After a couple years of waiting, since E3 2016, the newest installment of God of War is finally coming out this year and the game looks so freaking amazing. Not only have players recently been granted with a new trailer, which confirms that the boy, Atreus, is Kratos’ son, but that he also has some powers of the Gods that Kratos killed. So, needless to say, epic. To go with this new epic adventure title, Funko teamed up with Sony to release officially licensed God of War PoP! figures. Is anyone surprised? Because I’m not.

With such a small set as this one, it’s nice to see that some of the detailing and crafting have been improved and heightened. Kratos and Atreus are actually the weakest of this set because they are standard humans. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good PoP!s. Atreus has scars on his face, which is kind of basic, but his armor and his bow and arrow are finely crafted and remind me of Aloy from the Horizon Zero Dawn line of PoP!s, another officially licensed Sony game to receive PoP! figures. I can see an improvement in just a few months of time between the design and the detail of the armor. Good on you Funko!

The other 2 PoP! figures in the set I’m surprised aren’t both 6 inches, if not at least one. They appear to be either Gods or some sort of enemy, and they look amazing. The details are so refined and they look like action figures that could be opposable and I would actually collect these since they look amazing though I’m not incredibly interested in getting these PoP!s for this game. Never got into the originals cause I didn’t have the system they were on at the time. If you are a fan of God of War or good video games, I would snag these PoP!s because they are very well done and incredible to look at. If you aren’t one for collecting video game PoP! figures or just aren’t interested in God of War, I will leave the decision up to you if you would like to snag them as they appear out in the wild.


By Jessi Lee

That one girl who plays games and talks about them while eating mac n cheese and petting the cat.