twitch Prime and sign up.