Duke Nukem Patriot

It’s the Fourth of July here in the United States! It’s time to celebrate our independence with beer, fireworks, grilled food, and of course video games. To commemorate the date, we’ve chosen a few games that we think exemplifies patriotism. Put bluntly, these are the most patriotic video games for gamers to play on this holiday.

So grab your guns, grab your beer, grill your favorite food. Sit back with a controller, and play one of these video games to celebrate our independence while fireworks go off in your neighborhood until late in the night. Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the States!

Killing Nazis

5. Duke Nukem

While the United States might not have the best view in the eyes of the world, Duke Nukem stands tall as a symbol of America. Guns and tits. That’s what Duke loves, and it’s part of what makes America great. We haven’t had a good outing in the franchise for a long long time, and I doubt we get one soon, but Duke Nukem is a fun distraction for the Fourth of July.

4. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Really, any entry would be okay for this one, but we’ve chosen the most recent iteration for this list. Nothing is more American than the thought of killing Nazis. Luckily the past is (mostly) behind us, so we’ll have to get our kicks taking down the Third Reich through the eyes of BJ Blazkowicz. A new entry will be launching later this month with Wolfenstein Youngblood, so this seems like a perfect addition to the list for the Fourth of July.

3. The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s latest title in the world of The Division has been receiving great reviews, and sometimes, being patriotic means putting yourself in harm’s way. The Capital is under siege from various factions, and Division agents must take it back. You literally save the President in The Division 2, which is one of the most patriotic things you can do, and I can’t think of a better time to do that than on the Fourth of July.

2. Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III is a bit more grounded than the other titles, focusing on main character Connor during the American Revolution. Players will see familiar faces from the era, and while there is a bounce back and forth between playing as Desmond in present day and Connor during the revolution, most of your time will be spent in the past. Sure, it’s science fiction, but it’s sci-fi based on reality, so it fits the bill perfectly.

1. Metal Gear Solid

I’m going with Metal Gear Solid as my top pick, because the main character embodies patriotism. Throughout the game, Snake is surrounded by people and politicians who are constantly working their own agendas, while he is doing his duty for his country — by any means necessary. Snake is the most patriotic video game character ever created, and deserves this top slot by a large margin. This title isn’t specific to the Fourth of July, but that’s okay, especially for Snake.

There you have it, five games that you can play this July 4th and every July 4th going forward as you exercise your American patriotism with a game controller. Happy Independence Day, everyone!