Holy crap is this thing huge! I know that when Nintendo announced the Detective Pikachu amiibo at the beginning of the year, they said it was going to be bigger than a standard amiibo, but I don’t think I was prepared for this. Pikachu, the pokemon star of the new Detective Pikachu game for the Nintendo 3DS, is six inches. Six Inches! That’s twice the size of a standard amiibo. If you place the Super Smash Bros. Pikachu amiibo next to Detective Pikachu, the standard size will be dwarfed. Cause not only is the amiibo six inches tall, but the base and structure of the amiibo has been doubled to support the figure on top. It’s amazing how big this amiibo is. When I saw the packaging, it reminded me of the Breath of the Wild Guardian amiibo, who was larger than most because of the posable legs. It’s astounding.

And there are fun quirks to having this lovable amiibo for the use in the Detective Pikachu game. It can unlock clues for the players if they are stuck on an investigation, or it can unlock additional cutscenes to get to know sassy Pikachu better. This guy is adorable. He’s got the facial expression of the in game Pikachu as well as the old Sherlock Holmes style hat to distinguish him as a detective. If you are able to find this huge amiibo out in the wild, I would snag it. It’s not often Nintendo gives us consumers a fun, ginormous amiibo to display proudly for all to see.


Happy Hunting!


By Jessi Lee

That one girl who plays games and talks about them while eating mac n cheese and petting the cat.