New Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero headset

I am a fairly large dude and this includes my ears. I usually avoid over-the-ear headsets, but last year I discovered Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro 2 and fell in love. This year Turtle Beach was kind enough to send me the brand new Elite Atlas Aero and it has changed everything for me. I discovered that I can still enjoy comfort and amazing sound — wirelessly. I admit I feel like I am leaving my first love for a younger model, but cutting the audio cable that bound me to my desk feels amazing. 

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero has all the features of the Elite Pro 2 including comfortable and roomy cooling gel ear cushions with the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System that keeps my temples from feeling any pressure. The light weight makes this headset so comfy in fact that you will likely forget you are wearing them. With 30 hours of use per charge, you can do just that.

I share an office, and like a good neighbor, I try to keep my music to myself by usually wearing ear buds and streaming from my phone. Since I received my Elite Atlas Aero, everyday this week I have worn it for hours on end. I can use it wirelessly at my PC via the USB transmitter (Turtle Beach even included a little notch to store this when on the go, behind the ear cushions) and then use the included 3.5mm wire to connect to my PS4 or Xbox One controller. Finally a headset I can use everywhere and still use wireless at my desk! 

The quality of the Elite Atlas Aero is unparalleled. They are durable, light, and like all Turtle Beach products, sound fantastic. Mic and headphone volume can be controlled by easily accessible dials on the back of the left ear and these can also be remapped if you prefer. The mic itself is detachable. There is also a quick button to enable Superhuman Hearing, a particularly useful feature when playing multiplayer and the situation calls for listening up for your opponents movement.

This will turn up the sound for player footsteps and in theory allow you to tune in and anticipate them quickly. I did find this useful when I used it on previous Turtle Beach headsets with games like Call of Duty. Snipers will love being able to hear the footfalls of an approaching assassin. 

USB dongle storage is built in

You may be thinking you will never spend this much cash on a headset? Maybe you think you don’t need all these features? I honestly was in this camp for many years until I actually got to use a higher-end Turtle Beach headset. Even if you don’t take advantage of the gaming perks and all the customization options in the Control Studio software Turtle Beach provides, anyone can still enjoy the quality of the product, the comfort for all day use, and the incredible sound produced by the 50mm Nanoclear speakers. 

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is also perfect for streamers and podcasters no matter what platform you use. While I do neither of those things, I did take advantage of noise cancelling TruSpeak microphone to make crystal clear calls via my PC, so I can definitely attest to the effectiveness of this feature. 

The Waves Nx 3D audio technology in the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero makes everything sound better, from games, to your favorite music. As a bonus, now through January 31, 2020, if you purchase an Elite Atlas Aero, Turtle Beach will toss in a free year subscription to the high quality music streaming service TIDAL

Turtle Beach was also kind enough to include their brand new Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer for PC. This cool little device will allow you to hook up ANY existing headphones/set you own and take advantage of Waves Nx 3D Audio and Control Studio application. At an MSRP of $29.95 this could be a great way to upgrade your existing headset to professional level quality sound at a minimal cost. 

If you can afford the $149.95 MSRP of the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero it is well worth the investment. I honestly never knew what I was missing until I discovered the Turtle Beach Elite line of headsets. Now with 30 hours of charge time I can finally enjoy it wirelessly as well. Thank you Turtle Beach for making such a great product that I will be using for years to come. When I leave this mortal coil they will have to pry the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero from my cold dead skull. 

This review is based on product provided by the manufacturer but our opinions at Electric Bento are our own. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero and Atlas Edge PC Audio Enhancer are available now at and select retailers.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero











  • 30 hours of Wireless use!
  • Incredible sound quality
  • So light weight and comfortable
  • Wired use for ANY game console with 3.5mm