The Owlhoot Family

Continuing with Rockstar Games’ weekly updates on Legendary Bounties for Red Dead Online, this week sees the introduction of The Owlhoot Family. This gang is located around Rio Bravo, and it is recommended that players group up with others to take them all down. Like the last two weeks, once completed (dead or alive), the Legendary Bounty will reappear and offer the same bounty at a higher difficulty. All versions of the bounty can be accessed at Red Dead Online’s bounty board.

In other Red Dead Online news, there’s a new Collector’s Free Roam Event for Collector’s Rank 4 and up, and join the search for a rare Condor egg. Anyone who logs in this week will get RDO$200, and those that complete a Free Roam event between now and October 7th will get an exclusive red and black Fuentes Poncho. Check out the full details on this week’s Red Dead Online update below, and stay tuned with us later in the week for the latest additions to GTA Online.

Per Press Release:

Responsible for the treacherous murders of many an innocent traveler, a bounty has been placed on the senior members of The Owlhoot Family, effective immediately.  Currently operating out of Rio Bravo, this notorious gang of desperados is wanted for multiple counts of barbarism and murder around Benedict Pass. It is imperative and of the utmost urgency that these dangerous criminals be held to account for their misdeeds by October 7th – whether by capture or by death. Approach this group with extreme caution, and you may want to enlist the help of your fellow Bounty Hunters when attempting to capture multiple targets.

Licensed Bounty Hunters can take on Legendary Bounty Missions in Red Dead Online by picking up their poster at the nearest Bounty Board. A short while after completing a Legendary Bounty, it will reappear to be played at an increased difficulty – indicated by the number of stars present on the poster.

The existence of a rare and high value Condor Egg has been rumored and eagle-eyed Collectors are invited to join in the search. Keep an eye on the skies (Condors tend to circle overhead, after all) but beware of roaming bandits seeking to line their own pockets. The first player to find the Egg will get to keep it to do with as they wish. Free Roam Event – Condor Egg is available to all Collectors Rank 4 and above in Red Dead Online – look out for an invite while exploring the world in Free Roam.

The Hunter Hatchet – a brutal, sharp-edged weapon built to hew through flesh and bone alike – is now carried by local Fences in Saint Denis, Emerald Ranch, Van Horn and Rhodes.

Defend your stockpile from raiding opponents in Red Dead Online and unleash a hail of free-aim gunfire in Spoils Of War (Free-Aim), launched from the Online menu.

All those who take to the frontier this week will qualify for a gift of RDO$200 just for playing Red Dead Online, while completing any Role Free Roam Event like the new Condor event yields an exclusive red and black colorway of the Fuentes Poncho. As an added bonus, Bounty Hunters who successfully bring The Owlhoot Family to justice in Red Dead Online by October 7th will be rewarded with a bonus of 5 Tomahawks.

Red Dead Online players who have enabled 2-Step Verification on their Social Club accounts will receive a bonus 2,000 Club XP, as well as an exclusive tint of a brand new clothing item – the dashing yet practical Morales Vest. All gifts should arrive within 48 hours of logging in to Red Dead Online.

Read about all of this week’s in-game bonuses and events at the Social Club Events Page.

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