astro x totinos headset

There’s a new Astro headset coming down the line soon for fans of the premium audio peripheral. Developed as part of the collaboration with Call of Duty: Modern Warfarethe new headset was designed between Totino’s and Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag. This new headset comes hot on the heels of the announcement that players will be able to enter in codes from participating products like Totino’s Pizza Rolls, Mini Snack Bites and Multi-Pack Party Pizza to gain exclusive in-game content.

The personally designed headset features a red frame, black earpad and headband, with red accents on the mic and colorways. This is an interesting collaboration between the two companies, and marks the first time the brand has been associated with high-end gaming headsets.

Gamers won’t want to miss the brand’s first-ever launch of this caliber in esports, where Totino’s is partnering with NTWRK — the leading youth culture e-commerce and content platform that offers shoppable shows featuring the best names in pop culture. On October 17, at 9:00pm EST, NTWRK will officially release the headset with an exclusive must-see episode featuring Nadeshot like never before. To view the episode or purchase the headset, customers can download the NTWRK app on iPhone or Android devices.  

nadeshot x astro

“At Totino’s, we are committed to creating the ultimate gaming experience for our consumers and fans – both in and out of their favorite games. We jumped at the opportunity to launch this exclusive headset with NTWRK, a platform that we know our audience admires because it delivers the hottest and most exclusive items,” shares Justin Conzemius, director of marketing for Totino’s. “We are thankful for our amazing partners who help us provide best-in-class content and bring epic opportunities to the gaming community.” 

The headset will be available for purchase on October 17th at 9PM EST on the NTWRK app for iPhone or Android. There will even be an exclusive episode featuring Nadeshot available on the app around the same time.