The Mandalorian Chapter 9 kicks off the second season, available now.

After a long wait, The Mandalorian Chapter 9 is finally upon us, and Disney Plus subscribers are in for a treat without any tricks. The first episode of Season 2 is chock full of everything that made the first season so incredible, and then Jon Favreau, who writes and directs this chapter, drops a final scene that will have fans talking for the next seven days and beyond.

In short, The Mandalorian Chapter 9, titled “The Marshal,” might be the best that this young show has offered, and this season is just getting started. If this is any indication of where the series is going, strap in, folks. It’s about to get amazing.

The Plot

The Mandalorian Chapter 9 opens with Mando (Pedro Pascal) and the Child seeking information from Gor Koresh (John Leguizamo), in hopes of finding additional Mandalorians to help in returning the Child to his people. That was the task bestowed on our hero last season, and it seems to be the driving force of the second go round.

Mando meets Gor Koresh in The Mandalorian Chapter 9

As per the usual in this show, Gor Koresh is interested more in Mando’s beskar armor and offers information in trade. Mando politely refuses and chaos breaks out. After a short, violent tussle, Mando learns that a Mandalorian has been spotted on Tatooine, and he and the Child once again return to the planet that started the entire saga 43 years ago.

Once back on the sand planet, Mando meets up again with Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris), who informs him of a lost settlement, Mos Pelgo. Mando and the Child set out on a speeder to investigate the Mandalorian sightings.

After a lengthy journey, Mando finds the settlement and meets the town marshal (Timothy Olyphant), who happens to wear a very recognizable set of armor, dents and all. Mando demands the armor back, and they come to an impasse.

Mando and Peli look for Mos Pelgo in The Mandalorian Chapter 9

The marshal had obtained the armor from some Jawa traders after the settlement was attacked by a rival mining guild. He then returned and used the myriad gadgets to thwart the bandits and establish order. Because of that, he’s not too keen to just give it up.

As the two alpha males prepare to sort it out with a duel, a Krayt dragon attacks, swallowing a bantha and running off into the dune sea. The marshal tells Mando he will give him the armor if he kills the Krayt dragon, and Mando agrees, of course.

The two men set off to hunt the Krayt and they come across a band of Tusken Raiders, who also want to kill the Krayt. The two sides form an uneasy alliance and using the know-how of the sand people with the firepower of the miners at Mos Pelgo, they are finally able to end the threat and Mando gets the armor back.

As he and the Child race back to the Razor Crest, someone is watching them — someone familiar. Very familiar.

The Child looks on


Is This Star Wars?

The Mandalorian Chapter 9 is stuffed with classic Star Wars references, on top of the huge role of the nomadic Tusken Raiders. Fans get to see womp rats, a living Krayt dragon, Jawas, and possibly even R5-D4, the Astro-mech droid that Owen Lars almost purchased from the Jawas in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope before he blew a motivator and the old man took R2-D2 instead. And we all know how that turned out.

The marshal’s speeder is also made from a repurposed pod racer engine, which was amazing.

And none of that compares to the reveal in the last scene. It is a reveal that will settle fan debates that have raged for almost 30 years.

Writing And Directing

It’s very clear that Jon Favreau understands this universe, and The Mandalorian has proven that time and again. This Star Wars “western” has all the hallmarks of the galaxy far, far away in the hands of a storyteller with a clear vision of what he wants to do — and he does it while respecting all that came before. The Mandalorian Chapter 9 proves that in every frame, and I sat covered in goosebumps for the entire 52 minute run-time.

Mando and the Tusken Raiders join forces in The Mandalorian Chapter 9

The Breakdown

This Tusken Raider-heavy episode is everything I’ve personally ever wanted in a Star Wars property, as I’ve been a huge fan of the Sand People since 1977. Favreau builds on their mysterious mythos and fleshes them out more than George Lucas ever did.

Just seeing them march in single file (to hide their numbers) and use archaic weapons and techniques, not to mention seeing Mando converse with them in their language, is something I will never forget. And all of this pales to the final scene. The Mandalorian Chapter 9 delivered in every way imaginable, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.

The Mandalorian Chapter 9, “The Marshal,” is available now to stream exclusively on Disney Plus. All images courtesy of Disney and LucasFilm.

Editor’s Note: An early version of this review mistakingly listed Josh Duhamel as the Marshal, when he was clearly played by Timothy Olyphant. While it is a mistake made often, almost to the point of comedy, it was not our intention to confuse the two fine actors. We offer our apologies to Mr. Olyphant for the confusion.

The Mandalorian Chapter 9








Entertainment Value



  • Tusken Raiders Galore!
  • Plenty of Star Wars legacy references
  • That final scene.