Earlier today, Square Enix finally released Marvel’s Avengers footage to the public. Previously only shown off behind closed doors at gaming events, people have been clamoring for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix to release the gameplay footage since it was announced as a Games as a Service title.

The footage kicks off at A-Day, where a group of the core Avengers (Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Black Widow) are unveiling a new Avengers Tower in San Francisco. After a tragedy on A-Day, the hero group disbands. When the world becomes under attack though, the only choice is to reassemble.

We got to check out the Marvel’s Avengers footage at E3 this year, and while we do have some concerns with the GaaS, the footage looked really solid, even if there were a few instances of framerate issues. Crystal Dynamics has a strong portfolio of games behind them though, so it isn’t farfetched to think they might manage to pull it off. With a steady stream of content coming to Marvel’s Avengers after launch, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that it could be another great Marvel game.


Check out the footage below for now. We’ll have continuing coverage on Marvel’s Avengers in the lead up to its May launch. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix should have plenty of info still to announce as we get closer, since this is the first public reveal of the game to date. More enemies, more heroes (really, Hank Pym instead of Scott Lang?!), and more locations are still to come.

Marvel’s Avengers launches May 15th 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Preorders are available here.