Per Funko Blog:

Pop! TV: Saturday Night Live

“Protect your bishop, Glen”

Your Funko collection is about to get a major comedic and pep infusion with a series of soon-to-be-released Saturday Night Live-themed Pop! Vinyl figures!

The aggressively energetic Arianna and Craig, sold as a Spartan Cheerleaders Pop! two-pack and proudly clad in their Spartan spirit uniforms, will offer encouragement, original cheers and shiny cheerleader hair as you go throughout your day.

Coming in October! 

The duo is joined by a Drunk Uncle, which will probably have a hard time staying on topic and might appear suddenly to ruin your holidays and eat all your Peeps, but his tousled hair and drink in hand are, at least, consistent.

And you might have a hard time keeping up with her many digressions but the Roseanne Roseannadanna, Pop! should have some valuable consumers affairs information.

Coming in September!