DC Universe will survive HBO Max

When WarnerMedia announced yesterday that their new all-encompassing streaming service would be called HBO Max and would debut in spring of 2020, the first thought many had was the future of HBO Now and DC Universe. HBO Now is the streaming-only version of the HBO premium network, and DC Universe is an online hub for all things DC Comics, including over 25,000 comic books, legacy TV shows featuring DC characters, classic movies from the Warner Bros. Studios archives, and even original programming, like Swamp Thing and Titans.

Many fans thought that HBO Max would devour the two other services, and possibly also The CW Seed, an online hub for The CW-based shows, but according to Warner Bros., that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least when it comes to DC Universe. Gizmodo reports that Warner Bros. has said that DC Universe will not change.

Plus, there are other streaming services under this umbrella already such as DC Universe and HBO Now. Warner Bros. confirmed to io9 that DC Universe ‘will not change.’”

DC Universe may very well survive the coming of HBO Max, but it won’t be totally unscathed. A preview video of the new WarnerMedia service clearly shows Doom Patrol in its sizzle reel. Doom Patrol was the second exclusive series on DC Universe, so there will be some cross-pollination between the services.

It seems that HBO Max will have content from HBO proper as well, as The Hollywood Reporter states that the entire run of Game of Thrones will be on HBO Max, in addition to other legacy HBO properties, like The Sopranos and more.

DC Universe is so much more than just a steaming service. The addition of a massive collection of classic DC comics, and even new books 12 months after they are released, makes this service a must-have for comic book fans. The streaming exclusives are but one feature of the service, and as fans have discovered in the eight months of its existence, DC Universe is a one-stop destination for all things DC.

HBO Max will not end DC Universe

HBO Max will have over 10,000 hours of premium content at launch, and that may even include content from DC Universe and HBO, but the new service will not be the end of the others — at least not yet — so DC Comics fans can breathe a sigh of relief for now.

HBO Max will debut in the spring of 2020. DC Universe is available now.