DC's Titans Episode 10 Review

DC’s Titans Episode 10 premiered this week, and this penultimate chapter of the hit DC Universe series had a lot to cover in so little time. After last week’s Hawk and Dove interlude, we went back to the Roth farm house in Ohio and picked up where Episode 8 ended, with a newly activated Kory (Anna Diop) trying to strangle Rachel (Teagan Croft), while Gar (Ryan Potter) and Angela (Rachel Nichols) look on, and with Dick (Brenton Thwaites) and Donna (Conor Leslie) racing on their way.

DC’s Titans Episode 10 was titled “Koriand’r,” and by the name alone, fans expected to see more of Kory’s backstory. Instead, the show focused much more on the Roth family, and not only do we finally get a Trigon name drop, but we get to meet him. Don’t worry, Kory gets some revelations, but the episode isn’t focused on her.

DC’s Titans Episode 10 opens with Rachel (Croft) exploring an empty, dream like world. She feels alone and scared and keeps calling for help. She sees Hank Hall (Alan Ritchson) and Dawn Granger (Minka Kelly) in her hospital bed, and begs them for help, which answers one of the questions from last week’s episode. This fugue world begins to fall apart and we flash to present as Rachel struggles in Kory’s grasp. Gar tries to help and Kory attacks them both, just as Donna and Dick burst through the front door. Donna subdues Kory with her Lasso of Truth (or Persuasion), and the crisis is averted.

DC's Titans Episode 10 Review

Rachel explains to Dick that she “healed” Kory and that’s when Kory attacked. Angela demands that Kory leave the house and never be around her daughter again and Kory obliges. She leaves and Dick and Donna follow to find out where she’s going.

With the heavy hitters all out on a mission of their own, Rachel and Gar and Angela begin to heal and try to make the house a home. Rachel and Angela have a conversation about Kory and Angela is adamant that Kory needs to stay away. Gar shows up and Angela leaves to make lunch. She begins to walk through the house and we learn that the house might not a safe haven after all.

On the road, Dick defends Kory to Donna, who feels much like Angela. It’s revealed that Dick and Kory are sleeping together, which Donna has a comment for, of course.

Back at the house, Angela is in the garden — we won’t address how an abandoned house has a fully tended garden, as DC’s Titans Episode 10 asks the viewer to suspend disbelief a few times in this episode — and an old friend named Tom Carson (Jeff Roop) shows up. Tom is now a sheriff and he is investigating the train station attack from the day before. He and Angela catch up and he tries to ask her out for drinks, which Angela accepts.

Rachel and Gar eat the lunch that Angela made from the magic garden, apparently, and Gar assures Rachel that what happened with Kory was not her fault. He tries to comfort her and she violently snaps at him. He excuses himself from the table as Angela checks in and he starts to explore the house. He too begins to see weird things, including a mirror that shows horrific reflections. He tried to call out on his cell, but there is no service — or something is blocking it. He then begins to see other horrific visions, including the doctor he attacked and killed in DC’s Titans Episode 7.

DC's Titans Episode 10 Review

In the kitchen, Angela and Rachel discuss her birth and early life and Angela has regrets on how everything went down. Viewers begin to feel that Angela might not be an ally.

Dick and Donna catch up to Kory at a mysterious industrial site, and Kory admits that she was drawn to that location, as her memories are coming back in small chunks. Together, all three Titans enter the building and get scanned. A cloaking system reveals Princess Koriand’r’s ship, and more secrets are about to be revealed.

Back at the farm house, Gar begins to exhibit a sickness, with blood pouring from his nose and mouth. Angela tries to get Rachel to help him, but she’s leery after the event with Kory. She fears the darkness now more than ever.

Aboard the ship, Kory, Dick, and Donna learn of The Raven and the destroyer of worlds, Trigon, her father. Taking a page — pun intended — from the recent The CW DC “Arrowverse” shows’ epic crossover, Kory finds an important book (it’s always a book) that explains why she’s hunting Rachel and the threat that Trigon represents to the world and universe at large. Trigon, if he returns, will destroy Tamaran, Kory’s home planet after he destroys the Earth. Donna realizes that an old painting in the book represents Rachel, Trigon, and Angela. Dick says a naughty word.

At the farm house, Gar is getting worse, and Rachel finally decides to try and heal him. Tom stops by to give Angela a housewarming gift and he offers to help Gar, but he can’t get cell reception. He tries a landline in the kitchen and Angela follows him and kills him.

DC's Titans Episode 10 Review

Rachel fails to heal Gar, and Angela tells her that Rachel’s father has the power to save him and that only Rachel can summon him. Rachel reluctantly agrees, and she opens up a portal in a mirror and Trigon (Seamus Dever) steps through, looking less like a multi-eyed demon, and more like a commodities broker on Wall Street. Trigon reconnects with his lover, Angela, and his daughter, and then he heals Gar. Rachel seems happy that her family is finally all back together.

Dick, Donna, and Kory race back to the farm house until their car loses all power. They go the rest of the way on foot until they come to a barrier surrounding the house. Dick steps through to go save Rachel, but Donna and Kory are unable to. Dick looks back at his friends and then steps through the front door of the farm house as the episode ends.

DC’s Titans Episode 10 does a decent job setting up what should be an epic finale. Rachel has been manipulated, Gar is a pawn, Donna, and Kory, the heavy hitters, are secluded outside the barrier, and a damaged Dick Grayson is about to confront a powerful demon. The two-plus minute preview for next week’s finale indicates that Dick is about to go to a very dark place in his quest to save Rachel, and that involves confronting Batman once and for all!

DC’s Titans Episode 10 was written by Gabrielle Stanton and directed by Maja Vrvilo. The script does a decent job of answering some season-long questions, and Vrvilo’s direction is adequate, especially in how the farm house is shot almost like a haunted house. Gar’s visions are also pretty disturbing. And for fans of the comic, any instance of Trigon or his daughter should come with some serious darkness. All of this makes the wait for next week’s episode almost unbearable.

Regardless, we’ll be here to review and recap the finale, so come back next week as we wrap up the first season of DC’s Titans.

DC’s Titans airs exclusively on the DC Universe online service and on Netflix in international markets. All images ©DC/Warner Bros. TV. Video courtesy of TV Promos.

DC's Titans Episode 10








Entertainment Value



  • Trigon is finally here.
  • Rachel and Gar are in for some sadness
  • Conor Leslie needs to be a full time star of this show.


  • Not enough Koriand'r for an episode named after her.
  • The shortest episode of the season.
  • The magical garden.