Shenmue III Banner

It has been far too long since we’ve gotten to take control of Ryo Hazuki. Shenmue III is finally almost, and ahead of the November 19th launch, Deep Silver and Ys Net have released a new trailer showing a day in the life of Ryo. The new video shows some of the mini-games Ryo will be able to play, as well as a few of the characters he’ll be interacting with in daily life.

Of course, the new video shows some of the series’ signature combat as well, and players familiar with the Shenmue franchise will feel right at home. Shenmue III’s preorder bonuses were also recently announced, and can be found below with the new footage!

Shenmue 3 Best Buy preorder

Anyone who preorders Shenmue III at any retailer will get a few bonuses:

  •  Snake Power: Three bottles of ‘Snake Power’ elixir to replenish energy during battle
  •  Playing Tokens: 5,000 playing tokens for the in-game gambling area
  •  “Blazing Kick” Advanced Training Scroll: Unlocks the advanced ability of the “Blazing Kick” to better challenge Ryo’s foes
  • Toy Capsule: Set of 24 tickets to exchange for in-game capsule toys

There are also a few retailer exclusive preorder bonuses which can be found below:

  • Gamestop (US) / EB Games (Canada)Dragon/Phoenix Mirror Medallion: This exquisitely-crafted physical item is inspired by the iconic Dragon and Phoenix mirrors of the Shenmue series.
  • Best BuyLimited Edition Steelbook: This illustrated Steelbook case captures the beauty and elegance of the Shenmue series and features portraits of Shenmue III heroes Ryo and Shenhua.
  • AmazonKenpogi Training Wear DLC: Original training gear based on actual Chinese Kung Fu wear.

Be sure to check back with us as we get closer to launch for further coverage on Shenmue III. 

Shenmue III launches November 19th for PlayStation 4 and PC through the Epic Games Store. Preorders are available here.